Staying soft in bed with Faith…

Far from referring to having a “soft-on”, I’m merely making a distinction between her softcore and hardcore sites. After all, whomever could manage not to find themselves rigidly aroused should they happen to find themselves fortunate enough to be sharing sleeping arrangements with our Faith?

In fact, it seemed eerily appropriate to feature InBedWithFaith today as I’m suffering from a most miserable migraine at the moment and this blog is effectively coming to you from “In Bed With Reese”! A disturbing thought, I know, so let me make the mental image even worse: I’m lying here, head pounding like the clappers, and yet I’ve got this raging hard-on (however can I help it, when I’m forced to look at photos like this all day?!). I’d have a sly wank, but fear my head might explode. Besides, I’m having enough trouble just trying to think and type!

Anyway, getting back in bed with Faith (a rather pleasant thought, as surely she could find some way of dealing with my inappropriately erect member), I’m exceedingly glad that, despite the resounding success of Faith’s foray into hardcore porn, she’s nonetheless keeping up with her softcore work as well! That’s good news for those who blanche at the thought of our G-cup goddess fucking, and even I, hardened porn fan that I am, enjoy having the choice. If I want to see the raw ball of sexual energy that is Faith Nelson revealed, I can always go to FaithExposed

…on the other hand, if I’m more in the mood for the softer, gentler side of Faith – with a clear focus upon every glorious detail of her gorgeous body showcasing her beautiful 32G breasts – I’ve got InBedWithFaith! I suppose the former is more geared toward the insatiable hardcore hound whilst the latter is designed specifically for its appeal to big breast lovers. A clever move on Faith’s part, imho, and kudos to her for being able to spread her legs wide enough to be able to straddle both sides of the fence at once and provide a little something for everyone!

Thus, before I lapse quietly back into unconsciousness with my head pressed firmly against my pillow, here’s a generous handful of 32G Faith Nelson’s latest hi-res video galleries from

Faith Nelson 32G videos from    Faith Nelson 32G video clips from

Faith Nelson 32G video galleries from    Faith Nelson 32G videos from

Faith Nelson 32G video clips from    Faith Nelson 32G video galleries from

Faith Nelson 32G videos from    Faith Nelson 32G video clips from

Faith Nelson 32G video galleries from    Faith Nelson 32G videos from



7 thoughts on “Staying soft in bed with Faith…”

  1. she certainly does rock. but watching her do hardcore for the first time was like watching an ex girlfriend you still have feelings for going at it with some random knobhead. i still feel violated

  2. Faith is perfect. Seeing her “softocre” is amazing… I still love it. Seeingher suck cock and get fucked is even better. She is made for sex, so why not show it?

  3. Oh my god. Faith is so hot. That blond hair, that English accent and those plump, juicy tits. I would slap my rod in between those mounds of flesh and pump them hard until her face is covered in my milk. Goddamn, I would love to tittyfuck this babe. Look at those things. They’re probably as soft as a newborn baby’s ass. My cock would fucking explode if it rubbed against those things. God, then I’d shove it down her throat and make her gag before I ram it into her ass and make her cum everywhere.

  4. I have been watching Faith ever since she first came on the scene. 19 yrs old showing nothing more than topless photos. Slowly came the first very discreet pussy photos, and now, well she’s all grown up! She has never done true porn, only shagged her boyfriend for us…. As a true big breast lover I think she is awsome. I am sure she has made loads of money, and that is also called success. Lovely looking young woman, great tits! I love you baby

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