How do you solve a problem like Maria (Moore)?

Big breasts generally aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when most muse over “The Sound of Music”. Usually, it’s something more like singing nuns, which, for me, hold no illicit interest whatsoever…although perhaps this is because of something my father always used to tell me when I was growing up: “Son, it’s perfectly acceptable to kiss a nun, just as long as you don’t get into the habit.” Ewww. It doesn’t bear thinking about, really. :~P

But my mind works in mysterious ways. For example, when I was making the very first test post on MyBoobSite, it was The Sound Of Music’s “My Favourite Things” playing incessantly in my head as I wrote my boob lover’s adaptation of the lyrics. And, of course, who can forget when Julie Andrews, who played pure as the driven snow Maria in the musical, shed her wholesome image by getting her tits out in Blake Edwards’ “S.O.B.”? One of the best films ever, imho, and one for which Ms. Andrews – who was, in reality, Mrs. Edwards – earned the nickname “Mary Pop-outs”.

So, yes, I must reluctantly admit that The Sound of Music does indeed turn my thoughts to breasts. The mere mention of the name “Maria”, as a further example of this phenomenon, immediate brings “Moore” to my mind. Either that or “Swan“, depending upon my mood. But lately, though, it’s been moreso Moore than ever, as the lovely, voluptuous Maria has proven to be my 10th most popular search term so far in October, with 2,689 visitors this month alone finding MyBoobSite with her as their query!

Not being one to argue with popular opinion where big boobs are concerned, I decided to venture forth to JuggMaster in my quest to give the people what they want, and therein finding a copious collection photos & videos featuring our glorious 36GG goddess in, and out, of a variety of revealing outfits (her naughty nurse costume being one of my favourites, as Maria can nurse me with those gigantic GG-cup juggs of hers any day!). And so, once again by popular demand, I present that incomparaby stunning picture of pulchritude, 36GG Maria Moore from

Maria Moore 36GG from    Maria Moore 36GG from    Maria Moore 36GG from

Maria Moore 36GG from    Maria Moore 36GG from    Maria Moore 36GG from

Maria Moore 36GG from    Maria Moore 36GG from    Maria Moore 36GG from

…as for the videos, when I last blogged JuggMaster, I’d included a few photos of Maria sitting seductively on a park bench in sexy see-through black lace lingerie. Thus, for today’s video selection, I thought it might be rather nice to see that scene played out in motion! To wit, a small sampling of Maria Moore video clips – lovingly edited from her magnificent mammary-laden 12-minute movie which accompanies said photo series – courtesy of

Maria Moore Videos from    Maria Moore Videos from

Maria Moore Videos from    Maria Moore Videos from


53 thoughts on “How do you solve a problem like Maria (Moore)?”

  1. Reese,

    One of the last couple of times you blogged her, you commented on how her spectacular breasts keeps getting bigger and bigger. And I must say, they look even bigger, still.


    Thank you, ever so much, for blessing us with your beautiful face and body. I beg you (on my knees), tell us your secret? How do you DO it?

  2. Juggmaster has some of the hottest models but the site is just too tame. I’m not asking for boy/girl hardcore (which I don’t care much for anyway) but something a bit more explicit would be nice.

  3. Oh my gosh!!

    That was the best “bad” joke I have read today.
    (nun habbit)

    Keep up the good “blog” work on your, otherwise visual, blog.

  4. Talk about stacked and packed!!! She is truly the most beautiful busty model out there now IMO. I just wish she did more. This woman needs to be cloned. Maria, donate your DNA for the good of humanity. Let’s banish all the Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie types and replace them with Maria Moore types. Who’s with me?

  5. i had a couple of pics from that set and now finally the video set to it! im going to treasure them for years to come. maria has a fantastic figure and i have always been a fan of her beautiful boobs. just lovely!

  6. And thus the reason I have the most beautiful model row on the internet my friend. Most of these girls are every day girls that I find and photograph and they have no interest in doing anything more than giving us JuggHeads a glimpse at their gorgeous bodies. Many of these girls are not in the business and those that are in the business… well, you can find them doing explicit material everywhere else so why be like everyone else. I enjoy photographing them in a different light. A classier, tasteful vision of all of these gloriously endowed women. My membership base enjoys the refreshing difference. Cheers!

  7. I wish she was still escorting – she used to be available in the DC area every so often a few years ago. Or maybe she could do another hardcore film – maybe just a titfuck video ?

  8. Yes she’s a favourite of mine too. *sigh* It’s actually quite odd because my favourites are the thin girls with huge breasts. She’s not really that big for a big girl.

  9. Hey Juggmaster, when are you going to release the second Maria Moore DVD? I have the first one….dying for the second one.

  10. Maria. Woah.

    Well, what can one say about the beautiful Maria? I ask you because I am speechless at the site of her beauty. It’s taking me a few minutes just to blurt this out :)

    Maria, looks absolutely gorgeous in this set. I have seen her before, always looking gorgeous, but she is even more beautiful in this set – if that is possible, which apparently it is.

    Thank you Maria, you are gorgeous personified. Now ‘scuze me while I go take a cold shower. ;)

  11. Hey Joey, I was just thinking about that myself. I have enough footage for two more volumes and as always I have Maria back for Moore March Mammary Madness so I’ll be stockpiling even more footage. Maria is a favorite of mine to photograph and every year she becomes even more gorgeous. She is without a doubt like a fine wine… only gets better with age. Give me a couple months and I’ll see what I can do about volume two.

  12. I agree with Joey. If Maria could be cloned, the world would be a better place. And I would be the first in line to get one. Maria, you are the perfect woman. And Reese, thanks and keep up your good work.

  13. YO reese, what up. I check out your site just about everyday. There are still so many big Boobed queens out there man. Gals like milena velba, nadine jansen. And i think maria moore’s boobs are much bigger then a GG. You think she can reach the elusive j-cup?

  14. Wow they are getting bigger, I remember the first time I saw her in Moms Anal Adventure. I thought she was hot then, but she is getting even better.
    Craig do you know for 100% she use to escort?

    Does anybody know any info on her?
    Age, Height, the general info or anything else as she has never decided to have her own website.

  15. bosshog, not sure if I read it here or not. but my understanding is the webmaster for milena and nadine isnt willing to participate iin the blogs.

    personally Ive gotten over nadine, she always looks so dour. Milena on the other had is one of my all time favs…….

    Maria just looks like she would be fun to hang out with….the fact she is built as she is, is just a HUGE bonus.

  16. Marcus, Maria Moore’s info is as follows

    DOB: June 12th 1975
    HEIGHT: 5ft3
    WEIGHT: Who knows, but I like it whatever it is.
    I believe she’s from Pennsylvania somewhere. Philly maybe.

    All this info was from Voluptuous/Score mags.

  17. >Craig do you know for 100% she use to escort?

    Yes – she used to, I had her pics from those days somewhere. She was slimmer but just as stacked, worked through an agency that would regularly bring her to the DC area. She disappeared, then the hardcore video mentioned above came out.

  18. Sadly, for whom? A girl should never subject herself to the dangers of escorting. She’s probably the happiest she has been in a long time since she quit and I am glad for her.

    And she has never been more beautiful, Juggmaster is portraying her in a most utopic light. Maria, best wishes to you.


  19. Nadine Jansen never did it for me. She doesn’t have a nice face and she somehow looks much fatter than she is. Genuinely not sexy in the slightest. I can’t believe Maria used to escort. That would be awesome.

  20. Dude i swear its a possibility that maria moore can reach the ultimate j cup and if she does i hope she gets her own site. But what bothers me the most is that some girls lie bout havin implants. So i ask all of you, gals like busty merilyn, do you think she has implants or is she the real deal. I cant tell. She has signs of natural as well as fake. SO WHAT DO YAL THINK?

  21. I don’t know about Merilyn but I can assure you Bosshog… Maria is ALL real. I only photograph natural girls and Maria is without a doubt all natural. I’ve seen those beautiful bazoombas grow over the past few years of shooting her and they become more and more beautiful with each passing year. They have an incredible heaviness and slope to them now that they didn’t have 2 years ago when I shot her. Simply incredible.

  22. Thanks. I can tell maria moore is all real. All women. It strikes odd that girls that look like sticks can pose a g cup. Only ones i can think of are the 3 that my main man reese has posted. And thats jana, or maria swan. Whichever, faith nelson, and finally merilyn sakova. I must ask you Reese, what is your opinion. I mean dont get me wrong, I love boobs. BIG ONES (.!.). Fake or not. But what gets me is that they lie bout em. I really am puzzled by merilyn.

  23. HI Jugg Master !! congratulations for Maria!! Amazing Girl!
    I would like to get her DVD How can do it? have an e mail to contact you?
    Thank YOU jugg master and reese for much more TIT !!!

  24. Tits-N-Tat,

    Sadly for those of us who know that high dollar escorting is not the dangerous business you describe – the low budget girls are the ones who are at any risk. Most high end girls use an agency or a screener to prevent any dangerous types from ever getting close.
    I’m glad for her current and continued happiness, but trust me she was very happy while in the business.

  25. Sorry, but I definitely do not see it that way. When an escort meets a person, likely a complete stranger for sexual interludes, screened or not, then it will always be a dangerous business. If not the potential for physical harm or worse, you can add to the list of dangers the possibility of contracting STD’s like AIDS. I applaud Maria for getting out of the business.

  26. Too bad Tits-N-Tat – you seem to be one of the alarmists and not at all in touch with the reality of the high dollar escort business. It is a safe business, completely different than the low end $100 hooker you find on the street.

    AIDS? Jesus – you run the risk of that in day to day dating if you are stupid enough to have unprotected sex.

  27. Alarmist? lol, that’s a good one considering you are trying to defend the high-dollar sex, I mean escort business. Even if high-dollar escorting is considered to be on the “high-end” of the sexual service heirarchy and that said escorts may work in a “safer” environment than those working as street hookers, these are so-called off-street hookers regardless of how you spin it–and I will say it again that the business of pay-for-sex will always see an inherent amount of danger and risk in its involvement. To say with surety that it is a “safe business” I believe is an irresponsible thing for you to do.

    To say such high-end escort workers are in a “safe business” and free from the risks of assault or other acts of violence, sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis etc (and this of course applies to the paying customer or john as well), coercion (and yes I have read that many high-end escorts are forced to have sex by johns without the use of a condom for example) is incorrect and reckless of you to say the least.

    And by the way, although condom use helps to prevent STD risks (and should obviously always be worn when having sex with an unknown or promiscuous partner), condoms don’t always prevent STD transmission; some STD’s can clearly still be passed on while using condoms and during non-intercourse sexual activities.

    The dangers for both the john and a hooker in a paid sex act are obvious and engadging in such sexual activity can prove very detrimental (if not deadly) to one’s health (both the john and the hooker), for sure.

    Street prostitutes or $100-a-trick hookers as you referred to them as, are likely in an even greater risk categorty versus the high-end escorts that may opt to screen their potential johns, but do not for a second try and preach high-end escorting as a “safe business”.

    Although there may be “less risk” with the high-end escorts over the low-end hookers, both are still in a very high-risk business and it is generally accepted that the business of sex will always be a risky business for both the john and the hookers.

    As for running the risk of contracting AIDS in dating, of course the risk is there in such an everyday scenario. But when I seek out a date, I try and screen her and get to know her real well first before commiting to having sex with her (and always with a condom of course) and for the record that means I surely don’t date girls whom spread their legs for a living or have a promiscuous attitude about sex.

    I think with my big head, not just my small head and it helps reduce the risk. And if you did the same, perhaps you would realize why Maria getting out of the business was a very good thing for her. So in getting back to the original point of Maria Moore exiting the high-end escort business, I give Maria the major props for having the strength, courage and dignity to do so and I wish her much happiness.

    Bottom line…

    Paying-for-sex and/or sex with a promiscuous partners is a game of sexual roulette that has its chamber full of very-high risks and I would thus advise people to stay far away from prostitutes (both low and high-end escorts) and promiscuous partners completely. As for those people looking to get in the business, I would strongly advise you to steer far away from it as well.

    My two cents on this topic, which by the way I am done discussing with you. You will not change my mind here.

  28. late but i agree with most of the above – i would love to see a montage of maria showing her from her earlist pictures to current. i have a set from 2001 where she is much slimmer – still very very horny mind…she is almost the only voluptuous model that i think and only think that i prefer smaller…


  29. Tits-N-Tat,

    I’m not trying to change your mind, I’m simply stating my opinion. Sorry that the rest of us are not allowed to ahve one when you’re around.

  30. Maria…wow…hmmm….so much woman there to grap, kiss on, roam over and to explore…hmmm…I followed the discussion regarding the escort business and the dangers of partaking…I am inclined to agree with Tits-N-Tat–interesting tag name, by the way–however, the challenge for me is that I need that GFE from time to time and although I am not a Brad Pitt lookalike and still regarded as somewhat attractive, at 45 years of age, I find my options closing off, without the expenditure of sizeable sums of money. Further, given my deely seeded penchant for big, bouncy, bounding boobs…the set of available femmes for fun becomes smaller and smaller….I liek having a heavily hootered woman on call for both the bedroom romp on a whim, but also for weekend away at the beach…while I’ve been blessed with a few funloving bra busters who like to be wined and dined and then laid out…it alwasy seems to come (cum) down to money…do I pay up front? Or do we play out the pretence of courtship? In the end…not pun intended, it means money…I do worry about disease…as for Maria…I would not mind having something like that as exclusively mine for a few months…keeping her naked, or topless for hours on end about the house, by the pool…taking her when I’m ready…would like to hear how others make such arrangements….

  31. Dean, I hear what you are saying brother. Personally, I kind of steered clear of the whole escort discussion because, whether everyone knows if a particular girl did it or not, it’s still somewhat rude to blab and go on about it. That’s their business what they choose to do. We are all adults and we all make choices. If it’s not your cup of tea, keep it moving and move along. Does it mar my thinking of Maria or any other busty lass who does this? Absolutely not!! We as men pay up either way, whether as you so cleverly put it, through the “pretence of courtship” of by getting an escort. I’ve been with women that i’ve wined and dined, dated for a while and got nothing out of it. I tell you what, an hour or two with Maria would have been a damn bargain looking back in hindsight. I’ve wasted so much money going out with women to get no where. In NYC, dinner dates can be quite expensive. I’m still shuddering from the $30 cosmos and martinis.

    I just hope that if Maria or any other woman is reading this, know that we don’t think any less of you, and that like many things, the minority is usually the most vocal, while the majority is silent.

  32. minority is most vocal, while majority is silent? I hardly agree with that statement. I don’t see things your way for the pay sum argument either, I have respect for myself and I don’t see courting a girl in the hopes of building a relationship the same as paying for an escort. Not even close. I would never pay for an escort either, no way no how.

    And no, every girl I date does not result in a physical relationship, but that’s fine with me. When I am with a girl I want it to mean something and inner beauty is more important than outer beauty when you get past the few innings of a relationship. I agree with Tits N Tat on that one.

  33. It’s always the minority barking the loudest, case in point your last post buddy. Most people couldn’t be bothered what you think, the escort business is here and in demand.

    Yeah, i’m sure it’s your love for a womans inner beauty that has you perusing big tit blogs. The last place for someone to stand on a soapbox and preach morality to anyone is on a pornsite. Jeez.

  34. Majority drowns out the majority. My last post did not prove anything. Please don’t include your escort-loving self as being into the majority, you are thankfully, far from it and you fall into the category of high minority.

    Most people that have any sense of self worth, dignity and care for their health, would stay miles away from escorts, prostitutes and the like…but not joey, to defend them and take such a position barks loudly of the kind of person you are and it is the kind of person I stay miles away from. Pathetic frankly.

    Hey, I find big-busted ladies attractive, just like some are ass men, but don’t go generalizing about what I look for in a woman. Yes, the physical look is important, but it’s less important than the inner beauty of the person I am courting–that’s what makes the relationship last past the early innings, adds more zest to life and the relationship and that’s what separates me from your superficial self.

  35. MAria Moore is incredible. She has a beautiful body and I cant get over her face. Her tits are those type of tits you just want to sleep on.

  36. i live in south philly, and who do i see walking down passyunk ave. but maria moore, oh madone.. i could not believe my eyes !!!!! AWSOME!!!!!

  37. I think Maria Moore is sexy as hell she has one of the best bobies, best Boobs, goregus face that is a woman absolutly lov to have as a girlfriend 4life

  38. Yo mikey tomatoes I lived in Philly for over 9 years and still frequent the city alot. If I ever saw Maria Up Close and personal ,I’d shit myself! Motherfucker,she’s HOT!!!!!!!! like a SUPERNOVA!To think that she’s a PHILLY gal makes me crazy,when all you seem to have any focus on is the DULL,Ordinary”ATHLETIC” barbie doll types on display at Delilahs’ etc.I would’nt trade a lifetime with ANY of those (ahem) girls for just ONE night with MARIA.In my mind only a MADIGAN would.

  39. I’d marry her any day of the week. She really is the most beautiful woman i’ve seen outwardly. Her smile make up for any imperfections.

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