Overdeveloped schoolgirl fantasy with Eden Mor…

As you’re probably aware if you’ve been with MyBoobSite since the beginning or have perhaps purused the past year’s worth of posts, the wife & I are wont to invite others into our bed for a bit of recreational sex threesome, foursome or moresome stylie (actually, we have to use the floor when we get above four). Most of our swinging partners have become good friends, and we relish the pleasure of their company socially as well as sexually. Thus, when I’m not enjoying the odd cowgirl fucking / blowjob or Vix isn’t otherwise engaged in a bit of double vaginal penetration, we tend to sit naked in bed with our sundry swing-mates and just talk (okay, sometimes we play Scrabble, but that may be drifting a bit too far off today’s topic).

The reason for my gratuitous mention of this is that, a while back, one of our regular partners took the opportunity during just such a fuck-break to reveal a fantasy he’d been harbouring for some time. This involved having a lewd & lascivious liaison with a young, albeit adult female dressed as a schoolgirl. Of course, when you’re involved in the swing scene, you can basically “advertise” for whatever you want – as long as it’s legal – and chances are you’ll find someone who shares your particular fetish. Still, he felt a bit concerned with the specific, exclusionary nature of said fantasy.

Now, while I wouldn’t dream of denying anyone their unique fantasies, I have to admit that I just didn’t get this one. To be honest, I haven’t fancied anyone dressed as a schoolgirl since I was, curiously enough, in high school (and we all know how that turned out)! Nonetheless, I did find myself more than mildly aroused when I encountered the following photos & videos on Eden Mor’s Garden of Eden website in which she portrays a generously overdeveloped sexy schoolgirl. For me, though, the turn-on was moreso the fact that it was Eden rather than the outfit she was wearing (I tend to get off more on the nude body that I do on any particular clothing or lingerie).

Who knows? Perhaps I just have a nudity fetish (which would explain why I get so excited every time Eden “flashes pink” (or maybe that’s because I know that invariably, once Ms. Mor exposes her pussy, it won’t too be long before she begins wanking (female masturbation being a major fantasy scenario of mine))). For those of you who do share our fuck-buddy’s fetish (and before I begin revealing some of my more embarrassing fantasies), here’s the lovely Eden Mor, donning her school uniform, being generally sexy and dangling her saucer-sized areolas in our faces at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com

Eden Mor 80HH from GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor 80HH from GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor 80HH from GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com

Eden Mor 80HH from GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor 80HH from GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor 80HH from GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com

…as far as big boobs videos are concerned, Eden is likewise a master of satisfying the breast fetish, with plenty of jiggling and flopping her tits out (the latter apparently when she least expects it, judging by her reaction!). But it’s my “women who wank” fantasy at which Eden excels the most, especially when she reaches her fingers up to her mouth for a taste after seductively stroking her pussy. *mmmm* So prepare to take off your pants (no, really, Eden specifically requests this in the first of her video clips below) and enjoy these preview videos of Eden Mor – once again playing the sublimely sexy overdeveloped schoolgirl – from GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com:

Eden Mor Videos from GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor Videos from GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com



30 thoughts on “Overdeveloped schoolgirl fantasy with Eden Mor…”

  1. Ooohh kaaayy… now WE’RE TALKIN! Eden is fucking amazing- body, face… everything. The best set of tits on this blog. Thanks so much!

  2. Totally agree with Vadd, I like to hear her talk some more :)
    Cute face, amazing body and again this “please fuck me” look :)

    Always great to see Eden :)

  3. eden we love you, i dream become your classmate share chair with you. Learn Together about you not just only about KILLER BOOBS

  4. The Breast woman on the Internet, why didn’t she look like this a few years ago when she was escorting.

    Does anybody know any info on her?
    Will she return to London?

  5. More Mor! She’s got magnificent boobs that are in a class by themselves.

    If you want to read a classic big-boobed schoolgirl story, go to ladybumps.com and read _Abigail_ by DDDave. There are many other similar BE stories there, too.

    As far as schoolgirls go, They look better to me if they’re wearing high heels, a real short skirt, and a push-up bra with big boobs wiggling and wobbling with every step. I saw one young lady that looked like that yesterday. Oh, yeah! A real head turner!

    Or else no clothes at all. :-) Like Reese, I’d like to see more skin and less clothes, especially in the shower/bathtub. DUH!

  6. One other theme that Eden has done in the past is the Hitchhiker. Only in my wildest fantasies could I imagine picking up a hitchhiker the likes of her!

  7. Hurray for Eden! Beautiful, sexy, unchanging and sweet. Personally, I’m a big fan of the tease and partial states of undress–visual foreplay–it’s much more erotic. The only thing missing from this series would have been one of Eden’s nice full bras–a white satin support bra would have perfected this but still a Great offering…I still think Eden is girlfriend material all the way.

  8. Can anyone tell me if the Garden of Eden website is worth it? Are there many images? Content? Quality of images and videos? Thanks.

  9. Reese,
    More of Moore and Mor!
    Great job in blogging the royalty of femeninity….
    More of Moore (Maria), Mor (Eden) Please.
    (Sorry not so much more of Moore (Chessie))

  10. And just so you don’t think its guys that get the hots for big tits I would love to play with those gorgeous and amazing breasts.
    Eden you are soooo sexy. and pretty too (when I finally managed to force my attention to your face).
    Please mail me,
    [mod edit: sorry,no personal contact details on the blog, please, but I’ll be happy to pass along your info should we hear from Eden here]
    Gemma, 48, 36c

  11. Sexy breasts seen ever. M a woman n always attracted 2 big breasts since d time i was a kid. I’d c my mom lukin @ big breasted women in porn magazines n masturbate hard. I observed every move of hers n wud imitate her in her absence using bed corners n pillows. Well i’ve loads of big tit n breasted of eden in my phone. So, she’s thr wid me even in bathroom as well as on bed. I spend sleepless nights lukin @ eden’s breasts n masturbatin hard. I luv her n m loyal 2 her

  12. Mmmmmm ahhhhhhhh hmmmm eden. M njoyin lickin ur aerola. Can u feel it baby? Mmmmmm ahhhhhh. My tongue rollin all over ur aerola n now on ur full big breasts. Mmmmmm they r wet. Yea baby, can u feel me suckin ur nipples hard? Yeah yeah, inch by inch m bitin every flesh of ur breasts. Hey, now m kneadin ur boobs like m kneadin d dough:) hey my pillow’s gotten wet. M cumin mmmmmm ahhhhhh. Guys, its 3 am n c wat eden has done 2 me.

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