In Bed with Faith Nelson or Ashley Sage Ellison ?

Sorry to be banging on so much about Scoreland lately (why, in just the past fortnight, there’s been Ash & Anna, I’ve used them as filler for Merilyn, then there were those big tits by the seaside and then, just yesterday, I had to make mention of Mio’s massive mammaries moving there) but, today, the site remains relevant since their two most recent galleries are now needed to answer an inquiry posted by MyBoobSite regular TaylorFan on my big boobs buoyancy blog. To wit…

TaylorFan wrote:

Ashley will forever remind me of Faith Nelson (and therefore fall short by comparison I’m afraid…).

What’s happening with Faith nowadays Reese? I haven’t seen or heard anything anywhere since that last Score update with her looking very classical in stockings.

…well, TaylorFan, it just so happens that Score had posted a new Faith Nelson gallery a couple of days ago and, coincidentally, the day before that saw some new Ashley Sage Ellison pics to celebrate her winning Score’s Newcomer of the Year honour for 2009 (congrats, Ash, btw!)! So, killing two birds with one stone (as it were, i.e. finding new Faith and her apparent similarity to Ashley), here are a couple of Faith & Ashley’s more juicy big juggs thumbnails from

Faith Nelson pussy flash photo from    Ashley Sage Ellison pussy tease photo from

…apart from both being British busty blondes with big & bigger boobs between them, I can vaguely see your basis for comparison yet don’t find any truly striking similarities between the two big tits babes (but maybe that’s just me). However, there is a rather disturbing similarity between Faith & Ashley at the moment with respect to their kinky hair! Is Ash taking fashion tips from Faith now? Pardon my hairist opinion, but I much prefer Ashley with straight blond hair rather than the curly coif she’s sporting here (aqain, that could just be me, although I’m not the only one to have questioned her hairstyle choices).

On to my overall preference, I’m afraid that, being forced to choose between spending a night with Faith or Ashley (awww, c’mon, I guy can have fantasies, can’t he?), I’d pick the latter despite Faith being more hardcore on camera. Although both busty girls are cute and sexy to the extreme, I’d go with Ashley simply because I personally feel she’s got a better body than Faith’s super slim and stacked figure. But then, I’ve always found myself sexually attracted to more voluptuous women and curvy girls built for comfort not for speed (plus I do have a bit of a belly fetish beyond the big boobs thing), and Ashley’s fuller figure fits her perfectly into the fantasy category of cuddly girls I’d like to… erm… cuddle! ;~) Oh, and Ashley’s got bigger tits, too!!

However, far be it from me to foist my personal fetishes upon you (as that has indeed gone terribly wrong in the past), so I’ll let you make up your own minds on this important mammary matter. So, apart from TaylorFan (as I assume we already know his answer), which of these two incredibly beautiful busty girls would you want to sleep with more? 32GG Faith Nelson or 32JJ Ashley Sage Ellison from

32GG Faith Nelson at Scoreland

Faith Nelson at

32JJ Ashley Sage Ellison at Scoreland

Ashley Sage Ellison at



22 thoughts on “In Bed with Faith Nelson or Ashley Sage Ellison ?”

  1. ashley is better than faith, thats why faith went away. people dont want to believe or accept it but after faith did that stint of hardcore….it was all downhill from there, as i predicted. it happens to a lot of models that start the way she did and go into hardcore, they become the typical “pornstar”, lost in the shuffle. as much as i hate to admit it and as much as i dont like it, women like dana hamm, denise milani and jordan carver know what they are doing. you cant go mainstream doing hardcore, and once you go hardcore, you cant go back. i dont wanna call doing hardocre career suicide, but when you go that route, you have to compete with a lot more poeple and do a lot more to impress, as for softcore glamour models, if you got it – you got it, and there will always be room for improvement. but, then again, what do i know?

  2. Personally I like both ladies so I would love to sleep with either lady. Either both at once or one at a time…

  3. Reese, I have to point out that this set was taken from another site you posted back in 2007. The set was from and the title you used was ” Faith tits around on yet more sites“. Score seems to do this alot Faith’s other set the pink lingerie glamour set was on her in bed with faith site and on before it appeared on Score. I haven’t seen any new Faith for quite awhile everything they’ve been posting new has previously been on another site.

  4. The answer is simple: Both ladies in bed OR Ashley vs Faith in a catfight. Just don’t make us decide.

  5. The two are different types. Faith has a great body, while Ashley is a chubby teen with huge boobs but lots of extra poundage all over, stomach, waist, and that double chin adds at least 10 years. Also, she should be a bit more animates when she poses, I’ve seen pictorials where all 16 pics are essentially the sa me, she needs to move about a bit and change her pose once in a while.

  6. I used to like faith so much until she tried to make CEL look like he was some kind of dirtbag during a shoot. Those who have been here a long time will know what I am referring to. Now I have no time for her whatsoever and to be honest she looks like a wash up model still clutching to fame. It is a little desperate.

    Ashley the new and improved version who doesn’t lie and try to ruin the careers of others in the industry!

  7. Ashley over Faith any day of the week, plus holidays and leap year.

    Faith is sexy for sure, but DAMN Ashley is THE total package adding fluffiness and ASS to the meal.

  8. Lol it seems I am in a minority! And these responses are from your “Myboobsite”, not even the gentlemen of chubby persuasion who frequent “Mybbwsite” (necessarily…).

    I agree with Xan’s point about models doing hardcore. Sam’s point about CEL is correct and it relates to Xan’s: Faith was best when she was simply “InBedwithFaith“. I’ve never been impressed by any of the stuff she’s done outside her own website.

    Nick’s also bang on the money about Ashley. I think it is her lack of “personality” and expression that puts me off. With Faith you got a spunky, sexy young woman (for anyone around long enough to remember Faith’s trailer?); with Ashley I’ve never got any personality through her videos.

    Future Myboobsite topic Reese? How much does “personality” matter in porn? Personally for me its a HUGE deal. If I don’t like the woman, I generally won’t return to her. The Samantha 38Gs, Paris Kennedies, Danica Collins, Kerry Maries, Taylor Stevens and Eden Morr’s of this world will keep me coming (interpret that as a pun if you will…) back constantly due to the potent combination of good looks, great bodies and sexy personalities.

  9. Yaya,

    It would take too long to explain but put it this way we all gave Cel a really hardtime about it until CEL was forced to explain the lie she told. Until that point we all believed Faith. Cel proved that what he was accused of was false. It was CEL who accused him.

    We’ll leave it there shall we…

  10. Faith is hot, but I absolutely in love with the Asher! As someone has already mentioned Faith does not appear to be the nicest person and even before hearing about her lie I did get the feeling that her “nice, cuddly girl-next-door” persona is an act. Faith is much more genuine, like someone you could actually hang out with. She comes off and being a very kind person who really loves her fans. They are total babes and I would say they are equals in the looks-department, but I would rather get to know Ashley.

  11. For my money FAITH hands down!!!!Much prettier,way better figure,& sexier.Faith has it all ,great legs,gorgeous face,the pretties huge boobs I’ve ever seen, an & an ass to die for.Ashley is fat,faith is a just right ,full figured BSH!Ashley is not near her league, she coul’nt carry Faith’s thong!So what she did H/C , does’nt everyone have sex?

    Like the song says I’d sing it to her “Damn, I wish I was your lover!”

  12. @reese,, just checked out the cel/faith video and firstly i hate him ha ha,, hes the luckiest guy on earth and secondly i couldnt see any issues with the scene as sam reffers to in his comment… what was his point????

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