Just one more, for Christmas’ sake…

I know I’d said yesterday that we’d seen the end of our Christmas boobs for the year, but I just couldn’t resist sharing one more set; this time from the gorgeous 32G Faith of InBedWithFaith.com and her friend Juliet. I must say that I do appreciate their minimalist approach to the holidays:

Faith 32G    Faith 32G

Faith 32G    Faith 32G

Faith 32G    Faith 32G

Faith 32G    Faith 32G


7 thoughts on “Just one more, for Christmas’ sake…”

  1. They should have an age disclaimer for that ‘little sister’, she looks so young.

    I was reading some old issues of R&D (1997 or so) on ladybumps.com and they talked about pics of some of the big bust stars from long ago, in magazines such as Gent. They gave names such as Accotto’s FTP site, but I can’t find anything with Google. Does anyone have any more info on these websites? They also mentione the newsgroup alt.sex.breast, I believe it was.

  2. Another comment about your earlier Serenity / Emelons.com blog post, where you said she lived near where you lived in the U.S.. I thought that she was in the UK. maybe because her website’s main screen has what looks like a British flag in the background. But then I checked her news, and it said her house suffered damage from hurricane Wilma. So was that in Florida? (so many hurricanes in the last year I can’t remember which is which!) In any case, I got onto her website and it took forever to load the main screen. Then I noticed tha all these pop-uinder windows had appeared in the tray at the bottom of my screen! Hey, I came to see her, not some other website! I emailed a complaint about those obnoxious, bandwidth wasting pop-unders to the webmaster. I hope you all do the same. Only when enough people make enough noise will the squeaky wheel get fixed. It seems that the trend nowadays is that every legit adult website has to get involved with these evil, scum-sucking adware/pop-up/redirection brokers that just constantly pi$$ off the users!

    About the only complaint I have with Myboobsite.com is that it has ads for Casinos and other online gambling, which is considerd wire fraud in the U.S. But he’s not here, so no problem. I’m just against online gambling because there’s not enough parental control to keep juveniles from abusing it.

  3. Very Free~

    Yup, Serenity’s a Florida girl! So it is rather strange that there’s a British Union Jack in the background on her site. Hmm.

    Totally agree with you about the pop-ups, too – they’re a major annoyance! That’s why I switched browsers and now use FireFox. It’s totally free and comes with an automatic pop-up blocker.

    As for my ads, I subscribed to AdBrite’s services in order to make a little extra money to offset the extreme bandwidth overage charges I’m incurring on MyBoobSite. I typically serve about 350GB per month, and DreamHost only provides me with 250GB of that at no charge (although they have been increasing my allocation by 2GB per week), so the $1 or so a day I make on the ads helps cover about 60% of my excess bandwidth bills. I’d hoped to get more advertisers in the big boobs niche, but, so far, it’s just been the casinos and such. Oh well, give it time…

    ~Reese! :~)

  4. I was wondering if you were going to add those pictures to your X-Mas posts! Faith is one of my top five and it is ALWAYS good to see her! AMAZING woman! Thanks!

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