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Continuing my praise of big breasts shrouded in sheer fabric theme, as I’d begun in my Maxi blog yesterday, I recalled that there seemed to be this particular pair of sheer, see-through scarves that had, at one time or another, made their rounds amongst a handful of the busty Polish models over at the aptly-domained Busty.pl. So I made my way over to the site and was quite quickly able to find six examples of these two exceedingly mobile babushkas (I’d originally thought I’d stumbled upon seven, but the last one turned out to be a different scarf, oh well)…

Bea Flora at Busty.pl    Ines Cudna at Busty.pl

Marcela at Busty.pl    Aneta Buena at Busty.pl    Jane at Busty.pl

Ewa Sonnet at Busty.pl    Gosha at Busty.pl

…quite the versatile and well-travelled fashion accessory, that! But today’s blog is not scarf specific, nor shall I spend the day lingering on lingerie (alluringly transparent though it may be). No, I thought I’d totally scupper the whole garment theme and move on to window coverings – curtains, to be specific! It’s just that today’s visit to Busty.pl opened my eyes to the genuinely erotic potential of such draperies by virtue of how they look lackadaisically draped over the sexy curves of stunning 34H blonde Kate Bona.

It’s been ten months since I last blogged Kate, which is quite odd for me since she’s one of those beautiful big breasted blondes that I so adore. I still think it’s a bit unfair that Busty.pl bills her as a “mature MILF” in an attempt to appeal the lovers of older women amongst us (Kate’s only 34!), but appreciate them all the same for giving Ms. Bona a home on their site. Here’s Kate Bona modelling the latest in sheer white lace curtain fashion (as well as giving us some lovely big boobs from behind shots) at Busty.pl

Kate Bona 34H (75H) at Busty.pl    Kate Bona 34H (75H) at Busty.pl    Kate Bona 34H (75H) at Busty.pl

Kate Bona 34H (75H) at Busty.pl    Kate Bona 34H (75H) at Busty.pl    Kate Bona 34H (75H) at Busty.pl

Kate Bona 34H (75H) at Busty.pl    Kate Bona 34H (75H) at Busty.pl    Kate Bona 34H (75H) at Busty.pl

Kate Bona 34H (75H) at Busty.pl    Kate Bona 34H (75H) at Busty.pl    Kate Bona 34H (75H) at Busty.pl

…by the time Busty.pl got to the video portion of the shoot, it appears that our Kate had come to the conclusion that the drapery was indeed removable from the stationary curtain rod, thus allowing her to further explore its fashion potential against her topless figure (and she could move about a bit as well). I saved the best for the last clip, however, when the cameraman sneaks beneath Kate’s silky shroud to capture a captivating glimpse of her huge H-cup breasts from below. Once again, here’s lovely 34H blonde Kate Bona in a selection of preview videos from Busty.pl:

Kate Bona videos at Busty.pl    Kate Bona videos at Busty.pl

Kate Bona videos at Busty.pl



8 thoughts on “Kate Bona videos at Busty.pl”

  1. It’s always great to see the polish gals, I think I love them above all others. It’s especially great to see Ewa here again, even if only briefly. Kate Bona is so hot, why is she always covered? Every pic I’ve seen of her, she’s always hiding those wonderful huge breasts one way or another. She’s definitely got nothing to be ashamed of, she’s gorgeous. I’d love to see her in full view one of these days.
    Reese, please have the amazing polish goddesses back to the site more often. Thanks for your work. That is one lucky damn scarf isn’t it?

  2. Although I must admit these gals have made my cock fabulously hard, I must make a request…I have been reading your blog for several months now, and I have never found a blog for my personal favorite boob lady, Chaka T. ANything you could do on her would be awesome, and keep up the good work.

  3. Kate is definitely one of the most truly beautiful girls i’ve seen on the site. There is absolutely nothing bad about her, unless of course you count the fact that she is covered by something alot of the time. The third video really shows the amazing shape and size of her breasts, especially for a girl who’s not a bigger woman. A+.

  4. There’s something very good in Poland’s water… something very good indeed. Those Polish babes are simply amazing. Very nice.

  5. This is not a comment per se about Kate or the other wonderful breasts to be found in Poland, but on your blog in general. If you are a true massive mammary fan, I find it really strange that there isn’t one single black woman listed in your directory of Models. Is this a personal bias ? a racial thing ? I would hope not. There are some really wonderful black tits to be admired and drooled over, including the marvelous and beautiful Miosotis. She truly merits some exposure on your site.

  6. Very arousing. Those tits with those eyes made my cock fabulously hard. However, I’d like to ask a favor. I’ve been reading this blog for a while now, and I was wondering if you could you please please please blog Chaka T. She is my favorite big tit model and I’d like to both get your opinion of her and see what she’s up to lately. Thanks.

  7. @Rog
    A few posts ago there was Jenny Hill with her great black boobs.

    Though, I’d also love to see some new stuff from Chaka.
    I’ve been searching the web for a while but couldn’t find any new stuff. It all seems to be a few years old.
    Has she retired? That would be terrible!

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