Proud to be Polish with Anabelle Mayaa

Being one to live as much in the present as possible, I’ve never had much of an interest in genealogy. I’m aware that my family tree is firmly rooted in Poland, but that’s only because I knew my great grandmother who had immigrated to the U.S. from Krakow. However, with the spate of busty Polish models I’ve run across recently, perhaps delving into my own personal history might shed some light on this big breast fetish with which I’ve been burdened (joyous burden though it may be).

And so, we shall remain in the realm of Slavic knockers yet another day to see if anything clicks in my subconscious to unravel this mammary mystery (although I’m fairly certain the answer lurks somewhere in my jeans rather than in my genes). But there’s another mystery afoot as well: Why is it that Eastern European girls all seem so well-endowed?! I mean, Jana Defi’s from that general region, as are Aneta Buena, Bea Flora, Ines Cudna & Wanessa Lilio – and those are just a few of my favourites! Perhaps it’s as BigBoobFan recently observed: “There’s something very good in Poland’s water… something very good indeed. Those Polish babes are simply amazing.”

Today’s Polish princess du jour is Anabelle Mayaa (whom I’d blogged several months ago, but thought I’d bring her back by virtue of her new videos (oh, and the fact that she’s a big-breasted blonde (hmm, perhaps I should’ve called this blog “My Big Tits Blondes Site” instead!))). But, before we move on to the videos, I though I’d keep with tradition and share her latest photo series for first…

[CORRECTION (with humblest apologies to the models and to all): The girl in the photos is Arabella Blonde, not Anabelle Mayaa (who appears in the videos below). I could blame an unusually hectic week for this oversight, but there’s really no excuse. Much gratitude due to Tomasz & Mr. Unnatural for kindly pointing out my errant ways.]

Anabelle Mayaa from    Anabelle Mayaa from    Anabelle Mayaa from

Anabelle Mayaa from    Anabelle Mayaa from    Anabelle Mayaa from

Anabelle Mayaa from    Anabelle Mayaa from    Anabelle Mayaa from

Anabelle Mayaa from    Anabelle Mayaa from    Anabelle Mayaa from

Anabelle Mayaa from    Anabelle Mayaa from    Anabelle Mayaa from

…but it’s her latest BoobsGarden video gallery the brings Anabelle Maya to grace the pages of MyBoobSite today – specifically the copious cleavage so sexily showcased in her rather revealing lacy lingerie top barely big enough to conceal her large yet nearly flesh-coloured nipples (don’t you just want to give that string holding it so precariously together a little pull?). Honestly, I could linger on that big breasts from below perspective forever, imagining myself lying in her lap and allowing the backs of my fingers brush surreptitiously across those generous curves rounding out the base of her boobs (I do believe that this vidcap quite adequately captures the fantasy). *sigh* Anyway, here’s a few preview clips of the latest Anabelle Mayaa videos at

Anabelle Mayaa videos at    Anabelle Mayaa videos at

Anabelle Mayaa videos at


13 thoughts on “Proud to be Polish with Anabelle Mayaa”

  1. Ok, let me clarify. The pix are Arebella and the clips are Anabelle. At least I think so, their faces look different and hair. Anabelle has a softer face, Arebella has more pouty lips. Or, am I going crazy?

  2. Bloody hell, you’re right! :~P That’s precisely what I get for trying to bang out a blog when I’ve got so much else going on this particular week. Apologies to both models and to all, and I’ll correct this as soon as I’ve got a spare moment to breathe…

    ~Reese! :~)

  3. I was thinking those boobs in the video didn’t look as perky as the ones in the pics. Of course, all I was looking at was the boobs… heh heh. Mmmmmmm boobs.

  4. Yah, I thought those girls looked different! The girl in the clips iws definitely hotter and has bigger, natural boobs. The other has an interesting look, but smaller boobs and they look fake. Nats always win :)

  5. Reese, I come to you humbly as you are the greatest connoscieur of big tits, to point you this video:

    This is by far the most intriguing and amazing stuff I have seen lately. We must find out more information on this. Is that natural (looks quite natural to me) Who is she? where is she? Why aren’t we seeing lots of videos of her?

    Please, let’s begin a campaign to dig this woman wherever she’s now. What you think?

    Best regards


  6. Reese,

    I hear you on the Polish connection. Those Polish busty girls were my muses (Ewa Sonnet more than anyone), so much that about a year and a half ago I decided to learn Polish and travel there, just to see if there was something to it. I had the fortune to meet Ewa three times on various trips over there. I wouldn’t say the types are the norm in Poland, but they do seem a little more common than in the States. More than that, though, they’re friendly and open, and much more feminine than American girls. I now understand enough Polish to get by without falling back on English at all, and I’m planning to move there. Good times ahead! I’ll say hello to Ewa for you :)


  7. Have been an occasional ‘visitor’ to your blog. Have often savoured the your text as much as the celebration of feminity. I just wondered if there was any possibility of reviewing the very alluring and even ‘dignified’ Lady Gonzales a.k.a. “Ashley Juggs”. She as well as Kerrie Marie have inspired and pandered to my own sense of negritude. May I humbly suggest a few entries devoted to them at a time convenient and opportune. I do not know how ‘time’ has dealt with their appearance and what they currently look like- but, even a review in appreciation may be appropriate. Thanks. Budds.

  8. Gowza,

    I went to the website and I would love to say that they were real but I some how doubt that they are until we get verification I will safely assume that they’re not. I didn’t like the movement when she was holding them and feeling them, it all seemed a little too prosthetic for me or super implants. Either way not real so nothing to interest anyone here. I’d dearly loved to be proved wrong though.


  9. I like this latest look for her, very glamorous, very sexy, very distinctive, and she looks better to me since she’s stayed out of the tanning bed.

    Oh, they are 100% real, I’d bet my hat.

    Dr. DD

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