Katrin from XX-Cel – 32E yet slim-n-stacked…

Before you jump all over me for featuring an E-cup model on MyBoobSite, understand that I had no choice in the matter. I’d just come home from a wonderful weekend, having attended a lovely birthday party for one of our swing-mates, to find this in my boob-mail in-box…

Katrin 32E from XX-Cel.com

…so how could I resist?! Besides, XX-Cel has so many big tits ranging all the way up to a J-cup I suppose I could “pad the bra” (as it were) with a 36FF model to help “legitimise” the post. ;~)

Born in Chlumek, Czech Republic, 21-year-old Katrin is the freshest arrival on the XX-cel scene. She’s quite possibly the most flexible, too, as evidenced by the last photo below (obviously a contortionist because real humans just don’t bend that way)! I must also begrudgingly admit that the blue-eyes blonde’s 32E boobs – albeit less than an F-cup – are a rather nice match for her slim-n-stacked frame. Honestly, my only genuine complaint with Katrin is that she wears ill-fitting bras (which is odd, since she’s obviously aware of her proper bra size).

So, despite me only being the 4th choice for her affections after Cel, an evil sorcerer bent on destroying Smurfs and what I can only identify as some manner of Spanish male goat (although she did put an exclamation point after my name), I present Cel’s latest find who just appeared on the site as of today; Katrin 32E from XX-Cel.com

Katrin 32E from XX-Cel.com    Katrin 32E from XX-Cel.com    Katrin 32E from XX-Cel.com

Katrin 32E from XX-Cel.com    Katrin 32E from XX-Cel.com    Katrin 32E from XX-Cel.com

Katrin 32E from XX-Cel.com    Katrin 32E from XX-Cel.com    Katrin 32E from XX-Cel.com

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site are 1600×1064 resolution)

…but, as promised, here’s an FF-cup to up the stakes! You’ll no doubt remember 36FF Lisa from my introductory post on her mid-November. At the time, she was just starting out in her topless modelling career and merely had one photo shoot and no videos on the site. I’m pleased to report that she’s since added another photo set – 95 glorious hi-res pics of Lisa bathing her big soapy tits in the bath – and shot her very first video! Here are a couple of clips of lovely 36FF Lisa in motion, courtesy of XX-Cel.com:

Lisa 36FF videos from XX-Cel.com    Lisa 36FF videos from XX-Cel.com


23 thoughts on “Katrin from XX-Cel – 32E yet slim-n-stacked…”

  1. the second picture of katrin (“i love reese”) is her best imo.

    lisa however is in a league of her own! absolutely stunning tits, gorgeous body and a beautiful face. damn, i was she was my girlfriend!!

  2. Dude!! Katrin is a sweetheart. Must admit I prefer them on the slim side. If I were lucky enough to meet a girl like Katrin in RL I’d probly fall big time. Say Timber! This girl is a hottie no matter where she is in clothes or out. It’s amazing how jaded we can get seeing gigantic J cups all the time! And Lisa: wow that’s like the ‘soft fuzzy sweater’ the J.Geils band was singing about. Damn she’s got some big puppies under there.

  3. Also notice that this contortionist not only has symmetrical boobs, she writes symmetrically! Did anyone notice that the exclamation point is upside down version of her letter ‘I’?? Dude, I don’t know how you topped gargamel! Nice work.

  4. How the hell did she do that thing with the leg on the last pic…?!? That looks really weird…

    Anyway, she’s cute and has a nice body and really sweet boobs…! :)

  5. Well, Ines Cudna is billed in some stats as only an E cup. I think Faith Nelson may have been, too. Both are fine looking blondes, as is this newcomer. But being so double-jointed could add some new sexual positions. Mind-boggling! :-)

    I’d like to see a lot more of Lisa, minus ths suds, of course. :-P I think Reese should feature a lot more of these not-so-well-known models like Lisa with the less-well-known but still impressive dimensions; however Samantha’s still high on my list of favorites, so keep ’em coming (pics of her that is).

    I just discovered this gorgeous, raven-haired amazon with just awesome endowments. alexandra-moore.com

    On her website she said:
    My favourite quote is: “Dear ladies, don’t hate me cause with my tall body 5’10’’ (1,78 m) and my large 36H breasts your man prefer to look at me. It is not my fault”.

    Her bio says she’s Italian… Mama Mia!! Ga-Ga! Gimme Moore!

    Where have I heard that before???

  6. mangaphreak: if you look closely she didkind of a hurdler’s stretch. then she put her hand under her foot and just pushed up a bit. flexible quads this chick has got! I’d like to see her run hurdles without a bra!

  7. Lisa is absolutely Awesome. No doubt about it. However her unreal proportions almost make me question whether or not surgery was involved. At the very least she reminds me of Anya/Merilyn, who is SO Slim’n’Stacked as to be almost unexciting to me. You just don’t see women with proportions like that in real life. You DO see women with Giant boobs but they are kind of curvy/thick overall. So I find a woman like Alicia of DivineBreasts more plausible because of her babyfat. But if I was to meet Lisa I wouldn’t complain… =)

    Katrin is a total cutie and her tits are certainly big enough for me! Don’t stand on the size rules if it’ll cut out lovely ladies like her. Unlike, say, Micky from DivineBreasts, Katrin blows me away with her more innocent cuteness and what appears to be a bigger rack. Damn she is gorgeous. She has something unique about her face that standard-issue blonds like Micky don’t.

    But if I had a choice based purely on looks alone I’d pick Lisa. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I will never be tortured with having to make that choice!

  8. Oh my goodness…. She’s absolutely great. I haven’t seen such girl with such tits for a long time. She’s very nice, she’s slim and she has extra natural boobs. Has anbybody links to other galleries of this marvelous girl?

  9. I am a mature Indian babe with an incredible set of jugs -36F-perfectly shaped they are soft to touch but firm that they dont hang. My secret is that I massage my jugs with cum every day. All men who like tit-fuck I am your ultimate fuck dream

  10. Oh wow, I can honestly say I have never in my life seen a blog like this. I did not even think blogs with this type of content was allowed. I really think you have a nice rack and all and a really pretty face but honestly, don’t you think you should put an over the age of 18 warning on here somewhere. Any kids run across it and their parents catch them and boom, you’ll be the one in trouble. Good luck on a guy who can handle this type of blogging you like to do.

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