French model Lisa 36FF from XX-Cel

Just a quickie, but I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Lisa, a 36FF femme fatale that my mate Cel discovered right in his home country of France. We’d just been casually discussing Erotica 2006 when he suddenly asked if I’d seen his latest find (I hadn’t).

As soon as I logged on to behold this stunning, raven-haired beauty with squeezably soft and supple FF-cup breasts, I couldn’t help but blog her immediately. As for Cel, my only question (apart from the obvious “where do you find these women?!”) was if she’ll become an XX-cel regular. “Regular and exclusive,” came his rapid reply, much to my profound pleasure. :~D

And so, I give you lovely 23-year-old Lisa from

Lisa 36FF from    Lisa 36FF from

Lisa 36FF from    Lisa 36FF from    Lisa 36FF from

Lisa 36FF from    Lisa 36FF from

(note: sample photos are 1/4 resolution of those available on the site)


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16 Responses to “French model Lisa 36FF from XX-Cel”

  1. Automate. Says:

    I never leave comments, but, wow, I am completely enthralled by that first picture. Not to say I dislike the rest (I don’t), but something about the tight yellow tee shirt really does it for me.
    That is all.

  2. jam spavelin Says:

    awesome. moar!!

    tell your mate to get some more sets of her before she gets jaded and does a lindsey dawn mckenzie on us ;)

  3. Very Free Says:

    Lisa has a beautiful, long neck, which gives her a queenly, majestic look, to go along with those big, majestic mammaries of hers. She deserves a lot more than a lowly T-shirt! Something much more decollete’ to show off those big boobs. I’d be proud to be the diamond necklace that graces that long neck, and rests between that deep, soft cleavage!

    If Cel will only give us three more things, so we don’t have to beg him for them:

    First, NO more pics like number 5 above, so we won’t have to get a crick in our neck from tilting our head to one side.

    Second, we got her boob measurements, now if we could only have the rest of her statistics.

    Third, Please, oh, please show us the four picture ‘posture’ shots of her, like he did of JoJo, so we can compare them.

    When it comes to those majestic boobs, from what I’ve seen so far, in my book, in the non-blonde category, I’d put Lisa above both Joana and Jana AKA Princessa. But I still think Lorna Morgan is tops! :-)

  4. Garcon Says:

    Pardon moi. Ah, may I just say: qui, qui.

  5. Very Free Says:

    Re: The pic 6 that Cel took at ten minutes after four. Did you notice the shit-eatin’ grin on that bunny rabbit doll’s face? His prick must be pokin’ thru her fingers by then! :-)

  6. Lee-Harvey Says:

    Very nice boobs, and black hair is always good. But for my taste a bit too skinny (I don’t like the collarbone)

  7. Very Free Says:

    Cel posted some more pics of Lisa here. When you get done with Li9, just decrement the number, e.g. Li8, Li7, etc.

  8. Dean Denhomme Says:

    Splendid…I can’t purge from my mind the photo of Lisa in profile on all fours…they way that lovely breast hangs down. What a find. I entered the website and the promos left me panting for more.

  9. Arse Says:


  10. Curvelover Says:

    Holy mother of GOD! She’s amazing. From afar she reminds me of Joana. Simply a stunning find.

  11. Charles Says:

    Wow! We were just talking about an LDM replacement? She’d be a great one! I like picture 2 where she is about to bust open that bra. Lisa is really good, dude. I’d like to see her measure one of her boobs as to how big around it is. They look full!

  12. gustave Says:

    Lisa is really something. Slim, pretty, and those breasts…if only she was a little more athletic, i think she could surpass Jana. Grade-A material there, no doubt about it, this guy Cel has quite the eye when it comes to find models……..wonder what he smokes

  13. ben Says:

    i think shes really nice just that shes not posing in the right positions to show off her slim body and big tits. A ‘stand up straight’ posing would have been great with either hands on hips or behind her back. still f*cking gorgeous though!

  14. My Boob Site » Blog Archive » Traversing the Big Tits Spectrum at Says:

    […] …moving up a few notches both in cup-size and figure, we have the 36FF French beauty Lisa (whom we’ve also seen here before). Although still relatively slim by my own standards, she does have a more womanly shape than Peach (imho) and those delightful little love-handles that I just love seeing on women (especially when they’re wearing tight jeans and a crop-top to accentuate the effect). To me, Lisa represents an ideal shape for a slender woman, with enough natural curves to occupy me should my attentions turn from her proportionally prodigious FF-cup breasts (which is, admittedly, unlikely)… […]

  15. racers Says:

    she’s a very pretty girl but is she the kind you won’t take home meet your mother?

    Who’s that song writer? Yes she is a princess in my book!

  16. flurryfug Says:

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