Liz 32EE – A slim & stacked reprise…

Negative comments make up about 5% of the overall feedback I get here on MyBoobSite. In most cases, I moderate these out unless they’re genuine constructive criticism about a given site or shoot. When it’s a blatant snipe at a model, I generally consider the delete button to be my friend – especially since many of the models featured here actually visit my blog to read your comments. I do read them all, however, and, if there’s a valid point to be addressed (that I haven’t dealt with before), then I’ll usually make an attempt to reply.

Case in point is a recent comment I received on a blog I’d written sometime within the past month. I didn’t want this one appearing on the specific blog for which it was intended, as it could’ve been hurtful to the featured model. So, instead, I’ve decided to deal with it more anonymously. To wit, one disgruntled reader (whom we’ll refer to as “Blake”) wrote: “nasty. whats with the brutal posts lately? how about you post some chicks that are actually hot, and not fat and ugly? its been exactly a MONTH since you’ve had a decent girl. hot sexy abigal from femjoy… you need more of chicks like her.”

Brutal posts?? Fat & ugly?! There’s no need!! While I do try to appeal to everyone here with a balance of big boobs across the weight spectrum, it’s difficult to find the larger cup-sizes on women who aren’t sporting a few extra pounds elsewhere on their anatomy – it’s just a natural consequence of large breasts, especially when you reach up into the JJ-cup range with women like 36JJ Alicia. Whereas there are girls like 19-year-old 32EE Liz around to satisfy the slim-n-stacked aficionados, these are few and far between and actually only represent the absolute minimum cup-size for MyBoobSite!

I’ve even been accused of having a bias toward weighty women when I asked why everyone seemed to be gravitating toward the thinner girl with the smaller breasts. In response, alkhazarthegreat wrote: “Fascinating that you’re so obviously in the lardo-camp with this comment. Fascinating that for you, clearly, heavier is better when, breasts aside, Liz is ‘conventionally-shaped’. She’s only ‘skinny’ as compared to the quarter-tons *you* think are heavenly.” To be fair, I think that anyone with huge breasts is heavenly, not just the chubby chicks, and I need only cite a few of my thinner favourites like Merilyn, Princessa & Faith in evidence (and, to a lesser degree, Ashley – but only lesser because I believe some of you might consider her “chunky” compared to the others).

That said, although I think that Liz from TopHeavyAmateurs2 is a truly sexy, stunning creature in her own right, she’s just not big enough in the bust-line department for my particular tastes. I want big boobs that I can get totally lost in, regardless of whether the woman providing me with the pleasure of her pulchritude is heavy or slight in build. It’s the tits that I’m focused on primarily, and any other features of physical beauty are but a bonus. Granted, I’m not averse to wallowing in a few extra pounds of flesh elsewhere on a suitably well-endowed woman, but it’s by no means a requirement.

Nonetheless, based upon the copious comments that I received last time Liz was featured here, I thought I’d bring her back for another visit. To be honest, she’s built a bit like the busty girl from my teens that I’d mentioned in my Alexandra Moore video blog (albeit taller and without the braces), so there is a certain nostalgic attraction for me. Thus, here’s a reprise of 32EE Liz in photos & videos from

Liz 32EE photos from

Liz 32EE at    Liz 32EE at    Liz 32EE at

Liz 32EE at    Liz 32EE at    Liz 32EE at

Liz 32EE at    Liz 32EE at    Liz 32EE at

Liz 32EE at    Liz 32EE at    Liz 32EE at

Liz 32EE at    Liz 32EE at    Liz 32EE at

Liz 32EE videos from

Liz 32EE at    Liz 32EE at


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34 thoughts on “Liz 32EE – A slim & stacked reprise…”

  1. DAMN Liz looks hot!! I love the blond hair/highlights. I loved her last set (of pix) but these rock the house. Liz, you have my expressed permission to come over for milk and cookies. :->

  2. I absolutely love this girl. But I hope she goes back to her original hair color soon.

    There are better, more creative ways to distinguish onself than by just ‘going blonde’. I feel it’s kind of a pedestrian choice.

  3. i love Liz, she’s the only reason i joined that site. them i saw the other models there and was really happy i joined. although they need to learn how to zip there photos.

  4. Reese – I like the junk in the trunk that our gorgeous big boobed ladies have so keep ’em coming. For those that want the stick figure models – this is not the site for them and they can move on… Big and beautiful and full of curves – there’s no other way.

  5. I’m with you, Reese, I like big boobs on any size girl. Keep the sticks and the curves coming, they’re both easily worthy of our admiration.

    Oh, and is that Borat Sagdiyev talking in the background of the second video? “Nice, wooow.” Sure sounds like him=)

  6. I feel you on the big breast thing. With big breast, usually come the big things that need to support them. There are freaks of nature that have huge breasts but while remaining fairly small and they will be famous because of their rarity. I love big breasts, that’s why I stop by and extra size doesn’t bother me. You can’t please everyone and if you try, you won’t please anyone including yourself.

  7. Amazing, isn’t it, that Madison Avenue has done so much to drive people’s tastes…

    Honestly, I find that most women these days are just too damn skinny for starts. Now, I’ll freely admit to enjoying more, er, “endowed” women – but skinny is skinny, and it’s entirely possible to go too far…

    Perhaps it’s just the survivor in me talking (I’d hate to have to go into stories…) but I’ve long found it quite useful to carry a small “reserve tank,” if you will – and I think nearly everyone should do the same. You never know when you may need a little extra help – to make it to payday, say – and those few extra pounds can certainly come in handy.

    Come to think on it, nearly all the girls I’ve ever spent any amount of serious time with were a touch overweight, but that “overage” always consisted of a little extra fat and a little extra muscle. (I shan’t go into detail on my wife – I’m very happily married, and I’d like to stay that way, thank you very much. I’ve seen too damn many divorces…)

    Now, it is possible to go too far in the other direction, but it’s possible to look good when carrying a few extra pounds – proportion is the key to the whole issue. If the weight is evenly distributed, what’s the problem? If the underlying tissue is more muscle than fat, so much the better.

    That’s probably got a lot to do with why I’ve always enjoyed busty women – the extra adipose on their chest is usually accompanied by a little extra everywhere else. I applaud the modelling world’s decision to put a “floor” on what their women weigh – I’ve found them to be too damn skinny for a number of years. As far as women themselves? I’m a guy that thinks the 1970’s and 1980’s were the heyday for Playboy magazine – those were some women shaped like *women* – not fifteen-year-old male marathon runners with tits…

    If all you like is scrawny women, this ain’t the place for you. Me? I’m not sure I’d like a women to match my weight (Hell, I’m over 250# myself – and over 6′,) but I do have a fixation on short, slightly overweight women, and I don’t see any need to change… Madison Avenue is just going to have to wake up to that little fact – besides, I’m sure I’m not the only one of me out here…

  8. I’ve never had any complaints about the content of this blog, but since you brought it up….Liz isn’t busty enough to be featured here (no offense intended). Sure, she’s attractive, but I doubt that she’s even a full D-cup. You can find women like her on any old porn website–this one is about women with LARGE breasts. Women like Maria Moore, Samantha, Sapphire, and Alicia Loren.

  9. She is quite a lovely girl, and one of my new favorites. Just an all around hot babe- but not really super busty.

    I agree with you though- if your site is about really, REALLY busty women, then she doesn’t fit the bill. to the rest of the world- she is stacked. But we who visit your amazing site know that DD is not big… there are much bigger, and sexier breasts to see out there. And I for one am glad you bring them to us.

    While I ALWAYS prefer the complete package of looks, body, and full, HUGE tits (oh yeah… personality is nice :P ) I will take huge (G CUP and up… way up) tits on a heavier chick over D cups on a skinny chick any day. Of course, I would LOVE both… Then there are girls who have all that in spades (Jelena is a great example. Just a perfect woman!)

  10. Hi Reese,
    i do prefer slim-n-stacked girls much more than bbw, but i can only speak for myself, and i’ll never leave such a rude reply to those girls. But anyway, lot’s of people seem to prefer [bigboobed!] thin girls – how about opening a blog for them? (just like you did with bbw girls)

  11. Jes,

    I hear what your saying about the blonde thing. Generally, I prefer brunettes. But, on Liz, it just works for me. Oh, and I think I worship… has a point about her cup size. She looks like a C cup to me but I don’t care, she’s so extremely hot. Who cares about the alphabet when it comes to beautiful women? Ummm, Ewa Sonnet, Bea Flora, Merilyn Sakova, Chloe Vevrier, Jana Defi, Brandy Taylor, Brandy Robbins and Maggie Greene seem to have some mighty big tities too. :-}

  12. I just want to say I enjoy the variety this site provides. I would hope no woman would ever be excluded because of weight on either end of the scale (no pun intended.) If she has the tits, I expect to see her here. Keep up the good work.


  13. Ugh–don’t listen to the naysayers who want skinnier or accuse you of having a fat fetish. You can go to any number of sites on the net and get pics of girls like Liz (no offense). It’s the hidden, less-publicized treasures like Samantha 38G and Maria Moore that keep ME coming back to the site on a near-daily basis. Or to get businessy on you, the fact that you publish women who have curves gives you your market differentiator (okay, you’re not a pay site, but still…). So don’t let the boo birds get you down. Keep the hotties like Sapphire coming–lord knows that I will, too. :)

  14. Reese,

    Well said, whole hearted support for your comments! If you cannot be civil then be quiet! Reese, a suggestion if I may. Even if the comments are civil but still marginal then they should also be deleted. There is no room for rudeness in this our club.

    Also, someone made a comment that liz isn’t big enough. I would suggest that he is a BBW lover and not a real purist like myself. A real purist would know that it is contrast rather than just pure size- eventhough substantial mass is definitely a requirement to some extent.

    Anyway, back to the blogg, she is amazing. This girl is the future.

    Reese you didn’t wade into the convo about layered blogging and elite membership. What do you think?

  15. Mr. Unnatural –
    Thanks for the acknowledgement. I’m not against blondes…I just find most (not all) dye-jobs to be the wrong color choice. Although, brunettes rule!

    I_Worship –
    Yeah, she’s at the low end of the scale. But women like Alicia Loren and Maria Moore just keep raising the bar…
    So, what’s a girl to do? Besides, she’s definitely better built than Faith Nelson, and almost no one complains about her.

    Also, let’s not forget girls like Iva Kleinova, who’s breasts have gotten bigger since she started. Any married man knows that breasts can keep changing, and maybe Liz will one day boast a 32FF.

    Let’s keep hope alive…


  16. Resse – As always, you are the expert and this is the site to come for Tits. I favor the natural tits, therefore the women come with a little extra. Also, as we are talking about F cups (which less than 1% of the population of women have) and UP, of course they aren’t going to be sticks. So, if they want skinny chicks go to some other blog…we are talking about Myboobsite here.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. I will continue to visit daily.

  17. I dunno I think most of the women you blog are fine. some arnt my taste but thats ok……….you do a fine job.

    I like the slim stacked girls…..but lets face it they are not all that common. What is common are the women with large breasts who have a few extra pounds. think of all the girls like kerrie marie who came along young slim and stacked. they got older and gained some weight. I dont mind a woman with a little extra weight. In fact a woman with large breasts and little round belly is about the sexiest thing going in my book.

    sticks with tits are nice, but they arnt reality.

  18. I’d have to say the phrase stick with tits is pretty harsh and the girls aren’t skinny – they’re slim. If you want to talk about skinny you need to talk about people like Keira Knightley, Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie and the like. Slim is nice, skinny is not. I guess for my tastes anything up to a (UK) size 14 (or possibly a 16) is fine as long as they have everything balanced out but anyone from a size 8 upwards can be attractive as long as there is a distinct difference between the waist and hips!

  19. Don’t stop! Always remember, no matter what you do, someone will not like it. You’ve done a great job so far. Keep going… The bigger the better. We’re all here for the same reason.

  20. I second the motion that stick with tits is an unfair term. If you prefer bigger women, that’s fine, but don’t harp on the thin ladies with this “they’re not real women” noise. That makes you just as bad as someone shouting “FATASS” in a crowded theatre.

    Also, this bust size/cup size issue seems to come up every three or four posts, which makes me think that 95% of these models are overstating, understating, or just wearing the wrong damn size. Right size or no, however, this girl Liz is a mega-babe.

  21. Reese,

    This is not going to go away please say something!

    Stevieboy, you’re spot on!

    Brunettes rule! Going blonde is not the answer!

    When did this become a BBW site rather than a big breast site? I agree that larger breasts usually belong to ladies with a little extra but lets not use that as an excuse to worship fat women. Eden mor is not a bbw, she is a little plump; a girl with a little extra so to speak. Lets be honest fat women now are ten a penny, just walk outdise your front door, they are everywhere. Not so slimmer women. The sticks with tits label sounds more like sour grapes rather than a description! Women who are slim (healthy and fit looking) with large breast are the unusual type and therefore the ones whom catch our attention, the purist big breasts lover.

    Like I’ve said before it is more about contrast rather than just size. If you’ve got a really big fat obese woman who has breasts to match she is not really a big breasted woman in the true sense. She is morbidly over-weight and as a result the majority of her breasts are actually fat not breast tissue. This will give her breasts an unflattering shape and posture. But if you have a slim or plump model the majority of her tissue will be breast tissue which will obviously give her a better shape and posture.

    Simple test- If everyone is in a night club and there are two groups of women: one group filled with Lizs, Edens, Chloes, Alicias, Jana defis and Maria Moores. The second Group is filled with women filled with women who would be better placed at Jenny Craig and Fat Fighters. If you go to the first group you’re definitely a big breast lover. If you go to the second group then you would probably be turned on by the pages of a pre-weight loss slimming magazine.

    Fat woman lovers should be proud and not hide behind big breasts. Be proud of who you are. Liking fat isn’t a crime! It isn’t common and you’re unusual but that’s rock ‘n’ roll.

    Reese I feel your silence is deafening.

  22. Ah, Liz is wonderful! :)

    You know who I miss? Brandy Robbins. It’s been ages since you last blogged her and she is another wonderful example of slim and stacked! ;)

  23. Man…I was just entering in the website wondering “I would like to see some pics of Liz…” and *BAM* there she is,tanks man,keep up the good work.

  24. Most fans appreciate all your hard work Reese, I know as a model the gals do. You treat us with such respect and set the standard for all those who post here.
    I am comfortable with my image, my weight. I am proud of my curves. To much to do and not much time to cook and enjoy my meals. Cooking is my passion, my way to relax. If you love yourself, you have no need to put others down. I feel pity for those who are so miserable they have to spread it around.
    Heck, I just turned 38 years old. I am comfortable in my skin. My weight is currently 176 pounds, started modeling at 205. So here I am a female who admits her age and weight. How is that for honesty? If I was not happy, this would not be possible.
    Unfortunately I am dealing with a major problem, and I will deal with it. Then I can eat again and gain a few pounds back, usually weigh about 185.
    There is something to the saying “Fat and Happy.” Look at how many of my photos I am smiling in.
    So Reese, go have a beer. Get your sexy wife to sit in your lap and enjoy life.

    Best Regards,

  25. Well said Sam – you’re honesty and openness are amazingly attractive! :) Enjoy life indeed… and some big boobs while we’re at it. HA!

  26. Reese – speaking of sticks with tits – have you seen Jenna Jameson lately? What the hell is going on with her? She’s starting to look like Nicole Ritchie mixed in with Kelly Rippa. YIKES! Brutal.

  27. People forget that large breasts is ACTUALLY the domain of the fat woman. The so-called slim & stacked thing is an anomaly and actually a body type in transition. Someone fat with large breasts was significant in that kind of woman’s genetic makeup along with a flat-chested slim person thus the rare dichotomy.

    The endomorph & ectomorph in one composite.
    The fat build and the athletic build two-in-one.

    Seeking large breasts on a slim woman is a fool’s errand because they are opposite body types on one body. They’re rare & applauded because of the strangeness of the mix.
    But honestly women who are too skinny even WITH big breasts doesn’t have quite the same appeal as women with some weight on them. You tend to focus only on the breasts of the slim chesty women while with the more filled out women you look at the body as a whole including the breasts. At best you use the slim build to contrast breast size with rest of body.

    That aside I like ’em anyway I can get ’em and it’s not natural for men to be this picky. We are not biologically designed to be overly choosy. We are SUPPOSED to like the variety because that instinctually means more gene pools to spread our seed.
    I like girls of all kinds of ranges from Olive Oyl to Big Bertha. From 115 to 515. From Bridget the Midget to Bunny Glamazon. I really enjoy the female form and its many variations.
    Though I will always be a plump, healthy shaped buxom lover at heart I’ve found myself attracted to all types of women even muscular ones.
    Viewing femininity is addicting what can I say?

    John Lucas

  28. samantha,
    boy, you do have tons of fans!i have saved lots of your older pics when u keep long hair with ur original weight.they r so precious to me! i’ll keep them to remind me of how awesome u look during that time.also i join this website cos u r in here and do read blog.u will make my life happy if u come across tis blog n giv me a friendly reply.drop by to my mail, tats what u hav mention bout bein proud of ur curves,yeah i totally agree 150%!!
    pleas sam, put on some weight for the world to see ur gorgoues the way did i mention ur HIPS r so ATTRACTIVE? wish i can hold them!!
    SEX is FUN just like u mention in ur own website.To have sex vit you……i wonder wat will it take to do that???
    those lucky guys tat hav done on you r so so darn LUCKY!!!!
    I’ll trade vit any of those lucky guys for wat ever it takes.

    best regards Sam


  29. Liz, amazing beatiful boobs and face as well, great skin, i love that girl, it’ll be kinda like the perfect girl for me, that’s it. Liz you’re a godess, what a beatiful girl Wooow.

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