15 thoughts on “Maria Moore moves to My BBW Site”

  1. Reese, you have no idea how this post makes me feel. It’s been a crappy day for me, and seeing Maria just makes everything better. Thanks Reese and of course the lovely Maria.

  2. I don’t see why Maria Moore has to “move” to mybbwsite. She’s still at Juggmaster, etc., and can still be blogged here. Please, blog her at both there _and_ here! We can always use more of Moore! She’s awesome!

  3. I agree!!! In fact I agree twice!!!

    Can’t we just have a Maria Moore website?

    Unless there is already one?

    If not I am willing to offer my services as a photographer… free… I’ve never done it before but I’ll take a course?!



  4. Indeed, we need a Maria Moore website. Maria, are you reading this? You need your own official website. A woman of your caliber needs to be more than a feature model on other peoples sites. I know for sure that I will join!!

  5. Yeah, damn right!!! Maria if you are reading this, this must be a new tears resolution of your, GET MY OWN WEBSITE. We need to see moore of Moore.

    I will definately join as well, Joey’s paying… Ok I’ll pay my own.


  6. Going, going gone!! I am over the edge!! I need a clean up on aisle nine!! Just when I thought the world as a whole could not get any better because I found Saddam was dead, here I behold the vision Maria! Maria Maria! Getting her own site and spreading her wings to make her OWN content. “Propio” as the Spanish would say. (I bet even Ricardo Montalban would have trouble convincing us in Fantasy Island after seeing Maria’s vids.)

    Maria you globes are as inspiring and luscious as coconuts to stranded castaway, which would turn any patch of land into Fantasy Island in a heartbeat.

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