Maxi milking big boobs bound…

Pondering the blog today, it struck me that we’ve not seen Maxi 32JJ here in a while! In fact, it’s been over two months since I featured her marvellous, magical milking machine and, shortly before that, Maxi’s first lactation videos. Now, it’s not that she hasn’t been lactating – oh no, quite to the contrary – it’s just that I’ve been remiss in visiting her site (sorry).

Indeed, Maxi’s got so much breast-milk bound up in those huge, hanging udders of hers, she’s been using it for everything from irrigating her plants to nursing plush toys (I never did get the plushie fetish). Seems like a bit of a waste, really, since she could probably be breast-feeding the lot of us instead! Oh, one can dream, can’t they?! ;~)

Anyhoo, it’s high time I brought Maxi and her JJ-cup milkers back for a visit. This time, with her plants and plushies well fed, she’s binding up her big, bountiful breasts with a belt – just a little light bondage, if you will – and squeezing her nipples to dispense dribbles to streams of her excess dairy goodness into a drip pan, courtesy of

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(note: sample photos are 1/4 resolution of those available on the site)


37 thoughts on “Maxi milking big boobs bound…”

  1. wow looks like her tummy is already going away. And yet the boobs have for the most part stayed.
    Lets hope this trend continues :D

  2. I cant decide if she looks bigger or not. Id love to see he get thin again, she looked amazing then. She looks pretty good now too for that matter…….

  3. As always SUPER! Maxi Babelicious!
    Been waiting for her for some time now and the wait has been rewarded :)
    You can spray and drip on me any day Maxi :))
    Thank you Reese and ty Maxi :)

  4. I love her bod but I’ll never quite understand why she blurs her face. For privacy yes, but with tits like that, it isn’t any secret. Anyone that knows her and visits her site would be able to figure it out, and anyone that doesn’t know her and visits her site should be able to figure it out if they saw her on the street. Her bod looks great though, never seen it look better.

  5. “Indeed, Maxi’s got so much breast-milk bound up in those huge, hanging udders of hers”

    Do people who are sexually aroused by a woman’s breasts get similarly aroused by seeing a cow’s udders???

  6. Awesome! I love the shots with her nipples still dripping. Her tits seem be be getting a nice fullness back. For awhile they were looking kind of long and flat, and I agree that she is definately getting a waist back. Just the hint of a camel toe as well!

  7. I hope her next set shows her trying to squirt milk as far as she can, like it is done in the AROMA videos. Put in a dark background, put Maxi on the side of the screen, and let her squeeze as hard as she can.

    BTW, this is a great time for big-tittied lactation fans. Maxi, the Juggmistress, Alicia and Ingrid (from ODA) are all currently milking. If they can continue for a few more months, Serenity Davis, Nikita, and Nadine can join the club.

  8. What a pair of milk makers! Those veins raised up on the skin of her milk-engorged udders in pic 9 must mean there’s something extraordinary going on in there. Either the pressure from that belt is causing them, or her glorious globes need a lot of blood to pump out milk in quantities comparable to a prized dairy cow! I think the latter since the veins are there in pic 7, even before she has the belt cinched up!

    Gimme a squirt! Pleeeeeeese???

  9. Fuck, this is just too much, my heart can’t take it. Look at those delicious whoppers!! I’m literally drooling like an infant here.

  10. Gotta agree with Mr. Unnatural – I’ve joined Maxi’s site twice but never again. Just too tired of the cropped or blurred face. A face is what makes a woman real and personal. I wish she’d follow the example of her other former fellow TopHeavy model Hayden as well as Mega-mammed Serenity and unmask already. There’s only so much we can be amazed at those incredible tits while seeing a dehumanizing faceless blur.

    And spot on as far as recognition – there are so few women of such size that she would have to go out in public dressed in an oversize raincoat all the time to disguise those tits. furthermore some of the blurring is actually insufficient and you can almost make out a face anyway. If I bumped into her on the street surely I’d know it was her anyway.

    Unfortunately, enough men are fixated purely on the boobs that her site will continue to get hits even without a face.

    I’m still pushing for Cassidy over at THA to drop the blur by boycotting the site until she does. At least if I caved in there, I’d have plenty of other models to look at, but Maxi’s on her own.

  11. Is this woman ALWAYS pregnant? I agree about the “dehumanizing faceless blur”. It’s a shame.

    Note: I still think Maxi and TW girl may have been one and the same…

  12. Hey, Speed, with a body like hers don’t you think she should have as many daughters as she can? Or would that be ‘unnatural selection?’

  13. Thank you curvelover. Glad I’m not the only one that sees this. To quote Will Farrell “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills” whenever I see her pics and think about that.

  14. well i am found of big boobs i love to suck them the bigger the better.I love to suck big boobs which have got milk i love to drink milk from a women who wants to make me drink from her big boobs.

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