Melody – big boobs blast from the past…

Remember when I mentioned the other day that I’d signed up to Divine Breasts and got free access to their Massive Mellons site as a bonus (it’s at the “streaming videos” link on DB’s member pages)? Well, I’ve been spending a lot of time poring through their huge video archives and have found some real big tits treasures! In addition to videos from the girls of DivineBreasts and a few of their other sites – including Sarah Mercury, Dolly Morgan, Diane Poppos & Colette Marquise – there are also a number of rare vintage tit-flicks I haven’t seen in years.

Among these were all of the videos I’d ever seen, as well as a few that I hadn’t, of an amateur big breast model known as Melody (and, believe you me, “big” is a serious understatement here). I’d originally encountered her videos on Usenet and was “udderly” dumbstruck by the sheer magnitude of her massive mammaries. Prior to that, I think the biggest I’d encountered on-line was a G-cup. No one knows what cup size Melody was, as she only wore somewhat flimsy custom-made bras, but I’m guessing somewhere toward the middle of the alphabet. Unfortunately, my 1200 baud dial-up modem severely limited my enjoyment of these, so I was thrilled to rediscover them at MassiveMellons!

Bear in mind that these are rather old videos, thus the quality isn’t the best, but they’re definitely worth a look just to see Melody playing with those monster melons. Later on, when she went hardcore – which are the videos I’d never seen before – she dyed her hair blonde (is there some little-known, long-forgotten porn law that states you must be blonde to fuck on film?). Anyway, the most amusing bit occurs during the titfuck scene when Melody’s sex partner couldn’t find her nipple! Eh, I guess when you’ve got that much tit-flesh, it’s easy to lose things therein (playing an impromptu game of “Where’s Willy?” springs to mind).

Here are a few clips from Melody’s videos at

Melody from    Melody from

Melody from    Melody from

Melody from    Melody from


(Don’t forget: You can get free access to the MassiveMellons video
archive as a special bonus when you sign up to!)


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  1. The reason why he can’t find her nipple is her areolas are much too small!! For those massive mellons(heh), they are so small that they are downright UNappealing, IMHO. I’ve got a number of pics of Melody including some animated .GIFs. She is the supreme, extreme example of that disproportionate “overinflated” look, just like the models with the huge silicone implants, Kayla Kleevage is another that comes to mind. They and Melody, who is natural, all look like they started out with average sized boobs and hooked up a water hose to their nipples, and turned the water on! Overinflated is too kind a word to describe them. But like Reese said, she was about the biggest we’d ever seen at that time.

    And now that we have a lot of other models with much mor (not a typo – a hint! Here’s another: moore) proportional nipples and areolas, it’s time to relegate Melody’s pictures to the dustbin of history!

    So how the hell did the Non-Blonde Poll come out?

  2. Please help! Please go here and scroll down and observe Wendy’s Wonderful Whoppers, and then send an email to: studiob (at sign) and encourage Wendy to start her own website. Something like:

    Please let us enjoy more of your wonderful whoppers. You are amazing! I would love to see you start your own website, with videos so we can see those wonderful big boobs in motion.

    If you can’t do that, then I would love to see your pictures and videos amongst the many big boobed women on, where you would be alongside the biggest and best. Thank you, and I hope to see your website soon.

    =end of message=

  3. Hmmm… as always, to each their own, Very Free. The rest of the world would probably wonder what the hell we are talking about when we in any way use the term “proportionate” when referring to F cups and above… it’s all a case of relative perception… they’d think we’re freaks.

    I like Melody, even though she doesn’t conform to my physical ideal by a long shot. Years ago I scored a tiny RealVideo file of part of a film called Melody Outrageous — my clip ran for about 10-15 minutes, at a tiny viewing size.

    First, let me say, I LOVE the sheer mass of her tits (even though the rest of her could be a tad less massive… but the planet sized funbags make up for that for me — and only because they’re natural, to throw my hat into that particular debate.)

    But, even more importantly for me — she seems to go right off whenever the guy touches, kisses or does anything to her tits or nipples. It’s fantastic. Touch a nipple, she starts howling and moaning. And to me, that’s the greatest turn-on of them all, a chick who digs her tits as much as I do. So rare. I only had two in my life who could cum from tit love. It’s the best.

    Anyone else got comments or stories?

  4. I’ve watched Melody since she first appeared in the late 1980s when she went by the name of Nita Strasberg (anagram for giant breasts) in her first VHS video, The Bigger They Are. I’ve even corresponded with her photographer on a number of occasions – a Texas gent with a passion for huge tits. From 1988-196 I believe he did 8 or 9 videos of Melody, including one with her 34EE sister. OK, she has a huge gut, but as the above comment says, the sheer size of her breasts more than makes up for that. Personally, I like ’em big, the more to play with. One of her videos, Melody’s Bras, has (as the name would suggest) her trying on bras of different sizes, from a 40N to 40Z, the last being a totally custom job. The effect is truly astounding for tithounds who like giant bras oozing with titflesh! In at least one video, her humungous breasts are weighed and measured at 13-16 lbs apiece and 69-76 inches around depending on the position. All of which spells BIG! Then nice thing about her last video series, the Natural Endowments Series, is her being interviewed by her photog on the subject of her tits, a sort of biography of two breasts that rank as the biggest I’ve seen (outside of Norma Stitz). One can only hope there is another Melody waiting to be discovered….

  5. Rob T said, “(Melody’s) two breasts that rank as the biggest I’ve seen (outside of Norma Stitz). One can only hope there is another Melody waiting to be discovered….”

    Go to and take a look at Karola. I think she has Melody beat by a long way just because of the areolas and nipples. And I believe Karola’s boobs are bigger than Melody and Norma Stitz. But I’m not sure Karola’s bigger than Gloria Sutters.

    But if you want to see a pair of 36 pounders (warning: ugly medical condition has to be taken into account), then go here and click on a pic. Those are the biggest boobs I’ve ever seen.

  6. Nobody picked up on my comment about chicks getting off on their tits (like Melody seems to in Melody Outrageous)?

    To me, this separates a good vid from a so-so vid.

  7. just the sight of her humping away on his dick while her tits smothered her face is a life long dream come true urk…splatter…ahh

  8. I am completely in agreement with Spencer, in every way.
    If only I could have been in that guy’s place – seems to me he didn’t fully appreciate her sensitivity. He did ask her if they were sensitive (sensitit) and she said yes but he went on treating them as if they had no nerves in them at all.
    I too have had the privilege of having a girlfriend with large and sensitive breasts and count myself very fortunate but I had to learn how to treat them right or I wouldn’t have had a second go. As it was, I had many wonderful goes before her fate took her to distant parts and I miss both her and them.
    Full marks for posting those clips and let us have more, please.

  9. Until we have a real bra size number from Karola, we won’t know how much bigger she is than Melody, but I agree with Very Free that Karola is likely the bigger of the two. And of course there’s Stitz and Sutters. Nevertheless, I’ve got nearly all the Melody vids (including one she did with her 34F sister) and she has one massive set of nats! Melody’s vids span at least 6-8 years; one of which that shows her trying out the bras she wore over that period: 38N – 40Z. Mind blowing!

  10. I have to admit I keep coming back for these exquisite clips. I joined her website for a bit but couldn’t find these or any more like them. Would appreciate if Rob T could post the URLs of the vids he talks about.
    Meanwhile, just listen to her panting and imagine being on the end of those . . .

  11. I know this post has been up for years but I am at a loss hunting down these videos of Melody. She is truly unbelievable. Reese, please post her again so someone can help out those in need of her work. Thanks!

    Anyone know where to find these buried treasures? Look at the list of people like me…on the hunt for the elusive Melody (Nita Strasberg)!!!

    Rob T…help us out!!! Thanks.

  12. I’ve been a big fan of Melody for a long time and am constantly on the lookout for any vids or pics of her awesome tits. There is one vid of her that I have only seen once and am dying to find. I don’t know what its called, unfortunately but I do remember it is a higher quality vid of her on a trampoline and using a water hose etc. Granted, I have found picture sets of it but have never been able to find the vid again. If anyone knows what I am talking about and can lend a hand in the search I would greatly appreciate it. Also, are there any shots of Karola’s pussy out there? I don’t think so but don’t know for sure.

    Thanks again!

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