New JJ-cup model Sofia Rose at

Sadly, my e-mail has been buggered up for over a week now, so I totally missed out when Silky from JuggMaster sent me the announcement of their new 38JJ model Sofia Rose. :~( But, although I missed her debut on the site late last week, I figured there’s no time like the present to present the latest addition to Juggy’s hooterific harem of huge-breasted women!

The voluptuous 31-year-old Southern California native of Latina descent started developing early in life. By the age of 15, her bust-line had grown to a respectable 36DD though she only weighed a mere 110lbs. After she gave birth to her first child, she began to gain weight and her boobs grew proportionately. Now weighing in at 240lbs with massive 38JJ breasts, Sofia’s grown quite accustomed to her BBW status, citing that 100lb women with huge fake boobs are a dime a dozen. Thus, she’s decided to make a name for herself in the popular BBW niche rather than struggling her way through the more mainstream nude modelling market (read “sticks with tits”).

I do like a woman who is totally comfortable with herself, no matter what her size and shape, although I’m somewhat surprised that JJ-cup Sofia hadn’t picked up on her obvious appeal to the big tits niche as well! Leave it to JuggMaster to expand her horizons into the world of big breast lovers.

And so, it’s my pleasure to introduce 38JJ Sofia Rose from

Sofia Rose 38JJ Photos from    Sofia Rose 38JJ Photos from    Sofia Rose 38JJ Photos from

Sofia Rose 38JJ Photos from    Sofia Rose 38JJ Photos from    Sofia Rose 38JJ Photos from

…and, wouldn’t you know it, shortly after I’d made this post, Silky sent me a video of Sofia to include in my blog! Thus, as an addendum, here are a couple of video clips of the lovely Sofia Rose and her 38JJ breasts courtesy of

Sofia Rose 38JJ Videos from    Sofia Rose 38JJ Videos from


63 thoughts on “New JJ-cup model Sofia Rose at”

  1. Love that jet black hair! She has that saucy, gamine appeal that Salma Hayek also shows in her face. But this lady has BOOBS! She is bursting out of her maid’s outfit pretty well. But I must complain: no way are her boobs a bigger cupsize than Maria Moore, or say, Sapphire. Maria is billed as ‘GG’ and this girl is ‘JJ’??? Compare her to blog favorite Alicia. JJ vs JJ. No, this girl has respectable tits, but she is not topping out our other favorites. Not by a long shot. Someone’s trying to hype her up. JJ cups DOMINATE a woman’s body. Like Alicia. These tits are big, but not proportionately like the others. She’s overbilled…

    And as for latina busty hotties, I will take my favorite Isis over this Sophia any day. Isis is much cuter! Isis I hope you’re reading this! Total boob size is not always what makes it (except when you meet girls like this in person, hehe….)

  2. lol, you must complain…about free photos of a gorgeous model??? And Isis is NOT Latino friend. By the way… when a model tells me her breast size… I ask her what her actual bra size is… and I see for myself. And who cares??!! Look at the face, body and breasts on this gorgeous woman… GEEZ!

  3. Here’s some food for thought Jacques and Charles. Sofia is bordering on 5’8. Sapphire is barely 5’4. Now… look at the sheer size of Sofia’s breasts, especially her left one which is at least a cup size larger than the other. Her breasts, maybe not in these photos, hang WAAAAYY down to her lap. And yes, so do Sapphire’s. BUT… the torso length on these girls are quite different with Sofia’s being a greater distance. I’ve been doing this for a loooong time and have probbly seen more bare boobs than any one man on the planet next to Hugh Hefner and I can size up breasts pretty darn well. Sofia left breast is without a doubt a J cup. Only wears a double J because she chooses the wrong back measurement. I’d say her right breast is about a G or. She’s a big girl and that makes a BIG difference when it comes to proportion and breast size. Maria Moore is tiny… trust me, I’ve shot her 4-5 times. The problem is, most women try to stuff themselves in bras with smaller back measurements making them get larger cup sizes. And trust me… having the JuggMistress as my wife… I know what a J cup breast is. ohhhh yeeeaaa

  4. Hey JuggMaster or (anyone else with a wife with big tits) how big was your wife’s breasts or bra before she got pregnant? I was wondering cuz my girlfriend is a DD now and when we start having kids I am interested in how big she might get.

  5. Howdy Josh, going into our first pregnancy my wife was a 38E. Upon birth and milk production she literally exploded to a 38J. With the next pregnancy she kicked it up another notch going to a K cup and the custom bra makers said upon this third pregnancy she is literally off the charts so we’re assuming pretty much a K/KK as the bras she gets now are altered K cups. The JuggMistress is in a league of her own and not all pregnancies result in dramatic breast growth but good luck to you!

  6. You gotta take into consideration the rest of the womans body as well
    back size, height, weight, etc.. when comparing boob size. A JJ on a woman 200+lb and 5’7 doesn’t look the same as a JJ on a woman 50lbs lighter and 4 inches shorter . Its all about proportions

    And i always thought Isis was a Filipina?

  7. Wow, she’s awesome!! Gorgeous face, Amazing boobs. Juggmaster, you are God.

    (Oh and Isis is a quarter Spaniard, Filipino, Mexican and Tiguar Indian).

  8. She’s pretty cute. I’m a little surprised she’s 240 though; is she really tall or something?—-

    Are you kidding me? She’s as wide as she is tall. Great face and Tits, Some guys like em big, but shes not doing it for me…

  9. Juggy, man don’t get me wrong! Sofia is a sweetheart! I just like Isis more cause I met her. Hehehe. But she just doesn’t seem to be packing as much as, say Alicia, Eden, or the Mistress. That’s all. Sofia is a star for sure. I’m just saying she isn’t in the top shelf of the Big Boob contenders.

  10. I agree with JM, she is gorgeous. Hey, JM! I’m down here in OC, how about emailing me her address, I’d like to get to know her! (Yeah, I know, fat chance!)

    I think she’s real fine at 240. And she’d look great even if she was 110. It’s unfortunate that most of the male population is brainwashed into thinking that your woman has to have a body like Brandy Talore’s (even if she _is_ a butterface). But then that leaves the Subgirlies and Sofias to us guys who like a woman with some meat on her bones. Yeah!

    Man, I’d love to kiss those lips. And Lawdy Mama! Those… Well whatthefuck did you expect if she’s on Juggmaster? Right???

  11. I gotta tell ya about what I saw the other day. It was windy in So. Calif, and a bad hair day for women (Juggmaster can verify this, he’s probably got a ton of leaves in his swimming pool). I’m at the store standing in line (queue to you Brits), absentmindedly staring out the window. I see this woman with her hair blowing in the breeze, trying to run in from the parking lot, but she’s got both hands across her chest! Well, every time she tries to run, her big tits start to flop up and slap her in the face! Heh-heh! Made my day! :~)

    You know, some persistant rug rats will only suckle from one of momma’s tits, not the other one. So she ends up looking lopsided like this (scroll down to the sixth row, first picture)

    Maybe that’s what happened to Sofia. But then if you look at the pics in this gallery and the other gallery, you’ll see that many if not most women have one breast that’s bigger than the other, even if only slightly.

    This pic implies that if the woman supplies a lot of milk from her breasts, they’ll grow a lot bigger to increase the production. So the guys should to encourage their newborns to drink a lot of milk! Daddy, too! That way, mom will have bigger tits! :-))

  12. Vote for who you think has seen the most tits:

    A. [_] Hugh Hefner

    B. [_] Juggmaster

    C. [_] Masseuse

    D. [_] Master of Ceremonies at the wet T-shirt contest

    E. [_] Caretaker at the Nudist Colony

    F. [_] Dairy farm milking machine operator

    G. [_] Women’s locker room attendant (she retired after 35 yrs)

    H. [_] Lifeguard at the topless beach

    I. [_] OTHER (write in) __________________________

    I think I’d vote for F. :-)

  13. If you really want to show your appreciation for Sofia, vote for her at:
    You can vote once a day until the round 2 deadline on Dec 14th, 5PM

    Check out her clothed myspace pictures. Raloc posted the url. I guarantee you still won’t be challenging her bust size. The freebie nudes don’t do her justice. I’m sure Juggmaster has better ones but you got to subscribe to get them.

  14. Wassabe Very Free! Funny thing… my pool is indeed full of leaves right now… the reason Sofia and I couldn’t get some pool shots, although she’s coming back next week. And get this friend… Sofia lives in OC as well! Although Sofia is larger than my personal taste in women. Her face is simply gorgeous and she has lovely breasts. As can be seen on my elite model row of mamnificence, I strive to run the gamut in regards to breast size and body size so EVERYONE can enjoy. If I shot only smaller girls with big ones I’d be just like everyone else. My mambership base digs everything from the slim and stacked to the mamumental Amazon-type so I like to pride myself in the fact that I truly do deliver a smorgasbord of saggers. As far as who’s seen the most tits I must agree with you… and I’ve got 40 years on Hef baby!

  15. VF: Well put. She’s hot at 240, she’d be hot at 110, she’d be hot anywhere in between. Sofia’s just so damn pretty it doesn’t really matter where she weighs in or how big her breasts are.

    It would rock if she branched into glamour modeling. With a face like hers (and that hair!) she’d be an ace at it.

  16. …(Applauding Juggy). Way to go Sherrif! Keep haulin those ladies with big guns in for questioning. I still say the Mistress is the best anywhere on the web! Ever!

  17. She is nice but is not good to make a bra size war LOL.
    Would be nice to see them compared in same pictures with the REAL JJ cup size Alicia Loren of I am her Photographer.
    Also Alicia is TALL the same, so is not a matter of tall or not.
    I think we should create a Measurement System for VOLUME of breasts: it will be very democratic, more than these letters…
    I think WATER is our solution, with some sort of Measurement based on Litres.

    Fantasy is the main thing to make “Art”.

  18. Yes! Volume is the only answer. How tall IS Alicia by the way?? They need to rig up a special tub, or a bathtub with lines drawn to measure the water. They have to attach 1 lb weights to the breasts by a light nipple clamp so the boobs do not float and have the ladies lower down into the pre-measured tub. Water displacement would tell the true story. As long as the breasts are weighted so they do not float the woman could immerse her boobs into the tub until the water touches her chest. She could take two or three trials to get a good average. This is America dammit, we are scientific.

  19. i got to say this woman is an absolute stunner.lads lets not get into the politics of boobdom she is a heavenly creature who must be worshipped and adored not put down or compared to others.keep up the good work juggmaster.
    i carry a picture of her in my wallet for those lonely nights.

  20. hi reese, man this women can make ecery man go crazy. i know for sure there isn’t a man who could resist here beuatiful big tits and cuvy fat belly, and also her thighs are amazingly big and sexy. i love this girl give us more reese. and btw don’t you like taylor evens anymore what happend too here and why isn’t she updated on you’re site. o and have a question for you my girlfriend is curvy and has a D-cup is there a natural fast manner how she can help her breast grow. bye reese hope too hear you soon

  21. I got an enormous hard erection from those pictures
    anyone who says anything bad about this fat bitch is crazy
    id fuck the shit out of her and her tits
    id give my left nut to spend 48 hours with my cock between those tits
    do me sofia please i just nutted to those pics ahhh

  22. please post more of sofia rose ow and reese you can find a lot of thinks of her at myspace and even chat and email her. by the way check out nahid a good friend of sofia greets kevin

  23. please post more of sofia rose ow and reese you can find a lot of thinks of her at myspace and even chat and email her. by the way check out nahid a good friend of sofia greets kevin

  24. Sofia Rose you are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!
    A night with her would be my dream come true.
    I’ve got something big to match those gi-normous breasts,
    Where can I meet her…?
    Show me more!!!!!!

  25. Sofia is perfect by all standards.Face Is too Cute but too much sexy,physic is ultimate sexy,I have never seen a lady like this one,I realise that i am in love with sofia.

  26. While growing up I realized that Hispanic women were my forte. I also found that full figured women were my delight. Sofia, you happen to be both of those and a picture of perfection. All real men want to hold a woman like you and stare into your beautiful brown eyes. When I go out, all the women that are similar to you are taken and have men that will be happy to beat my butt just for looking at her. I will be suprized if you are single but non-the-less, can you please inform all of us where to find women like you in this world other than our dreams. Thanks. Keep looking like a goddess.

  27. Just to be able to embrace Sofia Rose would be better than sharing intimacy with any other girl that I currently and personally know! In my eyes, she is one of the most beautiful women on Earth. I love her dark, sultry features, and her lips are very succulent! If we were married, I would dread every minute that is spent away from this voluptuously beautiful babe!

  28. I think Sofia Rose is one the hottest, if not the plus size models that I have evr seen. I would love the opportunity to make her acquaintances. You go girl. Love your biggest fan.

    La Habra, California

  29. hello,
    dear i hope you will be OK, you have so cute face and sexy and good curvy figure, i like that kind of figure very much so i love u and i wish to look you in different kinds of dresses and colours. i request to you please try all kinds of dresses as asian and middle east dresses please put on these and photo shoot.

  30. If I ever meet u sofia I want to tity fuck u then fuck u so hard that I change the way u walk. P.s. I love masturbating to your beuatiful face and huge tits.

  31. If I ever meet u sofia I want to tity fuck u then fuck u with my big 7 inch dick so hard that I change the way u walk. P.s. I love masturbating to your beuatiful face and huge tits.

  32. morenazaa de fuego estas bien rica mamacita como para hacerte el sexo dia y noche sali2 dede monterrey nl mexico

  33. I am very much interested in personal contact for chatting OR sex with these models. I am fully Big Tits Lover. I have no idea, from where I can get to them. Plesae let me know the links or personal IDs. R

  34. you sure look like a girl here in africa only your are the white and she is the black african of you now i know there are really two same person on this earth will want to know you more and i want to call you Aurora meaning sunshine do write back .

  35. every once in awhile sophia comes back into my life for some reason and I’m always happy to see her and spill my seed in honor to the big girl gods. My towel should be pregnant like a million times. I don’t think I would date such a big girl in public but god damn I’d get all up in to those nooks and crannies in the bedroom. I think shed be kind of a princess in real life so I’m not sure I’d even have a chance there… But damn it. She looks like the definition of sexy sometimes. Thanks to her and whoever takes these phenomenal photos. It makes me a happy man. And to the juggmasters guy… I envy you. So much. Best job ever.And upon further investigation if the site I’m pretty sure I hate you. Cuz all my favorites are on there! I might have to break the spank bank and get a membership..

  36. sofia was the first bbw i ever saw and now i have seen several more since 2003 and i have to say that she is the hottest one of them all. chubby lover is confused i think. if sofia was NOT married i would date her, love her, and try to give her all the love in the world, in public and in private. certain sites list her at 240 but i say SFW the more to love and even if she was 140 she in my mind is a very special woman and cannot get enough of her pics – clothes on or off makes no difference to me, the hair is great, the face is beautiful, the body is outstanding, the ass ain’t to shabby either, a real nice ass. I hope one day she sees this a drops this fan of hers a line or two. So I hope i get to see some updated stuff of you sofia. P.S. don’t change for anyone your PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

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