O Sabrina Meloni, thy candles shine so brightly…

With just one day to go, our penultimate pair of Christmas boobs are lovingly provided by Sabrina Meloni of BoobsXL.com and her very own Sabrina-Meloni.com website. And, at a bra size of 38L (90L metric), she’s the second largest in our festive cavalcade of Christmas breasts (yes, I’m saving the biggest present for last, of course!). I just hope she doesn’t get those candles too close to her tits – especially in that cleavage shot! Then again, being an all-natural L-cup, I guess there’s nothing to worry about:

Sabrina Meloni 90L (38L)    Sabrina Meloni 90L (38L)

Sabrina Meloni 90L (38L)    Sabrina Meloni 90L (38L)

Sabrina Meloni 90L (38L)    Sabrina Meloni 90L (38L)

Sabrina Meloni 90L (38L)    Sabrina Meloni 90L (38L)

P.S. If you want to see Sabrina totally tits-out, you’ll have to look here and here. ;~)


9 thoughts on “O Sabrina Meloni, thy candles shine so brightly…”

  1. Merry Christmas to me! thanks reese you know that i love sabrina! she may not be the prettiest but them breasts sure make up for it!

  2. Black is definitely Sabrina Melodi’s color. On a scale from 1-10, she ranks a one thousand in that black, semi-transparent shirt with the plunging neckline! She reminds me of “the beautiful busty teacher” who a lot of young boys would easily develop crushes on. She looks like a good wholesome woman who can cook too! I bet she would make a wonderful wife. Her breasts would intoxicate me beyond the strength of any strong liquor!

  3. I have to disagree with Josh. Her beautiful blue eyes and raven hair along with those kissable lips are what floats my boat!
    I’m not actually into big tits, but that face is a turn on.
    Also, anyone noticed the fantastic legs on this lady? I guess they’re in good shape to support her upper body!
    Anyway, she’s not just a piece of meat… I can see a lot… she’s strong willed and independant. Just uses her breasts as a tool to earn. I’d be happy with just face pics!

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