One Moore for the road: Chessie Moore !!

Moore, Mor & Moore – I seem to be on a theme at the moment. It started two days ago when I blogged Maria Moore. Then, just yesterday, it was Eden Mor. Well, I figured I’d follow through today with one more Moore, Chessie!

Long-standing veteran to the world of big boobs porn, Chessie Moore started her adult film career in 1989, and a year later began making regular appearances in men’s magazines. Dubbed “The Dutchess of Down & Dirty” because of her willingness to perform just about any possible sex act known to man (or…no, I won’t complete this parenthetical comment), she quickly gained a place in the hearts and libidos of fans the world over.

I first encountered Chessie in Juggs magazine around 1990, and she instantly struck me as truly a big-breasted blonde lover’s dream girl. Being a bit of a slut monger myself, never having found mental or emotional attraction in the chaste, wholesome type, Chessie became even moreso my ideal when I later learned of her slutty reputation!

Sadly, in the mid-1990s, Chessie stopped appearing in my favourite big tit mags and I totally lost track of her. Years went by without seeing any sign of my busty blonde slut goddess. Then, sometime around the turn of the millennium, I was casually surfing UseNet for big boobs (no change there, then) and stumbled upon the following photos…

Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from

…it was Chessie, alright, getting her tits out on her new Harley Davidson! Not only that, but her boobs appeared to have grown significantly bigger than the last time I’d seen her!!

However, it wasn’t until this past June that a webmaster mate informed me he was adding a new site to his repertoire – – starring none other than pornstar legend Chessie Moore! As soon as the site was up and running I went and gathered up a handful of photos from which to assemble MyBoobSite’s first Chessie blog.

Since then, the site has grown enormously with the addition of of over 100 complete photo & video sets whose content range from “Vintage Chessie” taken from her lengthy career as a professional porn star (well, she’s still a professional, she just works for herself now) to Ms. Moore’s present day sexploits wherein she invites members of her fan club (yes, it could be you!) to appear in XXX hardcore videos with her!

But, since I started this blog on an outdoor theme with her bike pics, I though I’d start with a few more recent photos of the softer (-core) side of Chessie in the great outdoors, from

Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from

Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from

Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from


…a truly stunning example of a woman, it’s hard for me to believe that she turned 47 early last month! And aren’t those tits just marvellous?!

Now I know that some of you are categorically opposed to breast implants. Personally, I’m quite happy with them either way, as long as they’re large. In the grand “real boobs / fake boobs” debate, I prefer to sit on the sidelines and let everyone else argue it out and take all the big tits for myself, whether natural or enhanced! ;~)

Anyway, isn’t variety the spice of life? Those of you who’ve enjoyed the supreme pleasure of a tight, orgasm-inducing, big silicone tit-fuck will know exactly what I mean. In my own experience, most girls with natural breasts have had to “cheat”, using added manual stimulus to exert enough pressure to make me cum. However, the sheer cleavage compression between a pair of big silicone babies makes for a most excellent hands-free tit-fuck!

In Chessie’s case, she opted for breast augmentation because hers were lopsided (granted, they were rather small as well, but she wouldn’t have had the surgery had it not been for the imbalance). As I’ve always said, if you’re going to do it, do it BIG! Expanding B-cup boobs to a mere C- or D-cup is just a waste of money. And Ms. Moore certainly got her money’s worth, as she now sports a massive 44H rack!

Let’s have another look, shall we? Yes, we shall – this time featuring a more domestic Chessie getting her tits out around the house, at the computer on webcam and in the bath, once again from

Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from

Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from

Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from


…wow, this is turning out to be a bit of an epic blog, isn’t it? However, I’d feel bad if I didn’t leave you with some videos through which to enjoy H-cup wonder Chessie Moore in motion. Trouble is, there are far too many to choose from! Thus, I must exercise some self-discipline (although self-abuse might be far more satisfying) and select a theme as I’d done for the photos.


Okay, I’ve decided. Today’s theme shall be “Classic Chessie”, with vintage video clips of a few of Ms. Moore’s many movies from the days of yore (“yore” meaning, of course, the 1990s). I must say, however, that I’m personally more partial to her present-day selections because they’ve got that intensely erotic “reality porn” feel to them; something missing in the production packed porn of the past (besides, I think Chessie’s far more beautiful now than ever).

But I chose the theme and now I’ve got to stick to it. If I think this through rationally, I suppose there’s always time for Chessie’s ever-growing body of new photo & video work in blogs to come. So with that consolation in due consideration, here’s a selection of vintage Chessie Moore video galleries from a just a few of the classic fuck flicks featured on

Chessie Moore Videos at    Chessie Moore Videos at

Chessie Moore Videos at    Chessie Moore Videos at

Chessie Moore Videos at    Chessie Moore Videos at

Chessie Moore Videos at    Chessie Moore Videos at



51 thoughts on “One Moore for the road: Chessie Moore !!”

  1. F-ck she is beautiful, man! I don’t know if you knew this, but Chessie never really dropped out, she just stopped appearing in magazines. ChessieXXX is her SECOND website. She had a website running back around 1997 and ‘The Duchess of Down and Dirty.’ You could call her on a 900-number. You could meet with her. You could request her to make a video just for you, with you appearing in it, or just her and toys. She looks great still! Damn, she is hot. I once was in touch with her by email. She was going to come to Houston. The trip fell through but I was going to meet with and enjoy this woman, America’s number one sexual tourist attraction.

  2. She does it ALL. Including women. The first time in my life I saw a woman FISTED was Chessie. That is to say, have someone’s full hand inserted in her vagina. Yes, past the second knuckle of the thumb! It was a woman doing it to her. I was floored.

  3. Sorry but I think that ANY woman who had sex with a dog (or any animal) is repulsive. Sure she’s got huge fucking tits, but she fucked dogs. That makes her less than human in my book.

  4. HEY, Moundhound! Humans are animals, too, you know!! Heh, next you’ll be saying that such perverse sexual proclivities as blowjobs, tit-fucking, fisting, tea-bagging, anal sex and, indeed, masturbation are unnatural acts and should not be condoned… ;~P

  5. Reese, are you telling me seriously that you think it’s ok for people to have sex with animals? Seriously? I like how you try to justify it – “Humans are animals too.” No shit! People having sex with animals is sick. Period.

  6. Moundhound, I think Reese was being sarcastic, but nevertheless, it does make me view her in a more negative manner. I mean, what the hell, she fucked and sucked a canine. Sorry, i’m open minded, but that just crosses the line. Can’t look at her without thinking about it. Granted she probably has tons of fans, but I bet she alienated a bunch of people after that, she sure did with me.

  7. I got to agree with Moundhound, when i found out that she had had sex with a dog that crossed the line completely. I will never be a chessie moore fan again.

  8. I third or fourth that or whatever. That has to be the sickest act for any human being to do. Humans in, animals out ; that is i’d like to see Chessie have sex with something that doesn’t lick its ass every 5 minutes.

  9. Not casting a vote either way, but, Marko…

    i tend to believe that most people would if they could. And licking someone else’s ass every 5 minutes isn’t any more clean.

    But as far as my vote goes…

    No animals…definitely not!

  10. Joey: Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I have other reasons for this one…

    Moundhound: I am the last person to dictate anyone’s idea of what is acceptable and what is “sick”, moral or immoral. I run a porn blog, after all, and one that glorifies the fetish of big breasts. What is considered “acceptable” in some cultures may well be deemed “unacceptable” in others. Who am I to judge or dictate what these standards might be? I have only my personal preferences and experiences to rely upon, and would not extend my “authority” beyond that.

    Indeed, there are some cultures within which pornography itself – as is featured on MyBoobSite in most every blog entry – is illegal. On the other hand, intimate relations with alternative species, while illegal in many countries, has literally been taught as being a “safe-sex alternative” – alongside masturbation – in the sex education curricula of others. In the United States, there is no federal law against it, to my knowledge, and only 30 of the 50 states have explicitly outlawed the act (although the transport, broadcast, sale or distribution of pornographic materials featuring such is illegal nationally in the U.S. per U.S.C. Title 18 Subchapter 1461).

    My personal opinion? I like having sex with humans far too much to consider any possible alternatives (“They’re my species!” to quote Ruth Gordon in the 1971 Hal Ashby film Harold and Maude). As for others, I cannot say…except perhaps in one case: My best friend growing up in my first year of high school back in the ‘States was a lovely blonde girl who demonstrated a “profound fondness” for horses (and, no, said act was not illegal in Florida at the time). After having spent a year in close company with her as platonic mates, I came to the conclusion that she was just a regular, happy human being with slightly different predispositions than my own. Good and supportive friend that she was, I never thought any less of her for acting upon her “animal instincts”.

    In all honesty, morality questions aside, the only potential issue I have with this is one of animal rights. I would strongly disagree with anything done against any creature’s will that would result in harm or distress (yes, humans included). If they were forced or restrained in any way, then it is totally wrong in my opinion. However, in the case of my friend and her equine companions – as well as with Chessie in the incidents to which you refer – all involved were willing and eager participants.

    What can I say? I am but a humble porn blogger who caters to those harbouring a big breast fetish like myself. In that respect, and with my focus fixed firmly upon her breasts, I hold Chessie in the highest esteem.

    ~Reese! :~)

    P.S. Here’s what Chessie has to say about it on her site:

    “I did the tapes for a Euorpean company, but since then that same material has been pirated like mad. If you want to know more about it call me. If it offends you then don’t let anyone to force you to look at it. Also if my 4 legged co-stars could talk I’m sure they’d let you know they had a great time. BTW this material is legal in alot of countries and not considered any more shocking than any other form of porn. Here in the good ole USA there’s alot of sex acts that are still illegal, even if they are considered everyday routines to some. So to stay within the law since my ISP’s are both US companies I don’t post any illegal material on them. Maybe someday I’ll find a nice foreign ISP and go for it, but meanwhile I have my hands full with the site as it is updating new jpegs, mpegs, avi’s, wavs, live feeds, etc.”

  11. For All you Folks That Don’t Like Chessie Anymore You are in the Minority.
    She Has Many Fans and Her Site is Growing Like Crazy.
    And My Motto For Life Is Different Strokes for Different Folks.

  12. Thank you for being so dedicated to a true big bust porn Queen. Those of you who are not fans of hers should know that she is not only active in the pursuit of making me happy, she also allows fans to participate in much that she does. Good work Reese, I’m her #1 fan.

  13. I am not convinced that the “who am I to judge” explanation flies. There ARE lines that should not be crossed. Weather it is illegal, immoral or just plain wrong. If we all used the “Who am I to judge” guidline, then the world woudl be a very different place. So it is OKAY to judge someone for something as disgusting as sexual contact with a dog. I am a huge perve (duh!) but all my perversions are with concenting adults. Some things are off limits.

    Now, excuse my while I got masturbate to some pictures of Eden Mor…


  14. I don’t think it’s a good idea to condone something that’s illegal, and bestiality is illegal, at least where I live (whether or not it’s repulsive). I’ll have to agree with moundhound on that one.

  15. I still say she looks awesome. She is so nasty she makes me hot. So what if it’s illegal. If she was arrested for indecent exposure while filming topless in public, I’m sure everyone would want to see the footage. It’s not the illegality thats the problem. As for my part I don’t want to see the dog and his knot, but it makes no impact on how hot she is. It’s entertainment to see her and she IS the Duchess. Glad she was blogged and I hope to see her many more times.

  16. I’ll have to disagree with Reese on implants. Going from a B to a D cup isn’t a waste of money; there’s nothing wrong with going from flat-chested to normal. We all like humongous hooters, but that’s no excuse to treat the possessor of those big boobs as nothing but a body on which to carry those boobs around. The person is a living human being with feelings, and if she gets a pair of 350 or 500cc implants to go from a B to a D, and also to raise her self-esteem, then others should support her right to do so.

    As for BIG implants above 1 liter, almost all are done for pornstars, not the average patient. Only a very small percentage of implants are in that greater than 1 liter category. Unfortunately most of society has the misconception that the patient with those big tits is a slutty bimbo. But the implants don’t need to be that big to raise her self-esteem. And we haven’t brought up the problems that big tits have when it comes to getting clothes and undergarments.

    Looking at the pics, IMO, it’s obvious that before her implants, Ms. Moore had a pair of boobs that looked undersized for her larger body. I think a pair of 500cc implants would have made a considerable improvement, and would’ve been totally appropriate for a normal person. The huge implants she now has, which may be appropriate for her being an exotic dancer, would not have been appropriate for any normal person.

  17. Vadd, well said. Clearly some people like it and some don’t, else it wouldn’t have been made. But as Clint Eastwood said in one of his movies ,(which one???) “Opinions are assholes, everyone has one.”

    Its can be taken as far as murdering the older generation. Take Senilicide, an act performed by the eskimo’s over 50 years ago in which they do exactly that. What is right and what is wrong has been a problem faced by mankind since “the beginning”.

    But we are all at a porn blog as Reese says, so I have no moral high horse from which to stand upon. “Whatever floats your boat” as long its not illegal in YOUR country.

    In my opinion (asshole) I have to quote Vadd’s keyword “consenting adults”.

  18. Reese, your argument about who are you to judge other people’s or culture’s standards is not a valid one. For if you apply this line of reasoning, then that opens the door to all sorts of other reprehensible acts – such as child pornography to name one. The line has to be drawn somewhere.

  19. My, you really seem obsessed with the subject of implants and all the technical surroundings of the process and everything…!? :)

    At least it just seems that way from your repeating posts always referring to the exact sizes and volumes…!? (Not that that’s a bad thing…just kind of strange unless you happen to be a surgeon or so…!? ;) )

  20. On the contrary, Mangaphreak. When boobs get to really large sizes, the only way to describe them with anything more than a guess is to describe them with their volume. Bra cup sizes are relative to the maker, the country they’re sold in, and the size of their body band. Take Japan, for instance. Their J cup seems to be about the size of Western countries’ D or DD cup.

    So if you want to talk tits and tell it like it is, you have to use volume, most easily given in CCs or cubic centimeters, same as mL or milliliters. Since water is one gram per CC or mL, you can easily come up with the weight, too. A 3000 cc set of implants would weigh 6 kg total, or about 13 pounds when filled with saline solution. Those are a heavy pair of tits!

  21. Not really manga: any one who has read Score magazine has seen interviews with mega-Silicone titted feature dancers. Examples are Sarenna Lee, Lisa Lipps, Minka (watch them Korean nukes), Maxi, and Elizabeth Starr, just to name a few. They often chat proudly about the size of their enhancements. Maxi talks about hers so candidly you feel like you were there the whole way through. Maxi holds the official Guiness Record for largest implanted breasts. They talk about the volumes and procedures openly. Any healthy Score-fan knows this information. If you are a virgin in high school you might be less jaded.

  22. I certainly wouldn’t want to see anyone involved in acts of bestiality. However, the fact that she has done it in the past does not really affect my enjoyment of her regular pics and vids. It’s just porn. Now if I was planning to marry someone and found out they were involved in bestiality, then it would be a different story! :D

  23. Very Free (and Charles): Yes, I totally understand the intention and of course I am always amused and even sometimes confused about all the different bra sizes, let’s say what we have here in Germany and what’s being used in the USA…! I only sometimes have the feeling that “analyzing” it like that and bringing it down to cc and litres and such kind of takes the fun out of it, at least a bit…!? ;)

    But that’s just my point of view and I didn’t mean to criticize your approach or any of your comments…! :)

  24. Reese, give me a break! Please do not try to defend bestiality unto the “to each their own” quip, hearing this (and its defense of it) just makes me sick! Disgusting to even think chessie moore partook in it and she is definitely off my list for good!

  25. i am so sry guys i just found out from a clip for chessie moore i was watching i saw her real doudle cc tits yes chessie moore tits are not real i say it again not real thanks

  26. omg i dont believe i said that i am so sry chessie my love i am really the boobes of chessie are completely natural yes they are and it was missunderstanding of me i say it again all of chessie moore body are natural thank u

  27. I can think of more than a few guys in porn currently who are more repulsive than your average Golden Labrador. I give Chessie credit for not lying about doing what she did or trying to hide it…I find it funny how guys will get all offended by a woman who’s suck a dogs cock, but then line up buy a DVD of a girl getting (rather visciously) anally gang-banged by a group of 4 or 5 guys.

    If you don’t like it, don’t watch it…and let he who is w/o sin, ahhh, you know the rest.

  28. I will NEVER understand the big deal about women having their boobs “enhanced”!! I’ve been blogging this site for 6 months, and I’m amazed at the ridacule thrown around about it!!

    About 4 years ago, I dated a girl that had a “boob-job” and had a pair of big, beautiful 44FFF’s!! Of the 50 or 60 times I tittyfucked her, I don’t EVER remember thinking “You know, her tits are fake….so I’m through with her!!” Truth be told, I couldn’t take my pants off QUICK enough!!

    To each their own, I guess, but I know this much….if I EVER got the chance to have sex with Chessie Moore, and she wrapped those big, humongous 44H’s around MY cock, I’m sure I’d feel the same I did with my former girlfriend!!

    Look, real tits are awesome too, but I find it comical, to think I’d turn down sex with a woman, because she’d decided to go “under the kinfe”!!
    Chessie, you rock, and you always have!!

    And it’s a damn shame I can’t be in Orlando….

  29. dog, smog. who cares. if i decided which women i thought i wanted to get physical with based on who has or has never done ANYTHING i don’t like i’d still be a virgin.

  30. chessie, i love what u doin. i wish u could come over to my area or just as uch as 10km close 2 where i stay in west africa (u love strong black dudes), u definately will re-love black dudes. we are d bombin dickers. go on baby

  31. Chessie
    When are we going to see you in action with Long Dong Silver.I’d love to see you get your white ass spanked with a big black cum filled dick.How about Tony Mr.18”.They don’t call him “Mr” for nothing.You can perform one of your famous cocktease strip shows for him and than let him fill all your horny holes with his big black cock.Mmm you make me so fuckin horny with your movies only because you are so beautiful to watch.The camera loves you and so do I.

  32. god i found that k9 video with chessie and its amazing to see her with a nice knot in her hot cunt…i wish she would make more videos like that

  33. You’re like a bunch of F**King Mormons… i saw some of Chessie’s canine sex movies and I think they’re hot. If she’d do that to a dog think of what she would do to you. Grow up, it’s not paedophilia.

  34. I’d suck those tits until my lips told me to stop….
    Then I’d tell them to shut up!!!!

    Not to mention what I would do to the remaining sexxy Chessie,
    love that Chessie….

  35. Hi Chess Im in the N.Y. area when will you come to Long Island I could really pump out a massive load wathing you and Jake Steed go at it Keep up that fantastic Smile And those butiful tits.

  36. CHESSIE MOORE is a legend!! I’ve been in lust with her since 1989!! and she looks better now!! the age and extra weight makes her look AWESOME!! BTW some wimpy idiot was crying about her DOG situation!! grow up junior!!

  37. Hey everybody I know Chessie personally and have fucked her on many occasions, got my dick sucked, fucked her titties and have cum all over her face. Will be with her again end of the year. I can’t wait!

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