Pregnant Maxi enters her 9th month…

I’ve been receiving quite a few comments and e-mails regarding Maxi 32JJ as of late, requesting updated photos and wondering just how far along she is now. The sentiments can be summed up by a brief comment made today by Matthew, who said: “She must be about ready to have the baby by now… but by god she looks good!!”

Keeping true to my word that we’d follow Maxi’s pregnancy full term, here is what may well be the last instalment of the saga before she gives birth. Now nine months on, I have to agree with those of you who’ve observed that it’s been relatively uneventful. Sure, she’s given us some excellent photos & videos whilst we wait – my favourites being those of the well-oiled Maxi – but, apart from her belly growing to mammoth proportions, the changes have been minimal (ok, maybe her bra size has increased from a 32JJ to a 34JJ, but that’s about it).

Numerous nagging questions still remain: Is Maxi going to have twins? When will she begin lactating? Will we ever see a return of the comparatively svelte Maxi from days gone by…

Maxi of    Maxi of    Maxi of

…who can say? And does it really matter in the grand scheme of things (apart from the lactation question, of course)? We’ll have to wait and see. However, in the meanwhile, we can certainly enjoy Maxi’s latest photos – taken as she was entering her 9th month of pregnancy – from her website…

Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of

Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of

Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of

Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of

(note: sample photos are 1/4 resolution of those available on the site)

…but what of the videos, you ask? Well, it seems that our Maxi has slowed down a bit, as one would expect from someone, erm, “expecting” so soon. I rather like the relaxed dangling, bouncing and jiggling in her latest videos, though. It’s so much better than staring at a lava lamp. Take a look, and see if you don’t find Maxi’s JJ-cups to be “udderly” hypnotic as well:

Maxi 32JJ Videos from    Maxi 32JJ Videos from

(note: videos downloadable from the site are full-frame HD 1280×720 resolution)


23 thoughts on “Pregnant Maxi enters her 9th month…”

  1. Forget Baal, Maxi is the new pagan diety of fertility!! Woah, she looks so plump and full!! What awesome photos!

  2. My ex had tits as big as that when she was pregnant. I’ll never forget the look on the midwifes face when she first saw them in all their glory.

  3. Unbelievable. You might want to compare the third pre-pregnancy pic with the 9th month pics again. Her boobs are MUCH larger now. Hope she has a successsful birth and looking forward to some milk squirting.

  4. Hot damn Reese :) You’ve done it again :)))

    *worships Maxi*

    God’s great gift to men :)
    Damn her husband is one LUCKY bloke :)))

  5. Have been a huge fan of your site for a while now and am always fasinated by the beautiful women on here but here is a women I believe you should check out Sarah Lang of Newport Wales who recently wom £1MILLION on a TV quiz show! Also what ever happened to the biggest boobs in britin that was being run by the News of The World newspaper here in the UK you must admit the first 4 young ladies were amazing. Keep up the good work.

  6. Seems that Maxi has a lot of pudge around her belly, which hides the shape of her uterus. With most slimmer PG women, one can see the outline of the uterus where it meets the hips. Maxi’s belly just looks like another boob! Not that that’s all that bad though..

    I’d just like to see her get it over with and turn into another milking Alicia. :-)

  7. Amazing Maxi shows us her best!
    Rumours from a Jap blog say she is very popular in the Far East:
    her massive curves seem to design a perfect Hentai star!
    In two other forums, some say she’s already mum.

  8. alls i can say is WOW i am just mesmerised by those utterly huge boobs… i like everyone else cant wait till she starts lactating!!

  9. Having followed her from day one when she was doing her stuff at, she is and always will be one of my fav’s. Too bad she doesnt wanna reveal herself as I think she is a very pretty woman and if only her closest friends will even know what she is doing. This is a big world out there. Maybe one day she will surprose us :) Like others I cant wait till she lactates like Alicia who in my etimations is another natural wonder of this world. They do not come by often. Oh well, cant wait to subscibe to her site the 1st minutes she starts showing clips of her lactating. Anticipation

  10. any new pics from after birth? She has a new size according to her on her site would to see her milk filled breasts. must be absolutely beautiful

  11. The absolute epitome, the zenith, the alpha and the omega of pure raw feminine sexuality and desire! It would be the most intense and erotic scene imaginable to suck on those massive tits and then please her orally!

  12. ı want 2 fuck that preggo bitch she looks so sexy;bitch wanna fill ur pussy wit my cock and then wanna squirt allmyseeds on ur fuckin tits and belly.

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