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Back when I first and last blogged the weird and wonderful world of BoobsXL in early December of last year (can’t believe it’s been that long!), I had but a handful of photos and one video clip. Then, just two days ago, I received an e-mail from the webmaster announcing their first collection of free galleries (seems everyone’s doing it now), thus giving me the opportunity to “flesh-out” my coverage of the site, as it were.

I consider BoobsXL to be weird and wonderful by virtue of their eclectic selection of real women of such diverse shapes, sizes and consistencies (the latter referring to the breasts). All of the models there range from a G-cup to an L-cup (except for Susann 85F/G, who’s either confused, slightly unbalanced or in a constant state of flux), with consistencies spanning the all-natural spectrum from firm, full-bodied, hefty hooters to squishy, low-hanging, floppy tits. Granted, these ladies may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but what genuine big boob lover would fail to be anything but impressed by the sheer variety?!

At the top of the scale is popular German boobster Sabrina Meloni (popular because she’s consistently among the top ten model searches on MyBoobSite), sporting a staggering bra size of 90L (mind you, that’s metric and would be a 38L in imperial measures). Fans of flaccid floppers, on the other hand, are sure to appreciate Amanda, with H-cup hangers that seem to conform to any shape they encounter with amazing fluidity. My personal favourite on the site is the voluptuous 95HH Dolly, whose video I featured in my first blog of BoobsXL, as she’s one of those well-endowed women you just want to wallow in for days on end.

However, MyBoobSite’s award for bizarre behaviour on behalf of big breasts would have to go to 95K Birgit, among whose favourite activities include (and I quote): “I love to squeeze and massage my giant boobs. Sometimes, I can’t stop with it and get up too late, because I need tenderness especially in the morning. I love to feel the movements of my monstrous, saggy tits, when I turn around in bed. Then I start stimulating my giant nipples until they are as hard as iron. Or I suck on my hard nipples for myself until I get unconscious.” It just makes you wonder if she ever actually manages to get out of bed!!

But that’s beside the point. Without further ado, here are the lucky 13 photo & video galleries I received from BoobsXL.com:

BoobsXL.com Photo Galleries

Candy 95G from BoobsXL.com    Sabrina Meloni 90L from BoobsXL.com    Samantha Jayne 54JJ from BoobsXL.com

Candy 95G from BoobsXL.com    Susan 85F/G from BoobsXL.com    Erika 95JJ from BoobsXL.com

Amanda 85H from BoobsXL.com    Agnes 85H from BoobsXL.com    Dolly 95HH from BoobsXL.com

BoobsXL.com Video Galleries

Sabrina Meloni 90L video from BoobsXL.com    Dolly 95HH video from BoobsXL.com

Erika 95JJ video from BoobsXL.com    Amanda 85H video from BoobsXL.com



16 thoughts on “XL Boobs from BoobsXL”

  1. Amanda (85H) is a magnificently hot older lady. I’m not a big fan of obesity or letting oneself go but this woman just manages to stay shy of that category and has that certain something. The lighting is terrific in the XL photo shoot of her out in the country. Yes, a pastoral symphony. Older woman fantasy really applies here. I would love to see her in a traditional layout (with the same excellent lighting as in the “candy 95G” photo shoot) wearing either a professional outfit or something really feminine in a protracted state of undressing. Lots of underwire support bras and girly bits. This woman needs to be seen dressed and undressed. I thought the video clips of her were kind of silly though, nothwithstanding the joy of seeing a woman cupping her beautiful big breasts in each hand. Thanks for the smorgasboard but the decidedly fat women are not to my liking–The curves should always be proportional…

  2. Samantha Jayne is a girl that the British can be proud of.
    Astounding measurements and she’s attainable to us over here as an escort.
    Need to see more of this girl Reese.

  3. These girls are alright,
    If you could, I think you should post alot mor of Eden Mor,
    and post new girls like Nadine Jansen & Milena Velba!!!
    Plus check this girl out…www.myspace.com/latinboobs
    you should find out mor info on her. AND your really gonna
    love this, http://www.myspace.com/watermelons
    Thanx Reese

  4. Once again Super Reese :)))
    I totally agree with aficionado, Amanda 85H surely is my favorite of the group. I also like the 2 photo’s from previous blog.
    Although my heart lies with Maxi32JJ(hoping new pics will come) I would also like to see more of Amanda 85H if it were possible.


  5. I thought that the video of Dolly’s tits flopping out of the bottom her bra, seen in Reese’s original BoobsXL blog, was kind of unique with all those BBs falling out of her bra at the same time. Then I ran across a vid clip of Susie Sparks doing exactly the same thing, and since she’s been retired for years, it must predate Dolly’s by years. So Dolly’s wasn’t as original as I had thought. But I still adore those big ol’ boobies.

    Also great to see more of Sabrina Meloni’s big ol’ floppin’ titties as she tries to hit that shuttlecock. They need to be slow-motioned. ;-)

    Also the excellent pics of Alessandra Derya in ths most recent blog. I think her lips are very kissable, but those HH boobs, oh, yeah!

    I found some more pics of Sapphire (DivineBreasts.com), recently added to Juggmaster.com. Other favorites of this blog can also be found there, such as Samantha 38GG, Maria Moore, Denise Davies, Kiki, Tristal, Missy, and many more. Check ot their free DVD previews.

  6. Amanda 85H is truly striking. I wish I could tell you where I found the gallery of her washing a car, using her breasts as sponges. Amazingly sexy, and I don’t usually go in for silliness. This bit with the cane is rather dumb; I would prefer to see those beautiful breasts hang loose in all their glory. Hope to see more of her soon!

  7. My boob site is I think only the real site which have real good big boobs. Others claim big boobs but do not have. However there is one lacking on this site that it does not have real Indian boobs which are the true beauty of the world. Indian boobs are neither white nor black but in between them and true lovely natureal thing

  8. I got the chance to have a “date” with Samanthajayne when she came to my town in the US, and she has the biggest fucking tits I’ve ever seen. I spent a 10 minutes just looking at them, I was so stunned. Of course, it wasnt’ long before I had to suck on them. The best part was, she let me cum all over those huge mountains! I highly recommend.

  9. Just wondering where samantha jayne is now. I see pics of here in ads for escorts in colorado but I don’t think its her. Is it fake?

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