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When I blogged Rachel Aldana topless for the first time just a week ago today, I knew that she and her massive JJ-cup breasts standing in stark contrast to that slim-n-stacked body would be an instant hit. The comments and e-mails came pouring in with praise for this unusually busty young girl who finally got her tits out two years after the good folk at Guinness Book of World Records had briefly credited 32JJ Rachel as having the biggest natural breasts in Britain. Most of your comments embodied exhortations to show more of this slender, huge-breasted, well-endowed wonder of nature here on MyBoobSite. Not being one to withhold such a female filled with busty goodness from my dear readers, here’s a behind the scenes shot from Ms. Aldana’s latest photo session at PinUpGlam

Rachel Aldana 32JJ big tits at PinUpGlam.com

…however, there were a number of comments casting doubt upon the veracity of Rachel’s dimensions, claiming that the size and contour of her huge breasts had been digitally enhanced. Having seen previous photos from Rachel’s time in the limelight two years ago, I knew this not to be the case. However, there’s just no telling some people, is there? They pass a busty girl in the street, and they automatically assume she’s had a boob-job. They see a photo of a beautiful huge tits model, and they instantaneously jump to the conclusion that there’s some diabolical breast expansion alchemy at play.

Granted, I’ll agree that some of the photos over at PinUpFiles do have the appearance of having been touched up a bit, but that’s really the whole point of their retro pin-up style, isn’t it? It hearkening back to the days when you could just amble down to your local garage and see a profusion of posters featuring big-breasted babes covering the walls (before political correctness stepped in an branded the practice as sexist). However, they DO NOT enlarge the breasts in their pursuit of this retro-pinup poster-perfect look of days gone by. It’s strictly cosmetic in a manner of a woman applying make-up, albeit digitally (and, yes, even full-body make-up was the defacto standard in the olden days of porn).

Sometimes, it’s not even a deliberate PhotoShop job that’s the culprit of such image enhancement. For example, my own digital camera automatically engages a convolution filter to even out the subject’s skin tones and smooth the background when I’m shooting in portrait mode in order to increase visual emphasis upon the model. Thus, even though my own pics are not PhotoShopped in the least, they can still have that tell-tale appearance of processed pixels due to the automated digital image processing built-in to the camera.

But why am I banging on about this anyway? Why can’t people just be content to behold the wonder of big breasts without casting unfounded and ill-informed aspersions toward these thoughtful, lovely women who are kind enough to show us their tits?! It’s the overtly confrontational attitude that bugs me the most – being faced with a thing of great beauty and having to find something, anything, wrong with it. I can only surmise that there’s jealousy afoot when I encounter this behaviour, an arguably useless emotion if there ever was one, simply acting as a mirror reflecting the individual’s own discontent. How can one look at huge breasts and not simply be overcome with a feeling of warm, nurturing contentment? C’mon guys – boobs are fun! Like tequila, tits make you happy! And ogling breasts can even increase your lifespan (but that’s another story altogether).

It’s sad what some models like Jana Defi have to go through in order to prove to such dissenters that her tits are real. It’s always the slim & stacked ones, too, isn’t it? I guess these people simply refuse to believe that a slender girls can be blessed with such profoundly magnificent mammaries amongst their God-given assets. Me? I don’t question a thing. In the depths of my breast-obsession, I need merely look at pair of big tits to appreciate their unique aesthetics – no questions asked – and feel the world would be a better place, and models more readily encouraged to reveal the treasure of their chests, if we all did the same. I promise I’ll stop ranting…now.

Speaking of breast aesthetics, 32JJ Rachel Aldana does indeed have some unique characteristics of her own in the tits department. The 20-year-old hairdresser from Northants has breasts which appear remarkably firm for their enormous size, no doubt a by-product of her youth. However, for having such huge boobs, Rachel has endearingly small areolas topped by perpetually pert nipples which stand as attention as if to express their excitement in at long last being uncovered for all the world to see. The sheer mammary mass of her JJ-cup juggs is such that cleavage is unavoidable, lest she lie on her back and allow gravity to take hold of those huge mounds of breast-meat and drag them dangling deliciously to her sides. Oh, to rest one’s head between breasts like that would be heaven on Earth. And to then reach one hand around to either side and compress her copious cleavage around my face only to be entirely enveloped and smothered in breast-flesh would make me die a happy man. *sigh*

There. See? It is possible to find true wonder in tits without resorting to negativity! Then again, I’ve had the benefit of seeing Rachel’s new HD video over at PinUpGlam. ;~) It’s the first in a series of videos that will chronicle a day in the life of Rachel Aldana. This first one starts off with Rachel in bed (which is where she’d stay all day if I had my way) and features leisurely, lingering shots of the stunning Rachel and her JJ-cup breasts close-up and afar. Also, I’m hoping that these videos will help put to bed (as it were) the idea that Rachel has to rely upon any form of enhancement to complement her 100% natural beauty! And so, I bid you adieu for the weekend with these splendid video clips of 32JJ Rachel Aldana (with the hope that these clips can do her justice, as the actual video on the site is a breast-defying 852×480 resolution) in her mammary movie debut at PinUpGlam.com:

Rachel Aldana videos at PinUpGlam.com    Rachel Aldana videos at PinUpGlam.com

Rachel Aldana videos at PinUpGlam.com    Rachel Aldana videos at PinUpGlam.com

(note: actual video downloadable from the site is 852×480 high-resolution)



(note: PinUpGlam has since been merged into PinUpFiles)

132 thoughts on “Rachel Aldana Videos”

  1. Damn Reese you have done it again. She is damn near perfect. Beautiul face, sexy body, nice long hair, and big tits of course. The one thing that would make her totally perfect was if her areolas were bigger. As you have mentioned in the past her areolas don’t quite match her tits in size. I have come up with a solution to this. I will be will to knock her up and in turn this should make her areolas larger. If she does get pregnant I hope it is soon as milking tits and all would make her that much more irresistable.

  2. Guys,

    As founding member of the 30jjgc club I present a motion to classify Rachel as a 30jjgc breast bunny. Do I have a second and third and a carrier? Jes you have a one vote mate please do not let me down. Any one else? This should be the easist vote.

    This girl is amazing!

  3. I have also seen the whole video and some of the close-up shots of her amazing breasts almost defy description, especially the ones where she’s on her side as shown in the two bottom vidcaps above. Amazing!

  4. Thank you for posting more pics of Rachel to help answer our questions about her. The first set wasn’t a good choice for her introduction on your blog. As you yourself said, “I’ll agree that some of the photos over at PinUpFiles do have the appearance of having been touched up a bit.” I wasn’t aware of PinUpFiles’ practice of airbrushing their models, and I have to admit that it’s a complete turn-off. The airbrushing was the main problem, but Rachel’s breasts do have an unreal look to them.

  5. Rachel’s breasts are as real as they come and just plain massive and lovely WOW!! Thanks Rachel and thanks Reese …. I volunteer to be Rachel’s bra fitter :)

  6. This young woman looks totally different from her previous photo shoot. She looks very real…and very very well endowed. :)

    Please do not wake me from this dream…

  7. Gentlemen, I think we have a new winner.

    Those are some of the sexiest, hottest video clips I have ever seen- and that means a lot coming from someone like me who LOVES big-breasted hardcore. Her just moving, laying there… just so damn hot.

    I second… or third or whatever! She could be the poster girl- the mascot- of the 30jjgc club!

  8. This is definitely the new girl on the block and it is going to be pretty tough to get any better than her. She has the perfect breasts and body ratio and she just happens to be gorgeous. I love the dark hair and eyes combo. She is ranked No1 at the moment. Bring it on girls!

  9. Absolutely stunning. All Rachel does is take off her top and lie down, and I am completely blown away. That mere mortals such as ourselves are privileged enough to witness such perfection. Words fail me…

  10. Quite simply Rachel is a gift from God. Its probably just a matter of time until she has her own website where we can all see a whole lot more of this gorgeous girl.

  11. WOW Reese ! as usually you blog the most beautiful girls on the earth!! and this girl is heavenlly perfect… heavenlly tits… heavenlly nipples !!
    perky perky nipples… I die for them !! Rachel pls I am here from you babe!
    love from buenos aires!

  12. I call immediately for some sort of big-boob advent calendar counting down the date that those other big-boobed Brits turn legal age. Oh man.

  13. Well, motion carried,

    Vadd, no one can ever accuse me of not listening to the other members. You have spoken and 30jjgc have duly apppointed Miss Rachel Aldana our first 30JJGC bunny and mascot.

    She is beautiful! This girl is going to make some real cash. Those assests cannot be bought. Only nature can make the real thing as only nature knows how. Guys, I wish I could share the thoughts in my head about this girl but I better not as someone will call the police. I don’t even trust myself. This girl is turning me all weird.

  14. I have nerver seen like this pair of big melons she has
    perfect body in this age and every body likes to dream come true to pass some moments with Reese……..

  15. Guys,

    Motion carried. She is the new mascot and the first 30JJGC bunny girl.

    If there is an eve this girl is what she would look like in big boobed heaven!

  16. Yes, the new video of her in that gold blouse is breathtaking. I don’t think a woman like her can walk into a pub for a drink, the harassment would be too much, from horny guys and envious women. What a fox. I’ve been a tit man all my life, and I have to say that Rachel is the BEST busty model I have ever seen in my life. Yes, my life. She needs to branch off and get her own site ASAP.

  17. Sam,
    Good goin’! So, now that she is the “mascot”… now what? I think those thoughts you have in your head are pretty close to what I have in mine! We should compair notes!

  18. It’s a bit sad that, as she says in the above linked video, most people don’t see past the (admittedly amazing) tits. Hopefully she can be strong about it and realize how beautiful she is as a whole.

  19. Anon: agreed. On the other hand, all of us wouldn’t have been here if we didn’t love big tits… It’s complicated.
    Simon: I like her nipples very much – they seem rather suckable to me. Bear in mind she’s just 18.

  20. Rachel Aldana is amazing.
    She seems to be a nice lass.
    I one day wish to fly to the UK to meet her. (I live in Aus)
    You never know what might happen ;)

    One Million Kudo’s to Reese for the find. She is truly amazing.

    Oh btw.
    This is my first comment on MyBoobSite.
    I’ve been a viewer for quite some time.
    And I think Rachel Aldana well deserves my first comment.

    Keep up the great work Reese,
    Oh, and more of this beaut. :D


  21. I read comments on this site but no body know the reality of her reese have alot sex inside her but the fact is to find in her…….

  22. I hope she does another photo&video session!!! Boy that girl has a lot of potential :). She is so lucky! She can get rich just showing off her devine body!

    Bless her! :-)

    Rachel you rock!


  23. Hey thanks! good work, I joined pinupglam.com as a result, but I was really disappointeed with their pics. behind the scenes stuff, but im not sure what they were behind the scenes of! and the video, she never even touches her own boobs! Criminal, and then a whole load or arty black and white shots!!!

    Did I join the wrong site or something?



  25. whats her body stats?? 30jj-??-??


    she amazing, thing i would like to do with her!!!!

    well i just hope there are many lovely ladies who would like to shows some more.

  26. hi Rachel, very very beautiful amorous looks&eyes&skein& NICE BODY & VERY VERY VERY NICE bOObs ,please your e-mail sending to me.
    i love you Rachel


  27. as a designer myself, i can tell you now if done correctly no enhancements should be obvious or distorted.

    if you would like to see examples of how pros do it im more than happy to show people how to retouch photos professionally with photoshop to get that glam covergirl/boy look

    not that hard once you kno the tricks.

    just comment here, i’ll c it. :)

  28. Yes Rachel is the best thing to happen in a long time.Just in time w the Linsey dawn breast ruduction that I still havnt gotten over.Her face and eyes are great, the body curves are stunning.I know someone mentioned the areola: tit ratio but but Those juggs are huge! Im looking forward to seeing that ass.Im afraid it might not be up to par w her tits but then again how could it ?

  29. I envey you, if all I had to do was to look at huge breasts all day I may have stayed married but as luck would have it I am on the search for a bigger pair

  30. Shame on you Rachel. Your body is not an object that should be placed for public display. What will you earn by this? A few quick bucks…. fame…. titles like “slut” or “prostitute” but no respect…. no grace.

    You are beautiful and may God keep your name as beautiful as your body.

    God bless you.

  31. I read comments on this site but no body know the reality of her reese have alot sex inside her but the fact is to find in her…….
    I hope she does another photo&video session!!! Boy that girl has a lot of potential . She is so lucky! She can get rich just showing off her devine body!
    I joined pinupglam.com as a result, but I was really disappointeed with their pics. behind the scenes stuff, but im not sure what they were behind the scenes of! and the video, she never even touches her own boobs! Criminal, and then a whole load or arty black and white shots!!!

    Any chance of having some more pictures of this gorgeous babe


    bless her

  32. hands down rachel has the best body for real. huge tits, pretty face and slim waist. any dude who gets that is fucking lucky

  33. She’s gorgeous!!!
    A hair dresser you say? Do they cut men’s hair? I’d go for a hair cut, – if I had any. Perhaps a spit and a polish would do.


  34. Reese, you are truly the king of the whole booby website!!!
    Long live the King…
    Rachel, we bow before you, too…

  35. holy fucking shit those are the best ive ever seen holy fucking big tits.

    i want her so bad.

    hey sam i so 5th yur motioon

  36. Man If I had access to those humongous tits I would pound that shit into hamburger meat, until then my hand goes up and down and up and down on my hard massive 13inch cock

  37. Wow …quite nice. large natural breasts quite slim too just about right ! . Most girls must feel inadequate I am sure !! I wish her all the best with her modelling career. Keep on getting those tits out for us as much as possible . I dont think she should be allowed to get dressed. Its great to see a girl showing her nice chest off like this… full nude shots would be good hopefully she has a great pussy too.. i don’t suppose it would matter with a pair like that. go on though get your pussy on display too. Well done girl .. every credit to you keep on giving us more of those enormous breasts. Go girl keep doing what you are good at …thats showing us that rack. Poor thing she may get a bit of back ache or find it hard to get bras? Bless .. just stay naked and give us much much more of you!

  38. YOu are heaven sent. If ever i’ll be on a deserted island with someone. I want to be with you. Can’t help but fall in love with yoiu.

  39. I think we should start a campaign to get this beautiful girl into the FHM 100 Sexiest Women. Would be great for her to break into such a mainstream thing. Anyone know how you get nominated?

  40. fucking hell those are some big tits for such a slim woman, she is so beautiful too. shes the perfect package =D i mean what man wouldn’t want to get into bed with her?

  41. Amazing!!!!!!! If only she could show her pussy as well. I hope she’s kept it in its natural state. Go on Rachel show it to the world.

  42. they are incredible.women(with large beautiful breasts)are the best things god ever made.thank the for them.AND GOD BLESS EM!


  44. She is so much nicer than that Lindsey Dawn Mckensie. Her breasts are bigger and her areolas smaller. She also seems to be a much nicer girl

  45. ola alexandra poxa eu nao consigo dormir pensando em voce quando tive
    ontem hoje.cara voce e muito linda gostaria de ter um relacionamento com tigo me envia um tel contato tenho boa aparencia para um relacionamento com a sra ou senhorita

  46. hi rachel aldana,
    this is reza ,i adore your boobs this is my dream if i can suck your boobs and your pussy

    lots of love

  47. I have to admit, those are some of the biggest tits I ever saw. I love Rachel Aldana, I’m am one of her biggest fans. What’s cool about her she is so down to earth, another thing I like about her she enjoys what she do, she likes showing the world her beautiful brests, and they are 100% natural, you can’t get any better than that, and I thinks she is still getting bigger, which intel is great for me and big boob fans.

  48. Good information here. I really enjoy reading them every day. I’ve learned a lot from them.Thanks so much for sharing this information. Greatly help me being a newbie.

  49. i have always loved rachel aldana! from the first time i saw her pic on pin-up glam(i think she was wearing a golden colored top, and then a nude shot), i nearly dropped my jaw!!! she is just beautiful! she’s a real woman cause she’s got a really big pair of breasts! she’s not a hooker, she’s not a porn star & she’s definitely not a slut! she’s a very talented hairdresser & a very beautiful model! that’s why i like her! hopefully, she stays that way! much love to her!

  50. Rachel is the most attractive woman I have seen in my lifetime. Physically, she is the complete package. I don’t start my day until I look at her pictures.

  51. i would fuck that she has a hot body and a face that most people like her don’t have she doesn’t look as if she has done drugs or changed her body as if she thinks she is ugly

  52. Interesting about a possible addition to the family…guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I can’t imagine the problems she might have if she goes the breat feeding route, as my wife did and she was far from a M cup size and no, there are certain things a husband doesn’t share. Besides she reads here and I am not about to risk it. Best of luck to “mother”, baby”, now if “dad” will be around…

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