Reyna’s House – Think Big Brother but with more sex…

If you don’t mind me digressing back into busty redheads again (since last week saw Sapphire & Fairy grace these pages), I received an e-mail recently from a friendly young lady called Reyna saying that she’d come across my blogs and would love to submit some pics. Not being one ever to turn down free tits, I said, “Sure!” Soon thereafter, another e-mail arrived with a .zip file full of photos and, upon opening them, I discovered that this particular Reyna who’d been so kind as to share her big breasts with me was none other than the covergirl for Voluptuous magazine’s January 2007 issue!!

Reyna on the cover of Voluptuous magazine January 2007

Upon visiting her ReynasHouse website, I also discovered that this gorgeous green-eyed ginger had a bit of a kinky “reality show” thing going on! In addition to the over 4,000 photos & videos ranging from softcore to hardcore that you’ll find therein, she’s also installed four cameras in her house so that those of voyeuristic intention can spy on F-cup Reyna in her living room, office, bedroom & shower live 24/7! It’s a bit like Big Brother (which I haven’t watched since Kinga Karolczak was voted off by her housemates some years ago), but with far more sex. Oh, and Reyna also does some cam-tastic private shows via, and you get free access to the archived videos of these steamy webcam sessions when you join her site!

I must say that Reyna has made every effort to make her site a most intimate experience. Beyond relinquishing her personal privacy in the Big Brother tradition of live voyeur cams throughout the house, Reyna goes a step further by offering direct access to herself via her journal, e-mail, instant messaging and members’ chat! Apologies for my excessive enthusiasm, but any woman who would put so much into personalising her porn past the prefabricated format we have to endure on so many other adult sites is definitely deserving of high praise. Why, she even keeps an on-line diary of when she’ll be visiting various local bars or strip clubs so you can meet her in person!

So many thanks, Reyna, for contacting me and for opening the doors of your humble home to all. For the rest of you, here’s a handful of photos featuring 38F Reyna from

Reyna 38F from    Reyna 38F from    Reyna 38F from

Reyna 38F from    Reyna 38F from    Reyna 38F from

Reyna 38F from    Reyna 38F from    Reyna 38F from

Reyna 38F from    Reyna 38F from    Reyna 38F from


12 thoughts on “Reyna’s House – Think Big Brother but with more sex…”

  1. Sweet. Another gorgeous red head with beautiful breasts – very nice. Looks like she likes to have a lot of fun too.

  2. Those lips, those eyes, that hair and those wonderful big boobs..”Oh my, my. Oh hell, yes..” I like it.

  3. One of the things I love most about this blog is being introduced to new women like this. I have never heard of or seen this woman before and I am LOVIN’ HER! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    And what is better than a really hot, big-breasted woman to ogle at? A really hot, big-breasted REDHEAD to ogle at! And what is even better than a really hot, big-breasted REDHEAD to ogle at is one that does hardcore! I think I am in the minority here, but I love it when the big-tit godesses go hard-core. Faith was a huge and welcome surprise but sadly stopped. I hope to see more of this amazing woman!

  4. Vadd,

    You’re not alone mate, Redheds, I think, are a big secret that most men don’t admit to. In England we seem to have this cultural thing against redheds therefore we say we don’t like them but to be honest when you get a Redhead who is doing it, she is usually very special. Something to do with us not liking the CELTS. The order of lust hast to be dark, redhead then blonde.

    I call it the Liberal democrat effect; if all the second votes were put together they would win or; if everyone who said they would vote voted they would also win. Sapphire for example mate!


  5. Too right, this “new” find is a real gem. In a world of cookie-cutter women she stands out in several ways. Bravo Reese and Welcome Reyna!

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