Samantha 38G takes a holiday at Big Naturals

We all have to get away every now and again – even sexy Samantha38G…

Samantha38G at

…(who, it must be said, has a lovely on-line home of her own with plenty of gentleman callers as well as the occasional girlfriend dropping by for a visit (some of whom can get quite playful) and shed-loads of entertaining erotic toys which which to keep herself occupied (and, even if she does get a bit lonely from time to time, she can always chat with friends on her webcam!)).

For her most recent vacation, Sam decided to visit some of her old friends at BigNaturals (much like Faith did a couple of months ago). Whilst there, Sam made it a point to participate in all of those little fun-filled activities that make a holiday special: You know, things like eating hot dogs from a street vendor, pumping petrol, cruising around cleavage out in your shiny new Mercedes, flashing your panties in public, getting out in the sun and basting your big boobs in baby oil, meeting interesting new people, having a titfuck, giving a blowjob, getting your pussy penetrated by a prodigious penis and just basically having a fucking good time having plenty of time for a good fucking.

Realising how boring it is to have to sit through other peoples’ holiday snaps & vacation vids, however, I’ll not trouble you with the tedium of those. What? You say you want to see them anyway?! Okay, then, I suppose just a few won’t hurt. And so, here’s our lovely Samantha 38G with but a small selection of the many photos and videos shot during her outing at

Samantha38G photos from BigNaturals

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Samantha38G videos from BigNaturals

Samantha 38G videos at    Samantha 38G videos at

Samantha 38G videos at    Samantha 38G videos at



19 thoughts on “Samantha 38G takes a holiday at Big Naturals”

  1. Samantha,

    These pictures remind me of why being a teenage boy, years ago now, was fun when you learned that the bathroom door had lock on it.

    You look incedible, wasting time typing is killing me…………I am back now God that was good- I needed that!

  2. Samantha is a perfect example of a hot, super busty, smart, funny woman who does hard core and it just makes her THAT much more desirable! Great stuff from an amazing woman.

  3. I love sams work. she is so fuckin sexy. having sex with her or someone that looks like her is on my list of things to do before i die. sam is in my top 3 favorites.

  4. Samantha totally rulez…!!! :p

    I have been excited about here ever since I first sas some of her pics several years ago…and she just gets hotter and sexier…!! :D

  5. Samantha,
    You have never looked more beautiful, ever! And this is coming from a guy who thinks you’re a goddess anyway. That 1st pic is so hot, I could barely get it out of my pants in time. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. And, while we’re on the subject, could you do it with me too?

    love and lust forever!!

  6. I love that she’s one of those girls that just gets prettier every passing season. In fact, I think she also looks younger now than when I first saw her four years ago.

    Simply amazing!

  7. Samantha, you just keep on improving with age – you look more beautiful now than ever. I really love the second photo; you have the most perfect cleavage, and that is not something I say lightly.
    The hardcore scene looks great too. Above all, it looks like you are (both) really having fun. And that’s what sex should be all about.
    To my mind (and eyes), you are the complete busty blonde bombshell!

  8. No longer on imlive. they fired me for promoting my website which was the whole deal of me doing that site. So Reese please stop promoting me on that site. They went back on their word. Even though I was voted the fans top fav for several weeks after being fired.
    Now with but taking some time off until after the holidays are over.
    Have a hot hot hot scene coming up for all of you come Christmas time on my site that will WoW all of you.


  9. Samantha, nice clips on your site! Though I’d rather see you giving sloppy, oily tit/blowjobs as in the videos above. Agreed on the ideal weight, you look really fit and healty.

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