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And so it begins… But more on that later, as the really big boobs news is that 32F Shione Cooper is doing hardcore! Well, it’s the first time I’ve seen her beautiful breasts in a hardcore context, at least, since all we’ve had of her on MyBoobSite to date has been either as simply Shione, Shionne Cooper or Deborah nude in bed or showering her tits or naked outdoors or posing at Cel’s place. Her closest brush with hardcore came with that tit-to-tit girl-on-girl Sophie Mei lesbian shoot but, apart from some gentle nipple licking and getting her pussy out therein, it was relatively tame. So imagine my abject surprise at seeing sexy pierced goth girl Shione Cooper with cum on her tits for the first time ever over at the DDF Busty site!..

Shione Cooper gets cum on her tits at

…so how did Shione end up getting her tits jizzed in the first place? Well, we’ll get to that in a moment as I first wish to address the “and so it begins” aside I’d made at the beginning of this boob blog post. Remember my recent rant on hardcore porn censorship? Well, it seems DDF Busty has been leading the way in this self-imposed censorship movement! No longer will we get to see a veiny penis poised for pussy penetration as we did in my last DDF blog but, rather, have all our cock and cunt shots censored until we opt for membership at the site…

Veiny cock cunt coitus inevitable and uncensored at    Hardcore tit-sucking threesome sex censored at point of penetration at

…but, having seen DDF‘s first hardcore censored galleries, I now find myself in two minds about this as far as MyBoobSite is concerned. I know a fair few of my dear readers come here for the tits alone having little or no interest in hardcore porn and, since breasts remain largely uncensored – i.e. tit-sucking is fine but a busty titfuck will result in a pixellated penis (wonder if they’ve got an ointment for that?) or blurry cleavage at the point of penetration – it’s just the hardcore breast sex that’s affected.

Then again, being the hardcore fan of hardcore porn that I am, I want to see a titfuck or a blowjob or coitus in all its graphic genital glory (which is why I could never get into Japanese porn) and, even if we say fuck the hardcore for a moment and focus on sexy solo softcore situations, I need to see a girl’s pussy as well as her tits before I’ll sign up for a site. As I’ve said before, I’m perfectly willing to pay for porn I like but, please, at least give me one erotic example of the full package upon which to base my decision!

But this isn’t about my porn preferences, it’s about yours. So what say you all with regard to this move toward self-imposed porn censorship in hardcore preview galleries? Sure, if you become a member, you get to see said photos and videos in all their uncensored hardcore wonder (unlike porn’s Eastern contingent), but are these censored previews enough? Have a look at these photos and videos of Shione Cooper revealing how this sexy goth girl with big boobs came to get cum on her tits in her first hardcore series for and let me know what you think…

Shione Cooper Hardcore Photos from DDFbusty

Shione Cooper hardcore at    Shione Cooper hardcore at    Shione Cooper hardcore at

Shione Cooper hardcore at    Shione Cooper hardcore at    Shione Cooper hardcore at

Shione Cooper hardcore at    Shione Cooper hardcore at    Shione Cooper hardcore at

Shione Cooper hardcore at    Shione Cooper hardcore at    Shione Cooper hardcore at

Shione Cooper hardcore at    Shione Cooper hardcore at    Shione Cooper hardcore at

Shione Cooper Hardcore Photos from DDFbusty

Shione Cooper hardcore videos from

…and, just to give you a good feel for how the new gallery censorship affects porn previews of the non-hardcore variety, here’s a voluptuous selection of large breast softcore and busty girl-on-girl lesbian boob and pussy play photos and videos starring Sophie Mei, Sandy, Tifany & Carol, Michelle Monaghan, Zuzana D, Jasmine Black & Rye, Brook Little aka Brookie G and Anna Beck aka Venus aka Eva from

Big Boobs Photo Galleries from DDFBusty

Sophie Mei at    Sophie Mei at    Sophie Mei at

Sandy at    Sandy at    Sandy at

Tifany & Carol at    Tifany & Carol at    Tifany & Carol at

Michelle Monaghan at    Michelle Monaghan at    Michelle Monaghan at

Zuzana D at    Zuzana D at    Zuzana D at

Jasmine Black & Rye at    Jasmine Black & Rye at    Jasmine Black & Rye at

Brook Little aka Brookie G at    Brook Little aka Brookie G at    Brook Little aka Brookie G at

Anna Beck aka Venus aka Eva at    Anna Beck aka Venus aka Eva at    Anna Beck aka Venus aka Eva at

Big Boobs Video Galleries from DDFBusty

Sophie Mei videos at    Sophie Mei videos at

Sandy videos at    Sandy videos at

Tifany & Carol videos at    Tifany & Carol videos at

Michelle Monaghan videos at    Michelle Monaghan videos at

Zuzana D videos at    Zuzana D videos at

Jasmine Black & Rye videos at    Jasmine Black & Rye videos at

Brook Little aka Brookie G videos at    Brook Little aka Brookie G videos at

Anna Beck aka Venus aka Eva videos at    Anna Beck aka Venus aka Eva videos at



13 thoughts on “Shione Cooper Hardcore + DDFbusty”

  1. Agreed with Xan. On the topic of Shione, I want to say how much I love pic 9: it’s that combo of womanly body, baby face, and totally depraved expression that encapsulates everything I love about her.

  2. Ummm…just so ya know, Shione has done LOTS AND LOTS of hardcore scenes…

    google Shione Cooper Hardcore. You’ll be surprised. She’s done bukkake scenes and all kinds of stuff…

  3. ive seen shione do a bukkake scene on some spanish site, and anal not sure where though. google video searh it, its easy to find.
    i agree with the anti censorship too, sites need to give a decent taste of what they offer or people will just desert them.

  4. about censorship – IT SUCKS!! ALL OF IT SUCKS!! I’m not going to subscribe to the site for the “treat” of seeing what’s been censored in the freebies. I’m going to subscribe because the content’s good…plain & simple. FUCK censorship!

  5. This move will surely backfire. To some of us who are exposed to Japanese “mosaiced” adult videos, this will not come as a shocker. It is interesting to note, however, that there is a trend now in Japanese adult videos to go uncensored. Big-boobed gals like Meisa Hanai, Neiro Suzuka, and Reiko Nakamori now have uncensored videos. And mind you, Japanese women (even those with medium-sized tits) in the adult industry are, in my opinion, the best titfuckers around.

    This move (pixelated genitals) smacks of greed. I wouldn’t part with my hard-earned money without seeing the real thing first. I fully agree with you that even when I have seen the trailer or preview uncensored, I will be already satisfied; if I happen to like it, I will buy it.

    Our decision-making process is not determined solely by “appetite-whetting” would-be buyers or by withholding the real thing.

    I think that this is a desperation move on the part of certain producers. I think that they should be more imaginative and creative in their marketing efforts. This “pixelation” scheme is a product of a dull mind of incompetent marketers.

  6. lol@ these comments they are only censoring the guys penis! i dont mind if they do that lol her breasts arent censored(which is the reason y we joined the site in the first place) so im not mad at it at all. and btw reese where u been man shione is a hardcore boneRfied pornstar she done it all !!

  7. maybe they should censor the frickin male model. He looks like he wants to kill someone, what fun is that? I hate the whole “thug” shtick.

  8. @ RazeTastic: Imagine my surprise when I ran across this video > < of Shione doing hardcore. WTF? I'd be willing to bet that more than half of all of us who frequent this site would be a better choice! For the life of me I can't figure out why they picked him to do the scene, other than to say 'Hey, everyone has a shot!' Shione looks absolutely stunning (as usual) and he's a 50-something overweight dirtball with way too much back hair and a not-so-porn-star penis. Sorry for the rant, but hell yes, I'm jealous.

  9. WTF do they always have to have a black guy? There are enough white guys out there that would probably do the shoot (No pun intended) for nothing!!

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