Skinny chicks, plumpers & regular-sized women…

Today’s blog was prompted by a comment Ayrton made on my recent “Busty Merilyn Sakova joins Alicia 32JJ” blog: He’d observed, “I notice so many posts that think Anya / Merilyn and some of the other girls are too skinny. Isn’t there any other guys like me that find overweight girls unattractive no matter how big the tits?”

I suppose it depends entirely upon how you define “overweight”. The same would hold true for our perception of an “underweight” woman, although I must say that such a distinction only seems to be afforded to those suffering severe anorexia nervosa in the majority of today’s society. It’s all a matter of personal preference, imho.

In Merilyn’s case, I’d personally say that she’s a bit too skinny for me, preferring just a small triangle of light to show between the pubic region and where the thighs meet (which hers don’t). In agreement with Ayrton, however, I wouldn’t necessarily say Merilyn has a bony ass (although small, I think it’s nicely-rounded).

But, despite her slight frame, I certainly wouldn’t throw Merilyn out of bed. I’m thinking that it might have something to do with the 32G boobs, though, as the rest of the package just isn’t “womanly” enough for me (which is odd, because I find Princessa to be a total stunner, even though she sports a similar build to Merilyn’s).

With so much conflict running rampant within myself, how can I ever hope to understand the proclivities of anyone else? And what does it matter, really?! It’s all about tits, here!! So, for the thin-o-philes amongst you, here are a few video clips of underweight contender Busty Merilyn Sakova getting herself off in the jacuzzi:

Busty Merilyn Sakova 32G at    Busty Merilyn Sakova 32G at

Busty Merilyn Sakova 32G at    Busty Merilyn Sakova 32G at    Busty Merilyn Sakova 32G at

Busty Merilyn Sakova 32G at    Busty Merilyn Sakova 32G at


Now, when it comes to “overweight”, I guess my definition would be a woman of average height who weighs in excess of 14st (just under 200lbs). Anything less is just pleasingly plump to me, occasionally earning me the title of “chubby-chaser”. Of course, there have to be large breasts to balance out the overall body shape.

While plumpers like BBW Xtasy fall right up at the top of my range, I’d be hard pressed to choose if both she and Princessa were standing naked in front of me for the taking. The obvious choice would be to take them both, but I fear the delicate looking Princessa might break in the proceedings. Score one for women of substance. ;~)

Another good example of chubby, but someone I’d not consider overweight, is 44G Sophie from Kinky Voluptuous. She’s a big woman, to be sure, but I feel her physical features are fairly balanced in overall proportion. Besides, she’s a blonde with big G-cup tits! And, uncharacteristically for me, I think she has a rather nice ass, too:

Sophie 44G of    Sophie 44G of    Sophie 44G of

Sophie 44G of    Sophie 44G of    Sophie 44G of


Which brings me at last to what I consider to be “regular-sized” women; the not-too-skinny, not-too-fat median range that seems to beset females of a certain age (typically in the 30s) or after childbirth. Be thee warned, skinny-seekers, as a lot of the ladies you worship now may well fall into this category a decade or so down the road!

As for me, although I thoroughly enjoy pumping plumpers like Sophie every now and again and wouldn’t say no to skinny chicks like Merilyn, it’s these “average” women that I find to be the greatest turn-on of all. With just enough curves to be comfortable, it’s this last classification of women with whom I’d want to settle in for the long haul.

Not surprisingly, a lot of the ladies I feature on MyBoobSite seem to fit squarely into this category: Maria Moore & Heather Michaels are prime examples, Samantha Anderson (since she lost the weight from her early days in porn) & Alicia (even though she tends to hide her slightly-pudgy belly), Davina and even my very own Vix!

But who better to illustrate the wonder that is regular-sized women than Busty Brits‘ Imogen? Ever since I first encountered her late in the last century, this blonde beauty with all-natural 38GG boobs has epitomized my personal ideal of a “real woman”:

Imogen 38GG of    Imogen 38GG of    Imogen 38GG of

Imogen 38GG of    Imogen 38GG of    Imogen 38GG of


20 thoughts on “Skinny chicks, plumpers & regular-sized women…”

  1. u dont consider sophie overweight???? I think she is. Wouldn’t she fit into your bbw block much better anyway?
    imogen and merilyn, no doubt they’re gorgeous

  2. Sophie may be “overweight” from a conventional body mass index perspective, but I’m simply saying that she’s not too fat for me to find her attractive. She’s definitely a good candidate for MyBBWSite, but I just wanted to use her here as an example of the higher end of my preference range.

    ~Reese! :~)

  3. Newcomer to the site and it’s amazing Reese – thanks!

    OK – Merilyn, Jana, Alicia – they are all fantastic and their juggs are absolutely incredible. But I must say that the slight Milena Velba has received on your site is a little saddening. I know you can’t profile EVERY mega-jugged babe (though we can always hope), but I’d love to see Milena profiled and chronicled here. Is the snub intentional? Why wouldn’t the reiging queen (IMHO) get any play?

    Thanks again!

  4. LovintheBigOnes~

    Thanks for the comments! Re: Milena, however…to cut a very long story short, blame her photographer. :~(

    ~Reese! :~)

  5. If Reese has an upper limit of 14st or 196 lb or 89kg, then he had better forget the Thai “Miss Jumbo Universe” women. See this:
    Besides, Thai women are flat-chested (except for the grossly overinflated girls).

    But in my book, which seems to reflect the judgment of many others, any woman under 200 to 220 pounds or 91 to 100 kg is really not a BBW but a plumper. It’s only above that range where you find the true BBWs and SSBBWs. BBWs seem to occupy the 200lb / 100kg to 330lb / 150kg range, and above that the SSBBWs. But a lot depends on the height and body frame size, and how it’s distributed on her body. And Really Big Tits often come on Really Big Women, as Reese has mentioned.

    Which reminds me of this afternoon. I was waiting in line (a queue in the UK) at the bank when a buxom woman came up behind me and I glanced behind me and saw her ample cleavage. She was standing there, talking loudly on he cell phone, and I turned back around and tried to ignore her. But she blah-blah bucket-mouthed for the whole 15 minutes we were waiting, and after about ten minutes I was about ready to turn around and tell her to shut up! Most likely the other people wanted to, too! Geez!

    But back to Merilyn. She’s too skinny, but there’s always hope. She’ll probably gain weight after having a kid, and there’s a good chance that those magnificent mammaries might grow even bigger, too. Whereas with an obese woman, it’s not likely that she’ll lose weight and keep it off. However, recently at work, I’ve seen several women lose a lot of weight by having stomach surgery. One woman, who had big boobs before, has lost a lot up top, but she has also lost some medical problems.

    So I hope to see more of Christina on mybbwsite, who’s one big mama, but has a really great set of boobs, especially while she’s milking. And less of Maxi, who’s really not a BBW at all, but just looks a bit like it while she’s PG. And more and more female buddhas, with bellies heavy with child, and boobs growing bigger and bigger, and squirting milk, just like Alicia. Yeah!

  6. Who out there reading this is complaining about skinny chicks with tits?
    If you were a real man, you’d shut up and just stare at her boobs.
    Because, like Reese said, (paraphrases) “BOOBS GOOD! Me love boobies”

  7. An interesting metric to use to determnine where our allegiances really lie is the Body Mass Index – check out
    As much as I enjoy large (in my book DD and above) breasts, I not a fan of overhanging guts, droopy tits, or cellulite on the thighs. Rebecca and Rosemarie Hillcrest seem great and Playboy should do more of these types of ladies. BMI 22+ all the way!!

  8. There’s nothing wrong with showing girls in the stacked and skinny category like Merilyn. She’s got a great body. My only problem with her — and it would be great if you communicated this to her people — is the look on her face. She’s always trying for this “porno star orgasmic look” or this “I want to suck your cock” look. What she needs to do is smile and show that she is having fun and that she knows guys like us are digging her big breats and jerking off while looking at her photos. Only in the wmv file 06 in today’s blog does she do that and at the very end. Just look at all of Melina Velba’s photos or Bea Flora’s. They always have this sly smile they are making at the camera that tells you not only are they enjoying themselves by posing for us, but that they know what we are doing!

  9. Hey Reese – what’s up with Nicole Peters these days? Have not seen much on her lately. Man is she sweet and delicious.

  10. Firstly, Love the site, have been a fan for quite a while but didn’t want to blog because I thought, mistakenly, that it was American. I can’t stand them. But, to my delight I found out it was English. Keep up the good work!

    Right, I think I can bring some breast suedo-scientific formulae to the table which will reconcile the great debate. I have always loved large breasts and have never ever missed the opportunity to admire them whether out in public or elsewhere. But, as I got older I refined the admiration. Obviously there are preferences but, they can be accomodated depending on your preference perspective.

    Firstly, there is the object- big breasts. The pure big breast men love big breasts and thats it. But even the pure breast-man will have other kinks- he does not live in a sexual void, he will have other influences. Example, myself, which even though I believe I am purest of all, I am still subject to other influences. I like big breasts the bigger the better but I have a preference to smaller women I do not like BBWs, who I believe belong to a completely different sexual preference. I realised that what I liked was in fact contrast- breasts size over body size. So, if I saw a really fat lady with really large breasts I did not so much as feel a tickle. But, if I saw a woman of medium build, or smaller, with breasts smaller than the first woman but in proportion to her body size bigger breasts it would start causing me all sorts of problems- I think everyone knows what I mean.

    So, let’s define the categories there are three types of of guys like ourselves, firstly: the contrast lovers who like the size of breasts in relation to body size. I will call thoses the pure breastmen. Secondly, you have the, I love big breasts regardless of the size of the possessor. Thirdly you have the BBW lover who likes BBW with big breasts.

    There are two issues to clear up before I can go on because you have the anomolies, BBW lover isn’t really a breastman but, like I said before, we do not live in a void so there will be over lap. But, one of the collective reasons he likes BBW is because they, more often than not, have big breasts. Is he really a pure Breastman, I suggest not but I belive he does belong to the brotherhood. Second point is the breastman who would say he is the purest of all; the ‘I love big breasts regardless of the size of the possessor.’ Yes he would seem to be the purest because he loves them regardless but I would disagree. Why? Because size is going to be relative, and if you take this example to its extreme you will find that he will admire a BBW. So, I conclude that even though at first glance he would be the purest kind of big breastman he is not. Because his preference would ultimately take him into another catergory. Example, If you reversed the situation, it would be like BBW man looking on a big breasts website in the hope that there will be some BBWs becuase BBW have big breasts- which isn’t always the case.

    Now I believe that the contraster, such as myself, is the purest form of breastman because none of my extremes take me into another category and enables me to love and admire woman of most shapes without wondering into another mans patch. Because size is relative, the contrast will always give me a range, within reason, but firmly keep me where I belong and where I believe this site has done, more than other big breast sites, admiring women of quite a good range from slim to plump. Examples are and I love all these woman dearly and equally, Eden More and Samanth 38G at one end, Lorna Morgan and Chloe in the middle and Princessa/Jana at the other. I believe that this site has followed that policy and that is why I have remained ever since. Why no milena Velba though?


  11. One problem I have with BBW is that I only weigh 150 lbs. I’m not interested in a woman bigger than me. Also, I believe in staying in shape and to be honest, having big tits doesn’t offset someone who is too lazy to work out.

  12. Hey, trying again: I didn’t see my last post about this subject. Merilyn is HOT but please somebody tell her to grow her pubic hair back. This bald fetish is just not sexy. It makes a curvy WOMAN look like a little girl and defeats her sexiness. It’s like, you look at Merilyn’s mouth, amazing, then you look at her breasts and you can’t believe your good fortune and then you look at her peach and all the excitement that came before (no pun intended) completey fizzles. Stop shaving your sweet spot, Merilyn and be the beautiful natural woman that you are!

  13. I hear ya guys :-) What i have to say….Im a friend of our beautiful Merilyn and I read all ur posts and I will tell her about all of you :-) and ur posts. Found this site accidently and i totaly love it. Thanks Reese.
    I did some sets for Score too, so soon you will be able to see one more busty chick but not Merilyn’s type lol Im more curvy ( look for Jelena ). Yes lol thats me :-) And f*ck thats not advertising. I just want u to know about me :-) yep im far away from being modest ;-) wink. Well i do really agree with all of u, coz I know british guys do like more curvy girls so u all think Merilyn is too slim =) personaly I adore her look. For those who wants more *meat* – I need to clarify : Score Mag – slim girls with big tits, thin waist. Voluptuous – for curvy voluptuous ladies, XL- for those who wants plumpers, so I guess u dont have to attack Merilyn for being slim :-) she fits theme of mag! If you do have any personal questions or comments addressing to Merilyn – feel free to email me at and I will pass ur emails to her, beware to send emails kinda “i love u – marry me” cmon be more creative ;) lol P.S – for those who doesnt believe me and Merilyn are friends – lately i will post a link with a pic of me and her. Stay cool guys! xxx

  14. Will we ever see Imogen again? I like many of you agree that she sets the standard for beauty and boobs…

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