Credit where credit is due…

It was my mate, Cel – from – who’d found the gallery of Sapphire photos that I’d posted in yesterday’s blog (thanks again, Cel!). We’d been discussing Sapphire’s re-emergence on the scene, after he’d reminded me of her prior work with Score a few years ago. After sending me the pics, Cel said, “Add 30 pounds and two or three bra sizes, and that’s what she is like now. Wooo!” And I whole-heartedly concur.

Honestly, Cel’s the consummate tit man, even moreso than myself, as is constantly demonstrated on his XX-Cel website. There, he gets into women of all shapes and sizes, provided they share one common trait: huge, natural boobs. In thanks for his efforts in finding the earlier Sapphire shots, I thought it only fair to feature three of his latest finds, two of which fall toward the larger end of the scale. While the latter two may rightly fall into the BBW category, the fact that Cel’s site has something to appeal to every big breast lover prompted me to feature them here.

While I generally prefer to stick with the “F-cup & up” women on MyBoobSite, Cel’s cup size standards seem to range anywhere from E to J. Falling on the low end of that scale is 29-year-old Camelia, a mere 36E, who joined the site because she was a friend of 36FF Joana

Camelia 36E at    Camelia 36E at    Camelia 36E at


…moving up several notches, both in breast size and weight, we have XX-Cel’s first black model: Mariana. Hailing from the Ivory Coast, this uninhibited 20-year-old already sports an impressive 38HH pair of tits! I, for one, am most keen to see how she “develops” in the coming years. ;~) But, for now, here are some samples from Mariana’s very first topless photo shoot…

Mariana 38HH at    Mariana 38HH at    Mariana 38HH at


…and, finally, we have the lovely Kapucine, who’s made many a headline through France’s “Miss Plump” contest. And, curiously, considering that is France’s #1 big boobs site, she’s the first French model ever to be featured there. Here are a few pics of Kapucine showing off her humongous 42H hooters…

Kapucine 42H at    Kapucine 42H at    Kapucine 42H at


…but, to my mind, this post just wouldn’t be complete without seeing some of these massive mammaries in motion. Thus, I’ve prepared the following video clips featuring 38HH Marina and 42H Kapucine, cobbled together from their full-length, 640×480 resolution videos on

Mariana 38HH Video at    Kapucine 42H Video at


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12 Responses to “Credit where credit is due…”

  1. Tom Says:

    Awesome post, let me be the first to say thanks !!!
    Pics and vids are great, it seems woman like Kapucine must go to sea with a fully bag of cream to cover her humongous boobs !
    I didn’t thought french people could have their own sam38g :-D
    The fact that a woman could have natural tits that big and there still so firm is amazing,
    xx-cel is really one of my favourite.

  2. Aficianado Says:

    She’s too thick for my tastes but the very first photo is a home run in terms of allure, lighting and presentation!

  3. Aficionado Says:

    Oh, and I’d like to take Camelia home with me…she looks a lot like my girlfriend, who is Italian…thanks for the super-sized photos.

  4. colin Says:

    great post, three new models in your directory !

  5. John Says:

    Great work so far, and I think the poundage did Sapphire right. I mean, who cares if the nips are pointing south, if you’re under them, where else would you want them pointing? West? North?
    But, what I’d like to know, is who are the tits that this woman belongs to?

  6. kurth Says:

    Camelia has got great tits!!! Lovely nipps

  7. colin Says:

    John, the girl on this video is Linsey McKenzie who has sadly reduced her breasts …no comment !

  8. Reese Says:


    Here’s a link to Linsey.

    ~Reese! :~)

  9. Big Montie Says:

    Hey, chin up, the new deflated Linsey isn’t so bad. I was expecting that horrible scar down the front of her breasts, not to mention the moved areolas/nipples. But no, she just looks smaller…in the bust (her face has definately gotten bigger and uglier.) This makes me believe that her breasts were actually implants (behing ample naturals) from the beginning. This isn’t so bad, she just wanted to go back to her normal, but still very large, breast size, as she begins her transition to being a normal mother. Children will often make a women tone their sexuality down, hell the kid did her face no favors.
    BTW, Wow, how much breast are shown in Brit newspapers. I know that you have your (overrated) page 3 girls, but having Linsey in the regular news section must really wake you up. Why doesn’t Financial Times have nude busty women, the papers already pink.

  10. southace Says:

    That’s what i’m talking about. Kapucine has the most amazing set. Perfect size and weight. Stunning.!!!!!!! Anyone know where else i can see her…….

  11. salim Says:


  12. Impudicus Says:

    Camelia is very beautifull, I ll love to play with her tits, gr8 boobies.

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