Alicia Loren in Beer Drinking Shocker !!

Just a quickie, but, as some of you are no doubt already aware, my prior suspicions with regard to 36JJ Alicia Loren working on the side as a webcam chathost have since been confirmed…

[begin tongue-in-cheek mode]

…all well and good, but nothing could have prepared me for when, upon my last visit to Alicia’s webcam site, I witnessed our sweet and innocent JJ-cup jewel imbibing intoxicating substances! “Udderly” scandalous behaviour, it is!! And I thought she was so sweet and innocent… :~o

[/end tongue-in-cheek mode]

…anyway, here’s the evidence, and, with that, I’m off to the pub:


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13 Responses to “Alicia Loren in Beer Drinking Shocker !!”

  1. Joey Says:

    Boobs and beer….a winning combination!!

  2. Clint the Big Tit Cyber Pimp Says:

    Man I would love to shoot her for one of my dvd series. Alicia If your reading contact me . Sensational Video

  3. sam Says:

    What a shame as I have just given up alcohol. But if anyone was going to change my mind i’m sure this beautiful lady wouldn’t have to twist anything as hard as I’d imagine she could.

    They have to be the best breasts on the web, and she is so pretty as well! I’ll stop now!

  4. Charles Says:

    All that lusciousness and eager for beer as well. Dayumm. What a big breast dreamboat!

  5. Raloc Says:

    Beer is good. For everything.

    I’m from Belgium ;)

  6. Albel Says:

    wow.. she’s so cool *-* omg I’d have love to see that…
    can that woman get any sexyer?? I think no.

  7. tough_choice Says:

    Many Italian girls take my breath away. Alicia not only takes my breath away, but she also takes my words away. I am speechless after viewing such beauty.

    Camera opt for this threesome? Bring it on, babes! ;)

  8. tough_choice Says:

    And one more thing, if these top-heavy ladies opt to do a photo set amongst themselves in a measure-off, I volunteer to be the photographer. Key word volunteer, as in for free. ;) I mean I am not that great as a photographer or anything, but I atleast promise to take off the lens cap, okay? That has to count for something. hehe

    Alicia, your pics on the site are beautiful and tastefully done! Chow bella.

  9. Michelle Says:

    Hi there.
    Alicia is sooooo yummy,she is one of my favorite busty babes.I just can not get over those huge bouncy breasts.Look like she likes to get up to mischief on cam hmmmmm now that I would love to see:)Thanks for sharing these pictures with us.


  10. m.a Says:

    Ithink the main all hot girls hav to have are:BIG BOOGS and A ROUND ASS

  11. Chris Says:

    It would be nice if we could watch her getting fucked.

  12. mohamed Says:

    ايه الحلاوه دي ايه الطعامه دي انتي احلي صدر شفته في حياتي يا اليسيا نفسي ارضع من صدرك

  13. Azurhan Says:

    You know….I think I’ve figured out how she got herself lactating unless her having a child was kept out of the loop here on the internet, but if she had a breast pump on hand, or a gaggle of men and women willing to take 20 minuets a day three times a day per breast to suckle her, and she was drinking beer the whole time, that she went into lactation is no shock at all. Several of my well endowed lovers that are camera shy are milk maids, and they always complain about how beer makes them start production in hyper drive….just a thought.

    Yours in Darkness


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