Sabrina Meloni & Alicia 36JJ Webcam Shocker ??!

Can it be true?? Does DivineBreasts‘ JJ-cup superstar Alicia Loren actually moonlight doing live webcam sessions?! As you’re probably painfully aware, I embarked upon my busty webcam lark early this month. Within a couple days of camming, I found some familiar faces amongst the videochat set. Then, mid-month, I discovered that Voluptuous covergirl Jelena also acted as a chathost in her spare time!

However, my latest discovery in the world of webcams is nothing short of shocking: I was trolling through the hundreds of busty women working as live videochat webcam girls – mainly because I like to visit their fan clubs and perve over their free sample photos & videos – and stumbled across a likely vixen who went by the name of “simpatique“. So I clicked on the link to her profile, and here’s what she had to say about herself…

“i`m a big breased girl size 36J with milky tits and in sex i like all men, women, toy and im always open to new sugestions i like to think i can be a perfect girl for you what u think?;-) and also now if u hungry i can feed u with some milk >:) so i wait u in my room”

…sounds good to me! So I decided to take a gander at the 100+ free photos in her snapshots gallery, and that’s when it suddenly struck me: This girl is a dead-ringer for Alicia 36JJ!! But is it truly her?! To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. If it is, then her photo gallery provides a chronicle from when she was a slightly smaller-breasted girl through her pregnancy and lactation then onward to the present time! There’s even a free webcam video in her fan club that was taken while she was pregnant!!

Personally, I’m convinced that “sympatique” is none other than Alicia 36JJ, but I’ll let you decide the veracity of this claim for yourselves. Thus, a selection of photos from her fanclub at

Simpatique (Alicia 36JJ??) webcam from    Simpatique (Alicia 36JJ??) webcam from    Simpatique (Alicia 36JJ??) webcam from

Simpatique (Alicia 36JJ??) webcam from    Simpatique (Alicia 36JJ??) webcam from    Simpatique (Alicia 36JJ??) webcam from

Simpatique (Alicia 36JJ??) webcam from    Simpatique (Alicia 36JJ??) webcam from    Simpatique (Alicia 36JJ??) webcam from

Simpatique (Alicia 36JJ??) webcam from    Simpatique (Alicia 36JJ??) webcam from    Simpatique (Alicia 36JJ??) webcam from


…my next shocker, however, is true beyond any shadow of a doubt: Having just mentioned 90L Sabrina Meloni yesterday, I was rather taken aback to find that she, too, has embarked upon an adult webcam videochat career! The dead giveaway, apart from the rather obvious photos, we her chat host name: “sabrina90L“. So, if you’ve ever fancied a chat with a pair of L-cup breasts, now’s your chance! Here are a few photos from Sabrina’s fanclub at

Sabrina Meloni 90L webcam from    Sabrina Meloni 90L webcam from

Sabrina Meloni 90L webcam from    Sabrina Meloni 90L webcam from    Sabrina Meloni 90L webcam from

Sabrina Meloni 90L webcam from    Sabrina Meloni 90L webcam from


…who knows what else I may find?! All I know is that my first month of webcamming has been quite enlightening. As I’ve said before, these webcam sites have proven an excellent source of free porn and, in addition to the familiar faces I’ve found there, seem stocked with countless as yet undiscovered big tits models (but beyond just boobs, there’s also a bit of breast bondage, plump preggos, mammary milking and even pussy gushers for the fetish fans)! Here are a few of the “unknowns” who’ve caught my eye thus far in my adventures at

Busty webcam videochat models at    Busty webcam videochat models at    Busty webcam videochat models at

Busty webcam videochat models at    Busty webcam videochat models at    Busty webcam videochat models at

Busty webcam videochat models at    Busty webcam videochat models at    Busty webcam videochat models at

Busty webcam videochat models at    Busty webcam videochat models at    Busty webcam videochat models at

Busty webcam videochat models at    Busty webcam videochat models at    Busty webcam videochat models at



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28 Responses to “Sabrina Meloni & Alicia 36JJ Webcam Shocker ??!”

  1. Jam Spavelin Says:

    Nice finds man! Alicia 36jj has become one of my favourites since you first posted about her.

  2. JQ Says:

    You wouldn’t really think Alicia needs to supplement her income by doing webcam shit too would you? Crazy – but it’s definately her…

  3. Speed Racer Says:

    Definately. And Sabrina Meloni is all “come hither” in photo #1, 2 +3–yum, love the bra, tan lines and they way she waits.

  4. Tom Says:

    I’ve had some really good webcam fun with Alicia!

  5. Tony Scam Says:

    Sympatique is *not* Alicia. It’s obvious to me.

    Sympatique’s eyes are farther apart. Plus . . . and I don’t know the correct way to say this . . . Alicia’s features are somewhat more Anglo. Does that make sense? I can’t tell exactly what Sympatique’s heritage is — be it Hispanic, Italian, or even Greek — but she’s got more of it than Alicia.

    They’re both beautiful women, the resemblance IS startling, and the coincidence that both are doing the lactation thing is really overwhelming. But it’s a big world and a big Internet, and I think you’ve actually found two different (but very, very similar) hotties doing similar things.

  6. harry Says:

    yes its the same girl. Alicia’s definetly not Anglo ,
    I thought she was Italian. But whatever thats her
    on that cam site.

  7. gustave Says:

    She IS Alicia or she has a twin she doesn’t know about. If that’s the case, then i’m more than willing to arrange a reunion :)

    Reese: Mate, you have the sharpest eyes, not to mention an unnatural ability to dig out info about big/huge-breasted models, ¡¡you’re a god!!. I know i’ve been bothering with this for some time but, ¿have you seen miosotis? and since you are the unnoficial link to Jana Defi’s world,¿do you have any information about her trip to Glamourcon in the ‘States?. Thanks again and keep making this the biggest, most boob-filled blog in the ‘net….

  8. Very Free Says:

    The webcam pics aren’t that good, and I found only one unique thing that’s common to both Alicia and Sympatique, and that’s the freckle on her face. But I’m still looking, to make it beyond a reasonable doubt that they’re the same person.

    It’s hard to get my head (wish it was my hands!) around how much bigger Alicia’s breasts were after her pregnancy. And her weight has gone up quite a bit, too Those were reasons I was skeptical at first. But I’m not so skeptical after I found the freckle.

    Alicia used to have a Myspace account ,, but that’s now invalid. So I would’ve thought that she would not use a pseudonym such as Sympatique, but the same name she has been using, Alicia.

    Jeez. those boobs of hers are so awesome! I took a look back at some of her lactating vids and I just love how big and full they were and how the milk squirted out. I wish she’d get PG again just so we can see new pics and vids of her magnificent milking mammaries. I don’t have the cpu power for a webcam, so I don’t know what it’s like. But if it’s as good as her videos, I might consider getting a whole new PC just to see her. Her milking udders, as can be seen above, are a sight to behold!

  9. Tony Scam Says:

    Harry, I said Alicia is “somewhat more Anglo” than Sympatique. Somewhat. It doesn’t matter. They could have the exact same ethnic heritage and still be two different people. Which they obviously are.

    Isn’t it awesome that there’s TWO of them?

    Oh, and ditto the compliments to Reese’s one-of-a-kind site.

  10. Jacques LeStrappe Says:

    This is a tough call. The evidence all points toward yes: they look the same, they have the same measurements, they’re both lactating, and their breasts even look similar.

    That said, the photos of the two are tough to compare, and the webcam pics are lower-quality than most of Alicia’s still photos, so it’s conceivable that they’re different people and this is just a freak coincidence. If we had mug shots it would be easy to tell, unless of course we all just got distracted thinking about Alicia in some sort of women-in-prison movie…

    Given the evidence, and the odds against two such beauties existing at one time in the world, I’d bet they’re the same person.

    This mystery must be solved for sure, somehow. Perhaps the people in charge of Divine Breasts would know?

  11. Joey Says:

    This is stupid. Anyone who is actually perplexed by this is dumb. Sympathique and Alicia is the same person. Christ, even Stevie Wonder can see that!!

  12. Flashpan Says:

    Look at the freckle on her right shoulder in picture number ten, and the gold necklace. I can see that same freckle on pictures of Alicia, and she’s usually wearing that necklace. I’ll admit the first three pictures don’t really look like her, but those could be older pictures, with different makeup, etc.

    There are several identifiers that mean we can positively identify her as Alicia 36JJ, I think.

    And yes, you do indeed rock, Reese.

  13. Curvelover Says:

    I’m 99% sure it’s the same woman. I LOVE Alicia and the only difference is the weight gain and breast enlargement. Everything else is pretty much as identical as you can get. Even her poses are the same, check the body language. These are not common poses either. Frecles can be added or hidden but the attitude is unique to Alicia.

  14. Jacques LeStrappe Says:

    Joey: Stevie Wonder has the braille advantage. If I could see her with my hands, chances are my doubts would disappear too!

  15. ben Says:


    do you know the name of this cartoon?

  16. Tara Says:

    Sympatique IS Alicia…..If you look very carefully you will see two rings on her fingers exactly the same rings that Alicia sometime wears!!!

  17. Very Free Says:

    To Ben: Sorry, I can’t help you much on the cartoon, mainly because I can’t read Japanese. It’s obviously a Japanese Anime cartoon. And there aren’t that many Japanese Big Boob Anime artists out there. If you can find some other pics with the same model(s) and layout/background, then you might find some Japanese on the pic (try some Usenet newsgroups). Then your only problem is getting it translated into something readable or understandable. Try Google or Babelfish (see Reese’s ad).

    Those Japanese women may not have very large tits (seems like only up to DD, E, andf F cups), but jeez, they have some women with huge milking nipples! I found some vid clips of a woman who has nipples the size of her male partner’s thumb! They’re the size of large grapes! They must be at least 20mm or 0.8 inches! I think they use some kind of syringe on them to make then bigger. Or else their baby has a tremendous sucking instinct! And talk about milk! I could really use one Japanese woman… I’d lay her out in the front yard and use her for a lawn sprinkler!

    To Tony Scam: yes, by all indications, Sympatique _is_ Alicia. Both you and I know that big, full, JJ cup lactating boobs are rarer than hens’ teeth, and on two women that look the same? Of course, it’s the same woman!

    Yeah. Reese is a god! He gets a lot of the latest big boob news in the email from readers such as you and I.

  18. Very Free Says:

    Oh, and by the way, when it comes to big boob webcams, don’t forget Taylor Stevens. I hope she’s recovered from her surgery, and back on the air.

    As far as webcams go, I can see watching them in full motion. But the pics are so low res, it doesn’t seem worthwhile to save the still pics. I’ve got an 800×600 screen and on that they’re small, so I’d say that on the more current screen size of 1280x 1024, they’re itty-bitty! Why bother? They’re too small! They can be resized, but then they’re blurry and poor quality.

  19. Tony Scam Says:

    I admit I’m swayed by the freckles and jewelry that others have pointed out.

  20. Cow lover Says:

    You were speaking HOW to find her Myspace account. She has a new account :

    And I think she doesnt need to go to work with other sites ;-) Those guys of have so much fantasy!

  21. neptitude Says:

    Unknown #14 is Nikki from SC4. She’s got a nice plump pair of 42DDDs on a 5’4″ body that is thick round and lovely. Check her out here:

  22. booblvr007 Says:

    I was just on ImLive and came across “simpatique“. I directly asked her if she was Alicia Loren and she said “yes”. It definitely looks like her to me. By now, her face should be a little thinner after losing some pregnancy weight, which it is. Take a look at her new website and you will see updated pictures of her that look like the ones posted on ImLive.

  23. Echo Says:

    I can confirm that I have had a cam show of simpatique and when i asked her was she Alicia 36JJ from Divine breasts she confirmed that she was.

  24. My Boob Site » Blog Archive » Alicia Loren in Beer Drinking Shocker !! Says:

    […] Just a quickie, but, as some of you are no doubt already aware, my prior suspicions with regard to 36JJ Alicia Loren working on the side as a webcam chathost have since been confirmed… […]

  25. Booblvr007 Says:

    I went online to ImLive today and saw Alicia. FYI…She is no longer lactating.

  26. sajib al jaber Says:

    i want to see some milking boobs

  27. Jim Hover Says:

    Why all the doubters? Of course it’s Alicia, I’ve even read an interview
    where she talks about being Sympatique, and that she does the webcam
    thing for all her fans… Another thing She is Romanian….

  28. isaiah Says:

    absolute smut…does decency exist anymore? Hell awaits the perverted

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