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MyBoobSite has just acquired a new sponsor, so I figured I might as well say something about them: ImLive is one of those dodgy webcam sites wherein thousands of people who have nothing better to do (and want to make some money at it) sign up as live videochat hosts. These work-at-home wannabe porn stars then sit quietly in front of their webcams, waiting for visitors to happen along and tell them, in the most vulgar terms possible, what they’d like to see. It’s the site’s job to gather up potential punters and prod them into patronizing their hopeful herd of chat hosts. In fact, ImLive’s current promotional catch-phrase encourages you to “take a live pussy break” (presumably because taking a dead pussy break would just be wrong).

Now, although I’m a member of a couple of such sites, I never actually chat with anyone – I just go there for the free porn. You see, a lot of the hosts make promotional videos and collect video archives of past webcam sessions, some of which are highly amusing. Granted, they’re crap – mainly because of the low frame rate – but, hey, it’s free! I just wish they posted transcripts of the webchat sessions, as I’m sure those would be even more entertaining. Then again, reading “lick your tits” or “show me your pussy” over and over again could prove a bit tedious (I can only imagine how boring it must get for the chat hosts themselves who endure this night after night!).

If I ever did actually chat with anyone on these sites, I’d probably feel obligated to request something a little bit different, just to help break the monotony: “Do you have three dildos to hand? Great! Now juggle them.” But, alas, that’s rather unlikely…

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  1. Very Free Says:

    For lunch I went to The Olde Ship, a local British pub, and while waiting, I was reading a couple of the local British rags (sorry, no page 3 girls). This week they talked about the British rock star, Gary Glitter, being convicted of child molesting in Viet Nam. I often come across the word punter while reading these papers. I’ve gotten used to it, but it’s a word most Americans never see in their day-to-day reading. So here’s a bit of info on it for those who don’t know.

    I’ve never seen a webcam session, but I have one observation: it’s a lot better than phone sex. With phone sex, the woman on the other end could be as flat as an ironing board and lying to you about her huge H cup tits. Thank heaven for the Real Thing, Taylor Stevens!

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  4. bob arnold Says:

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