Could Stephanie Fox be the Next Rachel Aldana?

Remember back when now M-cup busty Rachel Aldana first appeared on the scene, prior to porn when her tits were smaller (32JJ), her having debuted in a British newspaper article boasting the biggest boobs in Britain? Well, I do believe the big breast obsessed British press may have just stumbled upon yet another extremely well-endowed winner in the fine feminine form of 32K Stephanie Fox (shown below)!…

Stephanie Fox 32K in The Sun

(note: image courtesy of

…I found K-cup Stephanie Fox in this article from The Sun entitled, “My natural 32K boobs are a nightmare … only sleazy blokes chat me up while girls tut and assume I’m a porn star,” so I don’t expect she’ll go topless any time soon but, then again, it did take a whole year before Rachel showed us her beautiful boobs, nips and all (with videos soon to follow), so we can but be new huge tits hopeful.

In the meantime, whilst we patiently await the next Rachel Aldana to arrive, I guess the next breast thing would be to share more of the sexy girl setting the standard of cleavage comparison and, taking my last Aldana update into account, I suppose these would qualify as the next Rachel Aldana photos & videos from

Next Rachel Aldana photo gallery update from    Next Rachel Aldana photo gallery update from    Next Rachel Aldana photo gallery update from

Next Rachel Aldana video gallery update from    Next Rachel Aldana video gallery update from


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35 Responses to “Could Stephanie Fox be the Next Rachel Aldana?”

  1. henga Says:

    I find Stephanie very pretty! I would sure like to get to know her if I had the chance to prove there are also some nice guys around :)

  2. GrandMasterC Says:

    Not to sound like an insensitive ass, but wouldn’t making an article in a major paper about your huge boobs, actually get you MORE attention? I hope she does some modeling, because, she’s beautiful, and hey great boobs, but otherwise she’s just being a twat.

  3. Seriously a Fan Says:

    I don’t know… I read the article and she seems like the type of girls who complain about their large chest just so more people pay attention to them. She shared pictures of her with crazy cleavage, which is not necessary in the slightest. My guess is that she isn’t completely against the idea of modeling topless.

  4. dasdasdasdad Says:

    I know her through mutual friends actually. Weird to see this on here.

  5. Nick Says:

    well OF COURSE she wants more attention, she’s obviously planning to sell her pix and videos and the more people know abouyt here the better!

  6. Nick Says:

    Looks promising, face more attractive than Rachel’s and body seems more proportional

  7. Dutch_booblover Says:

    If a girl thinks her breasts are a nightmare you dont search the media to tell your story to. Girl wants attention. I think she wants to show them.

  8. JJ Says:

    She’s just looking for attention. If you don’t want people staring at your boobs then WHY would you have an interview with the sleaziest paper there is and have a huge clevage shot? She probably wants attention so she can get a modelling deal or something

  9. Biggies and Piggies Says:

    I wrote an entry for my tumblr Biggies and Piggies. This sounds like an invitation for people to open their cheque books if ever I heard one. Expect to see those guns within 6-12 months. :)

  10. sean Says:

    I suspect that we may see more of her, as why would you publicize your supposed anxieties about your big breasts in a national newspaper that is read by millions every day? Rachel did a similar article in the same paper a few weeks ago and we all know she doesn’t exactly hate her breasts! I just have a feeling Stephanie is going to capitalize upon this.

  11. ILoveSideBoob Says:

    Assuming she isn’t media whoring, WHO CARES WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK?! Everyone gets unwanted attention, teased, and straight up socially abused, but at SOME point you need to do some introspection, and decide that you should just do your own thing and people that don’t like it or don’t understand you can just screw off; their loss.

    Also, @Steph (like she’s reading this lol) If you don’t mind us appreciating your boobs, we’ll like you ^_^

  12. CMK Says:

    I think she is gorgeous I’d love to see more of her

  13. Matt Says:

    OMG… Money makes things happen and she has the right stuff for the profession. I’m patiently waiting. How old is she?

  14. GoodPoint Says:

    I dont know about you but when Rachel came on the scene I thought she was fine as fuck. But then she plumped in the face and looked more like an Eskimo which was a turn off. Something happened to her face and fuck off if you didnt think so. Big tits or not, you must look like someone I could be seen out in public with.

  15. SuperD Says:

    Oh my god, I am soooo in love with Stephanie Fox.. I’d absolutely love to see her get into the glamour modelling side of things.. she definitely has a very pretty face, a figure it seems, with all the curves in the right place and of course those gorgeous 32K tits. I think she should give a go.. good stuff.

    Go for it Stephanie!! x

  16. C-man Says:

    She’s nice, it is unfortunate she thinks her boobs are a nightmare.

    On another note: WTF is it with the UK and big boobs?? Seems like a lot of big, natural chested women are there. I should have relocated back in the day!

  17. handman Says:

    She’s young, she’s attractive and she has 32ks. … and she’s worried about attracting the wrong sort of attention. My goodness that is a handful!

  18. Adam Says:

    Personally I find her gorgeous. If I were single I’d fly over there and make her feel appreciated!

  19. Charles Says:

    Well she just opened a facebook page called “Stephanie Fox — Entertainer.” She has had a normal FB account, but now to have an ‘entertainer’ page that is an invitation for public interest. She’s planning some kind of move, that’s pretty clear.

    The “next Rachel Aldana”? No I don’t think so, her breasts may have a high cup rating, but they are saggy. I mean you can just tell. Rachel Aldana is the one and only, just because they are so BURSTING AND FIRM!

    This Stephanie is very pretty, and might make a GREAT breast model. But she won’t top Rachel. Not in my book. Rachel is just the best so far. Steph is very close, but with boobs less firm she seems kind of wimpy in comparison. Rachel is great. Steph needs to fill out a bit.

  20. B.Smarmy Ozwald Says:

    Why do we need to wait for the next Rachel Aldana? Isn’t the one we’ve got good enough?

  21. Nick Says:


  22. x Says:

    There is only one Rachel Aldana and she is perfect…but there is always room for another beautiful & busty brunette.

  23. revolt Says:

    No one will ever be the Next Rachel Aldana! Rachel is the hottest, most beautiful, perfect woman on the planet!

  24. Yaya Says:

    Looks more pretty and seems to have a better body, don’t believe magazine interviews.

  25. Charles Says:

    The hell …

  26. Nick Says:

    Anybody who believes Aldana is ‘perfect’ (SIC!) needs new glasses

  27. Nick Says:

    And why would one be against competition? What does Aldana have to fear? why would we want to look at ONE Bloody model all the time, and one like Aldana, who, on top of her bodily shortcomings (top heavy, no ass and no hourglass figure), has a really TERRIBLE photographer who keeps taking variations of one and only pic!

  28. ca united kingdom Says:

    yeh saw the article, she is hot would love to see those tits out

  29. Jason Says:

    Seems like there’s more to this story than what’s been printed. Who would got to major newspaper site and complain about how big their boobs are. If she really hated them she’d get them reduced. Did you guys see the pictures in the article? Cleavage everywhere. Seems like she’s asking for attention. Oh she has twitter @stephaniefox32 her bio says she’s a model with 32K natural boobs. You don’t want attention but you’re advertising your assets. Attention seeker alert. Don’t be surprised if she does topless pics after a website offers her the right amount of cash.

  30. Max Says:

    She;s clearly doing this for attention. All the pictures in the article show her boobs popping out. Don’t be surprised if you see her doing modeling soon after she gets a big enough cheque. If she really hated them she would have gotten a breast reduction. Don’t like the attention? then why publish your sob story to a newspaper. Complete and utter bull.

  31. loverofsmother Says:

    I read this in The Sun too, she WANTS the attention and the money, obviously

  32. Steven Says:

    Don’t forget that this is the Sun newspaper we are talking about. Not exactly a journalistic reference. The idea is simply to post pics of a very busty girl because it attracts attention and is good to sell lots of newspapers. The “articale” is just made up as they go along. She definitely doesn’t have any issues with her breasts. From what I have seen on her FB page, she seems to actually enjoy them and she also wants to model. That’s great news for us.

  33. king Says:

  34. mo Says:

    Stephanie announced on her Twitter and Facebook pages on 21st April that she had been remeasured and is now 32M. This means she is now the same size as Rachel Aldana – we need to get the two of them together for a comparison photoshoot!

  35. dammitjimimadoctor Says:

    i think she needs a better agent for starters. and there’s nothing wrong with staying “top-heavy abstinent”, just look at wendy fiore or jordan carver. what she could be is the wendy fiore equivalent to rachel, however. what she really needs to do is sign on with pinupfiles, maxim, or score or whatever those other girls are using in order to get a better photography portfolio, more reception, and probably better gigs and pay.

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