Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here (or Samhain, as we say here in Glastonbury, hearkening back to our druidic traditions). It’s one of my favourite holidays because, since I live in an old church house with a graveyard in the front garden, I don’t have to bother decorating! We attended a splendid swingers’ Halloween party last night (Vix went as a rather provocative postman), so we’re well into the spirit. Happy Halloween, everyone…

A hooter with hooters.    Boo bees!    An ample apparition.

(thanks to PaperCards for the boobees, ChocolateFantasies for the lollipops and especially to Liana from LushBoobs.com for the well-endowed witch)


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6 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Kuan Says:

    If Ur The Witch Then I’ll Put U In The Pot And EAT U ^

  2. salim Says:

    divine breasts.com

  3. Bob Clevenger Says:

    I’m just “witching” that I could meet Liana!

  4. Paul Lett Says:

    DIVINE DIVINE. Oh my god!

  5. cliff paulen Says:

    luscious circular…and yummy lather in caramel and go for the halloween tummy.

    Fingerlickin fun til the very bottom, and then create other fun for the pagan night

  6. jack Says:

    love the boobs

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