Hitomi Tanaka at Scoreland – Updated!

Busty Japanese J-cup Hitomi Tanaka at Scoreland

Hitomi Tanaka at Scoreland.com    Hitomi Tanaka at Scoreland.com    Hitomi Tanaka at Scoreland.com

Busty Japanese J-cup Hitomi Tanaka flash gallery from Scoreland

Hitomi Tanaka video flash gallery from Scoreland.com    Hitomi Tanaka video flash gallery from Scoreland.com

Busty Japanese J-cup Hitomi Tanaka videos from Scoreland

Hitomi Tanaka videos from Scoreland.com    Hitomi Tanaka videos from Scoreland.com

(note: for those who need .mp4 format files, here’s clip 1 & clip 2)

P.S. Is it wrong to put an addendum & postscript to a boob blog at the top of the entry? Probably, but I’d logged on to Scoreland this morning and found ^^^these^^^, but didn’t want them to get lost in the shuffle… ~R :~)

Special thanks to Joey, who’d commented upon my self-indulgent birthday blog, “Happy Birthday Reese! I think Scoreland has a great present for your birthday because Hitomi Tanaka is making her debut there. Finally, we can see this lovely young woman without the bullshit blurring in Japanese porn. Hopefully she does hardcore for them.” So cheers for the heads-up, Joey, and I echo your sentiments since, every time we’ve seen busty Asian Hitomi Tanaka here, from my first blog of hers to the most recent

Hitomi Tanaka blog on My Boob Site for Busty-Asians    Hitomi Tanaka blog on My Boob Site for Busty-Asians

…we’ve ended up playing that all too popular Japanese porn game, “What have we pixellated?” the answers to which genitally follow my own peculiar penchant for alliterative language by beginning with a “p” themselves; said pixellated parts being penises, pussies and points of penetration. So here’s hoping Score delivers upon this implicit promise of explicit busty Japanese hardcore uncensored! I’m still anxiously awaiting my typical pack of promo photos & videos with (not yet mastur-) bated breath but, ’til then, I found these few tit bits of Hitomi Tanaka on the Scoreland blog

Hitomi Tanaka at Scoreland.com    Hitomi Tanaka at Scoreland.com

Hitomi Tanaka introduces herself on video at Scoreland

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(click here to download video clip)

…now, I must admit I’m loathe to keep blogging such mainstream mammary gland merchants as Scoreland, XL Girls & Plumper Pass so much on a regular basis of late, but those three sites just seem to be where all the breaking big boobs news is happening at the moment (*sigh*  and, so, I feel I must follow along until they stop co-opting all the best big breasts in the business! :~P). Whilst I’m here, though, I’d be remiss not to mention that Beverly Paige has just done a sexy new series playing the horny hardcore co-ed cock slut and Arianna Sinn & Sophie Mae have developed a norksomely novel new way of sharing a banana in big boobs photos from Scoreland.com:

Beverly Paige plays cock loving co-ed at Scoreland.com    Beverly Paige plays cock loving co-ed at Scoreland.com    Beverly Paige plays cock loving co-ed at Scoreland.com

Arianna Sinn & Sophie Mae share banana boobs at Scoreland.com    Arianna Sinn & Sophie Mae share banana boobs at Scoreland.com    Arianna Sinn & Sophie Mae share banana boobs at Scoreland.com




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12 Responses to “Hitomi Tanaka at Scoreland – Updated!”

  1. GaryWayne Says:

    So does that there will be some uncensored Hitomi vids soon? Score has been killing it lately.

  2. BigBoobFan Says:

    I am totally smitten with Beverly Paige… love her!

  3. jdlomg! Says:

    Hitomi does some fairly extreme stuff over in Japan. just check out hitomi tanaka dream woman 78. pretty rad.

  4. BoobyLvrX Says:

    Hitomi belongs in the US. She’s too lovely to be censored.

  5. Charles Says:

    Anything SCORE can do with Hitomi is going to be tame. This slut has done some of the nastiest, slutties porn available and she does it with a smile. Fantastic, but SCORE is not like that.

  6. razorjules Says:

    I gotta agree with Charles.
    I love Score, but it’s gonna be strange to see Hitomi in such “tame” settings.

    It’s baffled me that a woman as stunning as Hitomi, has allowed herself to be degraded in some of the most extreme adult vids ever.
    I’m not complaining, but a lot of it is pretty twisted (to put it mildly).
    Even with the censored pubic area, her Japanese stuff is about as hardcore as one can get.
    I was surprised she went to such extremes, so quickly.

    With breasts like hers, she should have been in Score all along, doing more softcore material.

  7. Joey Says:

    razorjules, what makes it “degrading”? She’s a consenting adult who chose that path. It may not be your cup of tea, but quite frankly, I don’t understand puritanical attitudes when it comes to adult entertainment. Is someone supposed to be better adjusted because they are wanking to softcore? Newsflash, you’re still a pervert wanking to naked chicks.

  8. BJ Says:

    Wanking to porn doesn’t make one a “pervert” just human. We’re sexual beings and there is no shame in that. All of the baggage that comes along with human sexuality is just that, baggage. Let it go.

  9. Joey Says:

    There is nothing wrong with being a pervert. I’m a proud one. What is wrong is classicism in adult entertainment. The notion that a woman of Hitomi’s caliber doing extreme porn is degrading is flawed. As is more extreme stuff should be for less attractive women. The post from razorjules inferred that. That’s bullshit.

  10. Zeke Says:

    Ah yes, the wonderful Hitomi. It’d be nice to see some uncensored hardcore stuff, especially when she does the gushing pussy thing during a scene. That whole “we’ll censor the genitals but still allow superhardcore craziness” thing the Japanese do has always confused the hell out of me.

  11. wishful thinking Says:

    Although I’ve been hoping for it, don’t expect Hitomi to show anything you haven’t seen. Twice on the Scoreland website it has said that she doesn’t show full frontal nudity because it’s “a cultural thing.” I know some Japanese have shown, but it seems she won’t be going that route.

  12. grimm Says:

    Zeke, its becouse of japanese law, you arnt allowed to show genitalia. Thus the japanese has gone to more extreme stuff , like bukakke “superhardcore craziness” and so forth, partially to “make up for lack of genitalia”, and partially becouse they are just super perverted over there. I prefer something in between “classic” european porn, and japanese. Meaning i like some of the harder stuff, but no to the extremes, like a nice facial, as oppossed to a drenched bukakke, and i dont focus on a pussy being penetrated, so japanese stuff works just fine with mosaic, but it does distract somewhat if the camera focuses on that area. Thankfully, japanese porn focuses more on the face and full body camera angles, which is what i like. I cant wait for the day Hitomi does hardcore for Scoreland though, if that day comes.

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