Nude news of Maria Swan…

Blue Nudes, you saw me standing alone…” Sorry for the musical interlude, but it’s the first thing that came to mind when I discovered this site whilst perving the ‘net for new pics of 32G Princessa / Maria Swan (née Jana Defi). They’ve got some stunning shots of our glamorous G-cup goddess that are well worth a look (I was rather taken by the monochrome Petra Verkaik as well). My favourite has to be the one of Maria facing away from the camera – I just love the look of big boobs from behind, sticking out from either side of the torso, not to mention the teasing glimpse of pussy flaps between her legs. It’s good to know that, despite her growing success as a glamour model, she’s still getting stark bollock naked for her fans. Here’s a sampling of Maria Swan’s latest work for

Maria Swan at    Maria Swan at    Maria Swan at

Maria Swan at    Maria Swan at    Maria Swan at


(note: photos available on the site are 797×1200 resolution)

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13 Responses to “Nude news of Maria Swan…”

  1. mickshnal Says:

    I belive that if all us fans of Maria put our cash together we could get some mad scientist to clone enough Maria’s for all of us, I think this could do a lot for world peace!!!!! LOL:)
    But you mentioning Petra took me back, I can remember buying Playboys back in 1997 (becouse I was too young to leagaly buy proper porn) with her in it and many other great girls with firm bodies and natural soft tits. I can remember when I was about 15 I found a Paul Raymond porn mag, may have being Mayfair can’t remember but in side is what I remember……. my first images of the then 16 year old Linsey Dawn!!! I was gob smacked, she was wearing some tight clothing and I was loving it. Then when she turned 18 she was in the Picture magazine, I was 17 so was not leagaly able to buy a copy but had to get a copy at any cost becouse inside she was rubbing cake over those wonderful boobs, and still have that copy to this day! But if I had the great fortune to choose between Lindsey and Maria I would go Maria, she just has that face that I crave.
    ( a quick question Reese , in your boob searches have you ever found any video of Sharday from Scoreland, I don’t think there was any but if there is I would so much like to see it, I know she is in the D range not F but I love her body all the same.)
    All the best mate.

  2. phil Says:

    great pics and Maria’s always great…
    it seems that alicia would have pics like that !
    thanks for the pics !

  3. johnny h. Says:

    swet fancy moses! i love her so much

  4. Butch Says:

    Note to self “Must marry Her!”

  5. Vadd Says:

    Ewa is my #1, but my, my, this hottie is very close. Boner-inducing- to be blunt! Thanks for the post!

  6. Very Free Says:

    Whatshername’s boobs really are all natural – I got that from an authoritative source! Also more of her at Busty.PL.

    Cel at has new photos of two new plumper models at his Yahoo group Club_XCel – Mariana and Kapucine. Both have cute faces, big boobs (of course), and large well-proportioned areolas and nipples. Check ‘em out.

  7. gustave Says:

    VF:¿where did you find the “evidence”? :).
    I saw a photo of Jana/etc in, in wich she appears in front of a race car¿do you or Resee, know from wich website this was taken?, seeing that she appears in pinupfiles;bluenudes; or so VF says); AND is posing for SEVERAL photographers, she like others like Anya/Merilyn/Olga and Joanna,seems to be everywhere!!!! not that i’m complaining, of course……

  8. Reese Says:

    gustave: If you’ll e-mail me a copy of the photo in question, I’d be happy to ask Jana where it’s from.

    mickshnal: No, not seen any videos of Sharday. Sorry ’bout that.

  9. verdict Says:

    She’s the #1 !!
    No girl out there i’ve seen so far can beat her.
    Actually, she’s pretty close to being perfect.
    Hell I’d like to meet her.

    Thx reese for the great pictures. Can we have more of her :) pleeeeease.

  10. gustave Says:

    Ok Reese ¿do you have a e-mail adress where i can send the picture to?
    ¿And is true that there is no videos of Sharday?.If that’s the case, is such a shame……

  11. Reese Says:

    gustave: If you go to my main blog page, you’ll find my e-mail address toward the bottom of the right-hand column.

  12. salim Says:

    jaime le sex

  13. tahir khan Says:

    kindly provide fucking videos in this sides.

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