Terry 34H & 34E Pamela from Boobs.pl

I cannot believe it’s been over a year since I last blogged Boobs.pl (my last post regarding the site being on the Kleinova twins)! It’s a shame, really, because they’ve got lots of great busty Polish models there (as well as the odd English girl) who are well deserving of an entry every now and again. *wink-wink, nudge-nudge*

I’m not certain why I’ve neglected the site for so long, but I found myself inescapably drawn back in when I learned of a new model they’d recently acquired: 34H Terry. She’s one of those young, semi-slender girls – not quite slim’n’stacked, but certainly no plumper either – the kind that reveal that sexy bit of surplus flesh exposed just above their hips when they’re wearing tight jeans and a crop-top. Specifically, it was this photo that had me hooked (and also demonstrates the waistline phenomenon I’m talking about)…

Terry 34H at Boobs.pl

…as I’d only encountered fully clothed photos of Terry elsewhere on the ‘net, I decided it was time to revisit Boobs.pl so that I could behold her huge hanging H-cup breasts accentuated by her lithesome 34-inch band-size in all their gargantuan glory. Needless to say, I was not disappointed – especially considering that, although she’s a relative newcomer, she’s already appeared in six full photo sets and five videos on the site! With all the wonderful photos I’d found there, it was difficult to decide what to feature in today’s blog.

In the end, I settled upon an alluring series wherein the playful Terry teases us with coquettish glimpses of her ample breast-flesh from behind an open pink shirt (although there is a bit of a nipple slip in the sixth photo below). But young Terry is more than just a clothed cleavage queen (like some people), as she does indeed show her big breasts naked quite a bit! Now, as I expect that at least 90% of the visitors to MyBoobSite just come here to look at the pretty pictures, for the 10% of you who actually do bother to read what I’ve written, here’s a photo of 34H Terry totally tits-out (shhh, don’t tell the others!). ;~)

And, for everyone else, here’s 34H Terry in a pink shirt at Boobs.pl

Terry 34H from Boobs.pl    Terry 34H from Boobs.pl    Terry 34H from Boobs.pl

Terry 34H from Boobs.pl    Terry 34H from Boobs.pl    Terry 34H from Boobs.pl

Terry 34H from Boobs.pl    Terry 34H from Boobs.pl    Terry 34H from Boobs.pl

(note: actual photos on the site are 1022×680 resolution)


…during my visit, there was one other new model who really caught my eye: 34E Pamela. Yes, I know that this is supposed to be an “F-cup & Up” blog, but I was totally taken by the sublime sexiness of this beautiful blonde babe. What’s more, she also serves as an example to illustrate just how deceptive cup sizes can be! Referring you to the first photo below (which is the one I initially encountered when visiting the site), I’d have estimated Pamela to be more of an F- than a mere E-cup. However, when I finally saw photos of her breasts dangling free (specifically, this one), I realised from the obviously lower volume of adipose tissue filling out the contours of her tits that the sizing was indeed accurate.

Still, you have to agree that, although Pamela might not measure up to our stringent cup-size standards, she nevertheless has a nice pair of breasts (and with unusually large areolas for their size!). And so, acting as MyBoobSite’s ad hoc E-cup ambassador, here’s beautiful blonde Pamela 34E from Boobs.pl:

Pamela 34E from Boobs.pl    Pamela 34E from Boobs.pl    Pamela 34E from Boobs.pl

Pamela 34E from Boobs.pl    Pamela 34E from Boobs.pl    Pamela 34E from Boobs.pl

Pamela 34E from Boobs.pl    Pamela 34E from Boobs.pl    Pamela 34E from Boobs.pl

(note: actual photos on the site are 1200×797 resolution)



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17 Responses to “Terry 34H & 34E Pamela from Boobs.pl”

  1. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    As always, it’s great to see the polish gals. Thanks for the T.O. photo Reese. I wish the 1st pic of her was one as well. Woof! Pamela is very pretty too. I think both girls need to loosen up and wear less clothing, just an opinion.

  2. FutureInt Says:

    Isn’t that the same terry from this post


  3. mad about BBW Says:

    WOW i love the second girl hot & sexy blonde

  4. Jes Says:

    There both incredible.

    I think Pamela would look even better with just a little more weight on her, too.

  5. Sam Says:


    I think I said before that Terry was a great find; she is very sexy with great tits. I love the brunette thing. Her waiste is amazingly small I love that with those thighs to die for. Oh, By the way were you hinting that she is actually English or she in fact Polish. She does looking Polish!

    I like the backhand comment about a certain Ms Milani. Great shot!

  6. Jes Says:

    btw, Reese…
    …admit it, you just added her because she’s blonde, right?;~)

  7. Mojo Says:

    Yes, it’s the same Terry. You can actually find a lot of very nice videos of her out there. She’s very cute, and damn, I love her breasts! Keep her in mind. I’d love to see more posts of her. And yes, I am one of those guys who reads your blog pretty often, so thanks for sticking those little links in there. If I find more links of her pics and vids I’ll send them your way.

  8. ManOfAction Says:

    Eh eh, thanks for the secret photo ;) It’s a nice gesture for us guys who really read the blog :D

  9. lhsjazzman Says:

    I don’t like Reese’s tone toward Denise Milani! Haha, just kidding. This girl is hot and shows her boobs, so I’ll give you the point for that one. Good find. Keep praying that DM shows her boobs soon.

  10. Druid Says:

    About pamela, I have the feeling that she’s the same Pamela who has already been published on Nadine-J.de website, isn’t she?

  11. JJ Says:

    ok first i like terry alot,very very pretty.second,reese i read the blog part
    lol thx for the photo :D

  12. Mad Dog Says:

    OK… what the fuck is goin on over in Poland, and why don’t I live there?!? For cryin out loud, bring some of that magical water them Polish chicks are drinkin over to my neighborhood. Share the wealth, Poland! :)

  13. Basil Says:

    Pamela’s nipples are absolutely awesome, does it for me.

  14. dum de dum Says:

    loving the secret pic. just out of curiosity how many people do you get on her per day/per week. coz around the forums this blog gets mentioned quite alot, so its obv very popular.
    its clear why though. Keep up the good blogging man

  15. kamrul Says:

    you are looking so sweet.

  16. Lisa Says:

    What’s wrong with “normal” tits? Girls like myself wouldn’t mind feeling attractive too you know. Because we are. No one seems to drool over an average 36 C though which kind of sucks since we can’t help how we are built.

  17. Radioman Says:

    Pamm. I have seen her before a little younger in a bathroom clip where she is fondling her oily boobs. She is a little poppet and has an adorable dimple on her chin. Lovely warm eyes. She doesnot need much makeup though.

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