They’re HH-cup boobs, actually…

Regarding my “if Britney Spears had G-cup boobs” blog, a recent visitor had commented that the stunning Taylor Stevens looked more like an HHH-cup than a G-. As I do try my best to ensure accuracy, I figured I’d better check it out. So I got in touch with Taylor and discovered that my respondent wasn’t too far off, as she currently wears a 40HH bra! [Thanks, Tay, for helping me get the facts straight! :~)]

Naturally, this got me thinking of the other heavenly HH-cup honeys that I’ve featured here: There’s Eden Mor, of course, who occupies a most prominent place on MyBoobSite. A few of the girls from Topheavy Amateurs fill out that cup size rather nicely as well. And then there’s Dolly, my favourite from BoobsXL (you know, the one with the creaking bra).

However, there was one HH-cupper who’d nearly escaped my recollection: Leah-Jayne from! I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t blogged her since September 11th!! Have I gone off the big, busty blondes?! Nah, I think it’s just a matter of, whenever I find myself blogging Busty Brits, it’s always Imogen, Imogen, Imogen. So, let me take this opportunity to rectify my oversight and give you a little more of the lovely 34HH Leah-Jayne:

Leah-Jayne 34HH Video - BustyBrits - Clip 1    Leah-Jayne 34HH Video - BustyBrits - Clip 2

Leah-Jayne 34HH Video - BustyBrits - Clip 3    Leah-Jayne 34HH Video - BustyBrits - Clip 4

Leah-Jayne 34HH Video - BustyBrits - Clip 5    Leah-Jayne 34HH Video - BustyBrits - Clip 6


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23 Responses to “They’re HH-cup boobs, actually…”

  1. Heals Says:

    So, my ex-girlfriend is a 36J.
    She actually has a 28″ under-bust measurement and a 41.5 around the bust measurement. She has worn anything from a 34FF – 36J (whatever makes her feel comfortable.) Better yet, she has a 26″ waste and 38″ hips. As beautiful as these other women are that you mention, they seem ‘over-weight’ a bit and I wish they were fitter. Anya and Swan are gifts from nature, my ex wasn’t that thin, but she was fit. Not that I don’t like the look…believe me I love large breasts!

  2. cd_RW Says:

    ^^any photos of the ex? lol

  3. Heals Says:

    Yes there are several non-nude candid shots, but I ain’t sharing. I have respect…sheesk!

  4. Reese Says:

    Pssst! Wanna see Leah-Jayne do hardcore?!

  5. Allan Says:

    This is all well and good but my fiance (no lie!) is 4 feet 11, has long red hair, green eyes, 24 inch waist, a medium to large butt, weighs 97 pounds, and best of all because I am a real tit lover she has 45 JJ Boobs. Oh by the way we are getting married this September.

  6. gazza Says:

    Love to see those tits online Allan!!

  7. daniel jarvis Says:

    i love fucking huge tits ,unfortunately not always near em -email me any time dan jarvis australia

  8. mr ddd Says:

    leah-jayne is a poster girl for the perfect woman!!
    she has a beutiful face and body n wots more u get a sense from looking at her tht she would b a rly nice lassie too!
    she`s a brit so hopefully all those eyelash wishes werent a tottal waste of time il bump in to her in a pub or sumthing n il def buy her a drink just for bein so fine
    if she`s nice il let ye`s know ;) lol

  9. mac Says:

    oh i like it

  10. james budders Says:

    Any well enhanced women wanna talk email any time

  11. trushna Says:

    hi i have big boobs
    they’re hh


  12. trushn Says:





  13. tony Says:

    hi im tony hh boobs r hot

  14. will Says:

    there sooo

  15. Sean Says:

    i would titty fuck and cum alll over those

  16. Sean Says:

    i got an 11 inch long 3 inch wide dick, wanna ride?

  17. Lady O Says:

    I got medium size tits. 34F. WHY DO PEOPLE THINK THIS SIZE IS BIG?! ITS NOT!

  18. craig Says:

    my wife has huge tits at a 36j sometimes 36jj

  19. joe Says:

    my gf has 38 g’s shes typical girls blond hair blues eyes but its wierd to me because shes got a big mid section skinny legs and arm and face…its so strange im obsessed with huge boobs im not talking dd no no i love g+….i dunno i think im shallow sometimes,i just love em…i wish i could see more of them ya know what i mean? like start some club or something where huge boob lovers can share pics of there gf racks where size f is the min lol a guy can dream…

  20. leonard Says:

    i think hh titsare sexy very sexy

  21. Duane B. Says:

    Hmm.. I love women with huge boobs. I would LOVE to get to know anyone who does have some big ones. Drop me a line

  22. Duane B. Says:

    And we can exchange info.

  23. nigel Says:

    i love huge boobs and mature women come back to me

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