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Things have been picking up a bit on the new Breast Files Blogs since I’d made my “Fancy your own boob blog?” post nearly a week ago, and best of luck to those of you who’ve decided to enter the wonderful world of blogging! We’re vying to establish a good mix of both boob lovers and models on the site and, with regard to the latter, I’m working on getting Mercy 44FF over there whilst Alicia Loren (who’s already got her own blog at TBF) has just extended the same invitation to Maria Moore.

But it’s another “Moore” who’s presently amongst our blogging ranks that I wanted to mention today: 36H Alexandra Moore! Although she’d first started her personal blog mid-February, her work schedule at the time precluded regular updates. In her most recent post, however, she’s promised to become more active in the blogosphere, featuring photos & vidcaps from her Alexandra-Moore website and soliciting idea from her fans for future content! So be sure to take a look at Alexandra’s blog and, if you’ve got any ideas or just want to say “hi”, be sure to leave a comment!

Alas, it would be patently unfair of me to make mention of Ms. Moore without posting a few photos of my own – especially since it seems so long since I last blogged her – so here’s a small sampling of lovely H-cup Alexandra lounging about in her lingerie at

Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from

Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from

Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from

Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from


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21 thoughts on “Alexandra Moore Blog at TheBreastFiles”

  1. Not to sound like a pig…

    But I’d like to see alittle less posing from this beauty, and alittle more exploration. Maybe even some candids where she doesn’t realize the shot was taken.

    More personality, less stage presence. Does anyone agree?


  2. Jes: I agree with you. She doesn’t look “right” when she is posing. She is really hot, has a great body, amazing tits (in case you didn’t notice! :P ) but her posing is awful. Not that I would kick her out of bed for eating crackers… mind you…

  3. i agree ,she doesn,t look relaxed in these pic,s and i think that,s kinda odd cause i have seen alexandra in many pic,s aside from that i,m a big fan of the lovely lady . skin tone is perfect and i just simply love her hair being dark black and those inviting brown eyes , her lipps are great not to big & not to small and that smile is awsome . even her finger nails are the right lenght , and she shaves ooohh plus she has that rack that just doesn,t stop .alexandra i think you are the the total package . of all the ladies i,v seen on myboobsite you are my first choice .hope to see more of you xoxoxo

  4. Alexandra is in a word stunning. Fantastic face, but, tits, legs, etc, would be an unbelievable shag! The more pic’s the better of this awesome babe!

  5. She has a phenominal body. I agree with Jes, less “posing” would be great. I love seeing busty women in natural scenarios. I think the girl who does this extremely well is Aneta Buena. She exudes natural sexuality, and in her pics she always seems to be real, almost like she isn’t trying. Nothing is forced, just a busty gal having fun with the camera, I love her smile. Maybe Alexandras photographer should tell her not to try to look sexy, she already is!! Just be yourself honey. That’s what turned me off about Merilyn/Anya, she seemed too stiff and her poses looked awkward. Fantastic tits on her though, given her frame. Alexandra Moore, Maria Moore and Eden Mor. Looks like I need to find a woman with the last name Moore or something similar. Oddly, my favorite James Bond actor is Roger Moore, but I don’t want to shag him…lol. Sorry Roger.

  6. Joey

    Couldn’t agree with you “moore” about Buena. Some of her earliest pics are alittle stiff, but she definitely has a “real woman” quality I can’t get enough of.

    Maybe Alexandra should work with Anita and Samantha38GG sometime soon…

    (HINT, HINT) :P

  7. Guys,

    I’ll have to say that I agree with you but maybe Miss Buena is good at looking natural because she is s professional and that look doesn’t come over night. Give Miss Moore a chance to devolp her skills and she too will look fabulous for us with what seems like effortless ease! She is afterall an amateur just very, very gifted one.

  8. Alexandra is hot but these pix don’t take me there. I agree with the consensus that less posed pix would be good. She doesn’t bring across any sort of personality, but she is hot and has a fantastic rack.

  9. Oh and I’d just like to mention I think her posing is fine. She only looks a bit stiff in that one shot, the shot of her butt is probably one of the best pics I have seen.

  10. Johnny

    It’s not that we don’t appreciate her. For me, it’s just that every shot seems a bit too camera-concious, and her head has almost the exast same tilt to it. I suspect I know why, and I don’t feel it needs to be said.

    We’d just like to see her “let it flow”, as they say…

  11. modeling is about what you are thinking. To have a great pic is half of what is on the model’s mind. Sometimes I think totally sex kitten, or sultry screen goddess when I do my shoots. It helps me get into the mood and scene. Playing pretend is fun. And I can always tell by the models eyes whether or not she is enjoying the shoot. But it is part of the photographers job to help the models feel sexy, confident and happy during the shoots. To help bring out her best.

    Just my opinion.

  12. I’ve seen her beach bar set recently and I think, while she has hands down fantastic boobs, she also has the most perfectly formed butt I have ever seen. This is odd for me because normally I’m fairly indifferent to butts, if a woman had one it was enough. I either really like this girl or the photographer knows what he’s doing, big time.

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