The softer side of Maria Moore…

I’ll admit that I’ve been blogging Maria Moore quite a bit lately, but that’s simply because I’m rather excited to see a fair measure of fresh photo & video content coming for this JJ-cup lovely. Three months ago, my only choices for catching a glimpse of this truly beautiful and profoundly well-endowed woman with any regularity were either TopHeavyAmateurs or JuggMaster (the latter for whom March is Maria Moore month!).

Thankfully, Ms. Moore has now expanded her exposure with appearances on my all-time favourite BBW site, Hot Sexy Plumpers, and a brand new hardcore video for Big Tits Curvy Asses (it also bears mention that she’s done yet another hardcore vid for Mom’s a Cheater, but you automatically get access to that site as a bonus when you join BTCA). All in all, it merely makes for a lot “Moore” of Maria for all of us to enjoy!

In my last Maria Moore blog, I posed the question of whether or not it’s possible to have too much of a good thing, and the comments, messages & e-mails I received in return were overwhelmingly in favour of seeing even more! However, there was one stunning young lady who seemed a wee bit insecure at the mere thought of such a question being posed…

Maria Moore wrote:

“I read MyBoobSite.Com/Blog every day! It is my daily newspaper.

“Saturday’s blog pondered ‘is there Maria Moore overload?’ …everyone can only imagine how unhappy this question would make me. This is a scary possibility to me.

“Yes, everyone was quite anxious when I agreed to, once again, shoot some new content. However, I can still count the places where my image appears… that cannot be so bad. And, certainly NOT…. overexposure…. correct??????

“PLEASE…tell me if I am wrong????

“I just thought I was giving my fans something new!

“Well, since that is off my worried, and insecure chest, I am busy working hard for a site, yet to be disclosed…. but you are are sure to pleased with….”

…and so, Maria, I must apologise for planting the mere thought in your mind, and rest assured that, in my humble opinion and that of many of my readers, we could never get enough of you! The fact that you’re working hard for a site “yet to be disclosed” is music to our collective ears, and we await any news on your new venture – whenever you’re able to provide such – with nothing short of the most eager anticipation. [Oh, and thank you sooo much for your kind words about MyBoobSite!]

In the meantime, it seems that Alicia Loren’s prior plea to get Maria to visit her Divine Breasts site has proven fruitful! It all started with Alicia playfully suggesting that she join in with the big breast competition between Maria & Samantha 38G, to which Ms. Moore admiringly replied: “Alicia, all others would be dwarfed in comparison to your gigantic rack! So, if Alicia is in the contest, I kneel down. She wins hands down!”

Well, thanks to the budding friendship between Maria & Alicia, we can now add yet another site to the growing roster of Maria Moore’s photo resume. In her first appearance on Divine Breasts, we get to see the softer side of our 38JJ idol…and I must say that it’s lovely to see her smiling so much, showing that she obviously enjoys her work as much as we do! Thus, here’s Maria Moore in a few of her first photos for

Maria Moore 38JJ at    Maria Moore 38JJ at    Maria Moore 38JJ at

Maria Moore 38JJ at    Maria Moore 38JJ at    Maria Moore 38JJ at

Maria Moore 38JJ at    Maria Moore 38JJ at    Maria Moore 38JJ at

Maria Moore 38JJ at    Maria Moore 38JJ at    Maria Moore 38JJ at

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site are 1024×768 resolution)



P.S. Do you feel the same in wanting to see even more of Maria Moore here? Then be sure to leave a comment!

48 thoughts on “The softer side of Maria Moore…”

  1. I, for one, would enjoy seeing more Maria!

    I checked out the preview video on the page Reese linked for Maria’s h/c appearance on Mom’s a Cheater. What a HUGE disappointment that was. And to clarify: none of it was Maria’s fault.

    I think its an example of what has gone terribly wrong in the porn industry these days. A great model who is willing to go hardcore has her appearance RUINED by a loudmouth “director” who insists on moving the hand-held camera constantly in “MTV interview” fashion.

    I suspect this trend is due to the tightening of the rules for adult website owners. The VISA fees were increased and recordkeeping requirements are higher than before, so as a result we’re seeing the amateur sites featuring just one woman shutting down and more corporate-owned “mega sites” run by jaded juveniles out of Southern California popping up.

    Anyway, enough ranting. I just long for a return to the days when women like Maria could run their own sites.

    – Mick

    ps: Maria looks GREAT in the polkadot dress! I’d love to see more clothed shots like that. Maybe where she leans forward and “accidentally” lets us perv’s sneak a forbidden peek down into her cleavage when we think she’s not going to catch us looking. Hehehehe

  2. Stunning! I usually prefer Maria with lighter hair, but she looks fabulous in these pics!

  3. Maria, there can never be too much of you. You say you have been reading this blog regularly, well then read the comments in every posting about you. It is unanimously positive. We all love you Maria, so please kill any negative thoughts you have about over exposure. What is over-exposed are these fake boobed, dime a dozen, stick thin blond bimbos. You’re a rare gem, and you are very beautiful. Not just your boobs, but then entire package. I’m the biggest boob fan and yours are phenominal, and even though I know this is primarily a boob site, but when I look at your pictures, I look at your eyes, your hair, everything. You’re truly a gorgeous woman all around, and we are blessed that you grace us with your images. Thank you and keep up the good work. Overexposed my ass! We want MOORE!

  4. BTW – The thought of Maria Moore and Alicia in a photshoot just is driving me insane. Not since Milena and Miosotis has such an explosive duo been paired.

  5. Maria has come into her own in the last year and boy is she on fire! She is climbing to the top of the Big Breast tree and making a statement. I think the queens of BB are going to have to adapt or die! Maria you’re setting the bar to new highs!


  6. I think these are probably some of the best sets. I think Score have the worst photographers in the history of the universe which is a shame but she also looks good at which is good because they have a lot of content and videos.

    This set I think has the same quality as the top heavy amateurs sets.

  7. Maria, you’re more than gorgeous — you have a top-notch sense of humor!
    That “hands down” made my day (which did start quite late…). True LOL, not just careless use of three letters.

    Yrs trly is a DB subscriber, and looking forward to more of you.

  8. Very nice! I have just one little complaint: seeing rings under Maria’s eyes. Is she getting enough sleep lately? Is the light just coming in too low? Either way, this is one of those odd little things that I can’t ignore. I couldn’t get into Alessandra Derya, for example, because her tired eyes were so unflattering. Maybe Maria isn’t being overexposed, but overworked! Early to bed, Maria, you deserve a break!

  9. I have not seen Maria look this relaxed and happy since her first set of photos for Juggmaster. And her breasts are siNIFicantly larger today. She keeps on amazing me. Great shoot Maria! :D Let’s all OD on Maria Moore photos. No better way to go than happy…

  10. This may seem outrageous or even blasphemous, but yes I’m getting tired of seeing Maria Moore. I can think of a lot of other women I’d like to see here more regularly. Lately it seems Maria is up every two or three blogs at most. She has wonderful huge jugs but is far from the hottest woman I’ve seen here. Some more variety would be welcome about now.

  11. Maria, we love you, and can NEVER get too much of you! I only hope some of these scenes show up on DVD soon, ‘cos my monitor is not quite big enough to fully enjoy them. I’ll join at least some of those sites and download them anyway, but what are the prospects of DVD releases for these?

  12. Bloody amazing woman. More of her is wonderful to see, anytime. More of her passionate, sexy hardcore would be really great!

  13. More of MOORE
    I love to see more of miss Moore and her beautiful breasts. Partlu undressing is so sexy. Big tit competition with Alicia and Samantha, I think Maria and Alicia would go “even”.
    Maria is getting more sexy for every time I see her. As I am a big “hanger” fan I suggest following to decide who has the largest rack:
    The girl in doggy pos. Measureing from where the tits “start” (the point from where the tit meets the belly region) and measure down to a lowest hanger point a vertical line meets a horisontal line drawn from the nipple or what ever parts is the lowest.
    I am looking forward to see the results here on Myboobsite. Also I suggest more girls to join in the competition of “the biggest hangers” Specially the girls mentioned in my top 10 list posted in Jenny Hill section

    Harald “the titloving” viking

  14. Mr. Unnatural, that wasn’t just blasphemous, it’s down right heretical. You aren’t by any means the anti-christ are you?

    lol – just kidding.

  15. LOL! No Joey, at least I don’t think so. I don’t have any funny birthmarks.
    I’d tit wank Maria in a heartbeat, I’m just missing some old faves like Ewa and Chloe. It would be good to see more (Oi vey) of some of the newer gals posted too like Ferrari and Maritza. Other super-boobers like Nadine Jansen and Miosotis would be really nice too. I suggest stuff like this but nothing ever seems to happen. No offense meant to Reese.

  16. Maria. What a luscious woman! OMG from head to toe she is feminine perfection. She never fails to make my mouth water. I like the clothed stuff too, the polka dot dress is great, but I always want a bra shot. Everyday normal bras that she would really wear under her clothes. That doesn’t matter though, I will always take Maria any way I can get her. I would give my left leg for the chance to go down on her.

  17. This was a great shoot–#3 & #8 especially. And yes, it would be great to see Maria in many more lingerie and bra shots–not crazy colorful bras but everyday, sexy support bras, I agree–the kind of bras and panties you catch your girlfriend putting on in the morning before she goes to work for the morning shift at the law firm, etc…I think one can always return to the old standards of Penthouse and Playboy when women’s breasts had faint tan lines and FULL PEACHES and there was some seduction in the shoot that didn’t dull our senses with obviousness.


  18. Maria, you are both BEAUTIFUL AND BOOBIFUL!!! Love seeing you each and everyday, more and MORE Maria Moore!!! What a busty lovely voluptuous woman you are … MORE MORE MORE!!

  19. I, for one, would enjoy a video of her brushing her hair. Of course those MUY GRANDE tits hanging out whilst doing so, would be a welcome delight.

  20. I absolutely love Maria and her melons.I could never get to much of her. I also want to thank Reese for having a magnificent site here. Also, I was wondering if you have heard of a mega busty japanese lady called fuko. She definitely is busty enough to appear on this site.

  21. When it comes to Maria Moore, we should all banish the word “overexposure” from our collective vocabulary… Great to see you back in action Maria! Looking forward to more of you, forgive the pun.

  22. Hey Thorsena,

    Where do you find pix of Fuko? I’ve done searches for her and never found anything. If it’s who I’m thinking of, I saw one wmv of her. Impossibly huge breasts, anyway, let me know wouldja? Thanks.

  23. I simply cannot get enough Maria and herbeautiful tits. I don’t think you can have too much of Maria. She is in my top three all time favorites.

  24. God she has the most awesome tits i’ve ever wanked over and I wish I could unload over them for real. It would turn my nuts inside out to be able to suck her juicy swollen teats while rubbing my purple bomb head on her tongue till it jizzed down her throat.


  25. There could never, EVER be too much Maria! “overexposure” is just not something that can happen with gorgeous boob models!

  26. well, I finally found a few Fuko pix by checking out boobepedia. Not exactly my fave site, especially adding to the fact that it informs me Fuko no longer does topless shots. The one’s she did were when she was underage and have been removed. With a bod like that, she is of age!!!
    Absoulutely can’t stand turbo hotties like that having a site and keeeping their gear on, Denise Milani is another prime example. At least as far as I’ve seen. If anyone has nudie pix of Denise Milani, or even Fuko for that matter. Please get my email from Reese and slide em to me on the down low. MM-Hmm

  27. I’m a huge fan of Maria Moore, and I’m desperately looking for hardcore clips of her, is there a way of getting that without having to pay for it? Many thanks to you fellow perv’s. :P

  28. Maria is one top babe with beautiful boobs, I am wondering though when do you think they will become k cups?! They seem to be growing still!

  29. hi maria …!! i love your pics and your breasts waouu i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu mouaaaaaaaaaaaaah kisss

  30. Ah Maria, Maria @@ and Maria. In my opinion it’s just not your beautiful breasts which attract so many fans, but its your beautiful face; eyes, mouth, lips and hair which sets the industry on fire when you appear. In your live performances it’s your personality which only enhances your status. I personally think you have a great sense of humor and it shows. Lastly, you have a good head on your shoulders. Weren’t you going to be a lawyer? You can represent me anytime. I wish you all the success. You are a darling and thank you for being who you are. XOXO Teddy

  31. You are just beautifull.I am in aww when I seen your movies and pictures.
    Dont change a thing.

    And no there is no Maria Moore overload.


  32. i seen you on passyunk ave. and tasker st. you are truley a sexy woman, im hoping to some day get your auto graph !!!!! your eyes and lips are awsome!!!!!!!!!!

  33. im five foot 5, you are around 5 foot 3 and a half, you know that half makes all the difference in the wourld !!!!! call me when you get time!!

  34. I saw Maria at CVS yesterday with her two children. I was stunned. I wanted to say hello but I couldn’t do it in front of her kids. Maybe i’ll run into her again alone. ; )

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