Dors Feline takes her Massive Tits to Score

From the first time I blogged 34K Dors Feline at GodsGirls, I knew that she’d be a huge hooters hit based upon the copious comments on her colossal cleavage and super busty curvaceous body. It wasn’t all that long thereafter that I got to report this fun loving big tits tattooed goth girl Dors got her own site through the CandyGirlPass people and, since then, we’ve seen her shift from sassy short-haired sex tease to sultry long-haired big boobs blonde seductress (the latter of luxurious flaxen locks being my all-time favorite look, preferring busty blondes as I do)…

Dors Feline Dark with big K-cup tits at    Dors Feline Blonde with big K-cup boobs at

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…but now, just like Ashley before her (another Candy Girl alumnus), it seems Ms Feline has seen fit to let Score have a go on her boobs a bit. Here’s their story of meeting her massive mammaries for the first time…

Score wrote:

Hello titty. Last year, Dors Feline visited the SCORE building in Miami while she was in the States for a convention. Trying to control ourselves and not doing well at all (KK boobs can turn your brain into mashed potatoes), we still managed to give Dors and her friends the guided tour. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do anything in our studio. (A revised US code prevents non-US citizens from modeling on US soil unless they have a special permit.) So it’s taken a long time for us to score with this vivaciously vixenish and voluptuously curvy babydoll from the United Kingdom. Finally the wait’s over after meeting Dors in Berlin, of all places. You’ll also love Dors’ style and personality. As you know, we’ve always had a history with British girls, many of them going on to become superstars. Dors has that quality too. She likes reading, shopping, chatting with fans and dressing up in her favorite outfits, a mixture of retro-glam, punk, pin-up, modern burlesque, vintage and rock. She has 23 tats and it’s likely there might be more in Dors’ future. Please give a loud SCORELAND shout-out to Miss Dors Feline.

…and it was from this that I learned Dors’ already considerable K-cup breasts went up a cup size as well! And so, here’s ever beautiful busty voluptuous KK-cup cutie 34KK Dors Feline on videos at

Dors Feline video from



12 thoughts on “Dors Feline takes her Massive Tits to Score”

  1. Dors is bigger and better! Wow. Amazing. Hopefully Score has some good things to come for her. ;) More Dors is always a good thing. No doubt about it.

  2. I LOVE the way she looks in the trailer- the way her ass looks in those tights, for instance. And the boobs- but that goes without saying. Here’s hoping they can lure her into nastier and nastier work.

  3. I have to disagree. I’m a Dors fan, but that outfit they have her in looks horrible! It cuts into her body so that it creates rolls where there shouldn’t be rolls. And I’m not saying that to be anti-BBW – It’s just that she would look infinitely better naked, which means her clothes do not show her off correctly.

  4. Dors is irresistable. Totally cute but will always prefer the dyed hair. Great move, though. Is she REALLY getting bigger? Awesome can’t wait to see more! BIGGER AND BIGGER!!! WHOOOOO!

  5. Woah!

    I’m pretty surprised at the extra weight she’s put on.

    With Terri Jane, & Leanne Crow also putting on a fair amount of weight in recent weeks, you have to ask yourselves: “is the UK water supply no longer fat free?”.

    Maybe they’re all just trying to get the biggest cup size they can, & spar with Anorei. Maybe there’s more money in being a genuine BBW – this is their living after all. What size will they be after Xmas?

    Dors is a genuinely beautiful larger girl – I just hope she has a lot of parties to pogo at before the New Year, & I’d still gladly sacrifice some serious black eyes just to bounce with her.

  6. Beside the Huge tits (that are irresistible),she also has a overwhelming body. She is not skinny and that makes her irresistable and super attractive as well. We need more of this woman!!!

  7. I think it would’ve been better for Dors to stay with CandyGirlPass, Scoreland tends to have them wear far too much make-up… Although not nearly as much as pinupglam does.

  8. Gotta love her! More of Dors is always an awesome thing. =)

    Interesting note! There is a discrepancy between UK and US cup sizes. It starts when there’s a six-inch difference between the bust size and the band size. In the US, 6 inches is a DDD, or F. In the UK, it’s E. 7 inches is ‘G’ in the US, ‘F’ in the UK. 8 inches is ‘H’ in the US, ‘FF’ in the UK. 9 inch difference is ‘I’ in the US, and ‘G’ in the UK, etc.

    That might help explain why some models’ cup sizes seem to wildly fluctuate. :)

  9. yea Dors carries her weight very well i like her wit meat on her!! hers boobs have gotten bigger also and as far as Leanne Crow and Terri Jane gaining weight you guys must have forgotten what time of year it is these girls aren’t gonna starve themselves for our enjoyment i applaud them for even taking their boobs out for us dogs int the 1st place lol

  10. I think Dors Feline in Score now and xl girls is Awesome. The 1st time I saw her was in a promo for “Full figured foxes” I was instantly attracted to her. Now that I have seen her past to, She was a cute girl NOW she is BBW Awesome. Next to my fiance, Dors is the most beautifull BBW ever imo! :D

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