Eden Mor Exposed

It’s no secret that I’m somewhat infatuated with Eden Mor. I mean, I’ve blogged her here and here and here and here and here, and she even features prominently on MyBoobSite’s link banner:

I love Eden’s website and simply can’t get enough of her incomparable 80HH breasts, her beautiful face and lovely, curvaceous body. However, today suddenly found me obsessed with seeing her stark, bollock naked. Don’t get me wrong, I think the photos & videos on her site are wonderful and the best, most erotic work she’s ever done…but today I was after something a bit more raw and unrefined. I found myself venturing out of her welcoming Garden of Eden and into the nether-regions of Scoreland. After all, it was Eden’s own nether-regions that I was after. ;~)

I reasoned that, in Score’s family of websites – especially Voluptuous & XL Girls – I could find what I was looking for. Most big boob models have, at some time or other, appeared with Score. In many cases, that’s how they got their start in the adult industry. As such, it’s the most massive collection of big tits you’ll find anywhere, a veritable wonderland of huge breasts, the big boob lover’s dream come true. It took me a considerable amount of time to troll through their archives, especially considering the wealth of well-developed distractions therein.

Needless to say, I was not disappointed. There she was, right in front of me: Eden Mor exposed, laid bare before my eyes. Now, I normally don’t go in for this kind of thing. I prefer my porn to be a bit more tasteful, more engaging. I don’t know what came over me, but, this time, I needed pussy…and this photo, in particular, gave me exactly what I’d been longing for. Eden’s 80HH endowments became merely a bonus as I became drawn between her legs, to those luscious lips. It was overwhelming. I just wanted to kneel down in front of her and show my appreciation. ;~) I felt dirty, but it felt good.

Sorry to drag you all into my prurient pursuits – I promise to resume our regular broadcast soon – right after I spend a little more time with these:

Eden Mor 80HH    Eden Mor 80HH

Eden Mor 80HH    Eden Mor 80HH

Eden Mor 80HH    Eden Mor 80HH

Eden Mor 80HH    Eden Mor 80HH

Eden Mor 80HH    Eden Mor 80HH

Eden Mor 80HH    Eden Mor 80HH



38 thoughts on “Eden Mor Exposed”

  1. man, thanks so much for all the eden blogs. she is an amazng woman and im about to go join her website now. cheers

    what are some of your other favorite non-blondes?

  2. very nice choices. its awesome that we share the same taste in size in women. i dont particularly enjoy exaggerately large women, but women the size of maria moore and eden mor etc. are absolutely perfect.

    best blog ever! keep upthe good posts!

  3. Gustave~

    Eden’s very first photo shoot was with Score, after a friend had convinced her to give it a go. Then she did a few sessions with photographer Bernd Daktari Lorenz for Nadine Jansen’s website before starting her own Garden of Eden.

    ~Reese! :~)

  4. I love Eden the first moment i saw her tits. She´s the one who has everything on the right place. I wank each day for her and i gave loads of sperm for her….. She is tit-tastic!!

  5. Eden used to be an escort when she was living in London as a student (a few years ago, she had an add on http://www.geosex.nl). I had the pleasure of playing with her a couple of times. I noticed from her newest pics on her website that ‘they’ are actually getting bigger. I wonder if she is still into that business, it was real fun (sigh).

  6. Eden is truly a GODDESS……..From her dark eyes to her silken brunette hair to her awesome body!!!!!! Milena and the others are all truly beautiful and magnificent looking women. But Eden has cast her spell on me………

  7. Hi, this is the first ever time I have been on this site, I totally love it. Now about the discussion about who is the best non-blonde I have to say, even with blondes included Eden is the best. She is pure quality, with her stunning face, eyes, everything. LOL.
    All I have to say is that guy Zstein who posted that he met with Eden Mor a couple of times, if that is true he is a very very lucky man.
    I have never paid for female company in my life, but man I would if I could take her out for a night of fun.

    Eden if you read this shout me on marcusbig23@yahoo.co.uk . I will send you a picture of me.
    I’m 23 and a student in my last year.

  8. I, too am a big fan of Eden, from the moment I saw her. She claims that hers are natural, and they do look like it. However there are two things that leave a doubt in my mind, One is that in some pics you can see that she has some bumpy scars on her stomach near the bottom ribs, where it looks to me like she had either liposuction or had breast augmentation, or maybe both (she tends to be a bit pudgy in the belly). And the other is that she seems to have smaller breasts in the Score pics, then larger afterwards. I’d still worship her even if I found that her interpretation of ‘natural’ was implants filled with water, not silicone. ;-) On her website she said she had gained some weight, and asked if we liked it. Well, I’d say sure, if it was in the right places, and not on her tummy!.

    BTW, I sent Reese a vid cap of Princessa, where it looks like she has implants. I don’t know if he got the email, maybe spam filtered?

  9. hello EDEN MOR
    english: turkish:
    eden adem ile havva nın yaşadığı cennet
    mor bir renk adı(violet)
    happy suat
    the prophet mohammed’s ascent to heaven=====mihrac
    not to be sick of yilmaz



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