Motorboating GG-cup Cleavage with 34GG Amber Hall

Upon briefly revisiting my Things to Do with Big Tits poll which revealed that MyBoobSite readers prefer tit sucking in a landslide 2-to-1 victory over either fondling or fucking big tits, I realised to my horror that I’d inadvertently left out that most time honoured nose to bosom tradition of massive mammary motorboating wherein one plunges their face into a willing and well-endowed girl’s cleavage, wiggles their head from side to side for the fabulous feel or tit-flesh against their cheeks and blows raspberries or some such (however, having never engaged in such facial breast frottage myself – a real shocker considering I’m such a sucker for big tits – I can’t rightly say).

Even more shocking is the fact that I’ve never even mentioned motorboating on the boob blog before (well, actually, I did once but it was entirely in the wrong context – what kind of big breast lover am I?)! And so I sought to rectify this oversight by delving into the dairy depths of big boobs porn to find illustrative examples of this particular perverse proboscis practice only to encounter a disturbing lack of colossal cleavage content catering to the breast fetish in question. In fact, the only instance I’d come across featured the lovely 34GG Amber Hall with my mate Cel being the one to bury his face in the generous GG-cup cleavage of her huge boobs.

Having enjoyed the deliciously horny Amber Hall’s full yet perfectly pendulous breasts in both softcore shoots and hardcore videos as well as XX-Cel itself in the past, I immediately downloaded the video to see if this erotic excursion into Amber’s big tits included the evidence I was anticipating but to find Cel moreso nuzzling her enormous knockers than embarking upon a full-blown big boob motorboating expedition through the curvaceous cleavage canal of her massive mammaries. Meh, it’s still a damn fine view, though, with some XX-cellent big breast fondling and areola poking thrown in the mix after which Amber lifts her huge breasts aloft to share some nipple licking & tits sucking with Cel in these close-up boob fondling videos from

Amber 34GG in mammary motorboating tit sucking videos at    Amber 34GG in mammary motorboating tit sucking videos at

Amber 34GG in mammary motorboating tit sucking videos at    Amber 34GG in mammary motorboating tit sucking videos at

(note: actual video available for download on the site is 640×360 resolution)


6 thoughts on “Motorboating GG-cup Cleavage with 34GG Amber Hall”

  1. And lets not forget the aroma of those milky globes. Both the dewy underside, and between the mammies provide this nuzzler with enough heady aroma to just about make my redwood permanent!

    Careful selection of perfume is a must for my large breasted woman when in hot climes, as the heat radiated from her big taas is enough to change the scent of many perfumes. We prefer citrus based fragrances, though her natural aroma is still my favorite. Reese you should ask the lasses, I’d be interested in finding out if I’m the only one out there that likes the way big mammies smell!
    the Buzzard

  2. Amber’s boobs are sensational, and I would love to squish those! Lucky old Cel.

    Not too sure about the areola poking though – that would earn me a quick slap around the ears from MrsFrankNZ!

  3. There’s a shot I’ve been hoping to see for a while but haven’t – a little simultaneous nipple-sucking. She’s such a looker I don’t even mind that guy being in the shot – I’m enjoying the look on her face.

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