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Hi, my name is Reese, and I’m a Jana-holic. I don’t care that she’s one of those skinny-chick “sticks with tits” that I typically despise; there’s just something about Jana Defi (aka Princessa / Maria Swan) that sends me well away into a world of my own. And it’s not merely her 32G breasts, either, as I could easily get those with the likewise-lithesome Busty Merilyn Sakova or Faith Nelson. No, I’m almost embarrassed to say that my attraction to Jana Defi transcends even my obsession with big boobs. While I don’t normally go for thin girls, I still find Jana totally irresistible. I honestly think she’s got what it takes to be the world’s first genuine G-cup supermodel.

Now, my agreement with Jana’s modelling rep is that I won’t show any photos depicting full frontal nudity. Fair enough, and I strive to respect the wishes of all of the models featured on MyBoobSite. However, this makes blogging Jana extraordinarily difficult, because most of her recent “Hot & Wild” series featured on MC-Nudes is exactly that; full-on, in-your-face Princessa, shaven pussy and all, in her most provocative photo set yet. Thus, I’ve chosen a small selection of some of her “tamer” shots to share with you here (even though my meager previews pale in comparison to the ultra-high-resolution 2000×3000 original pics available on her website):

Apologies, but the photos were removed at the model’s request.



24 thoughts on “Princessa, hot & wet…”

  1. I agree with Reese that Jana’s a bit on the slim side, but at least she doesn’t look as anorexic as Merilyn. Her boobs aren’t as big as Merilyn’s but she’s got a really nice set – she’s very appealing. I think her areolas need to be a bit bigger to be in proportion to her breasts, more like the size of Merilyn’s.

    And one thing that appeals to me more is the shape of breasts. For some reason I like “jutters” that are somewhat more conical than spherical, to me both merilyn and Jana’s breasts look too much like balloons, like they are really smallish areolas and glandular tissue in an inflated, fatty sphere. I think that larger breasts should have proportionally larger amount of both glandular tissue and areola. I find those sillycone BA jobs with the small areolas and nipples on a huge 2 or 3000 cc sphere much, much less appealing than real, natural breasts like those on Nadine Jansen or freund, Chrissy. I wish I could post a comment with a pic, to show the difference.

    I think at one time, long ago, I was a big fan of any big breasts, sliiycone jobs included. But I soon realized, especially after seeing them in motion in videos, that the stiff, unyielding unnatural action of sillycone breasts are a poor substitute for the soft, pliable, fullness of real titty flesh. There’s just no denying it. So I’ve become a big fan of natural boobs! :o)

    And I again want to say that I’m now convinced that Jana has real, full, soft, pliable, natural breasts, not implants, as I had thought before.

    But I do think Reese has fixated enough on Princessa (I can’t remember how many times he’s blogged her – numerous..), and should feature some of the other girls of or even others from that same locale. After all, there must be something in the water that causes all those beautiful women to have such magnificent boobs. Feature some others besides Ines, Ewa, and Bea Flora. I’ll have to check the comments I left recently for the URL of that one blonde Polish babe, can’t remember her name..

  2. This is one area I differ with you Reese…I love slim women with big tits. Much harder to find, at least with natural tits, than the some what more chunky ones. I like them too, but prefer the skinnier girls. I might as well own up…I’m looking for perfection. Nice small waist, giving way to round hips and ass, long legs, and of course the biggest natural tits ever. And they should have a natural sag, but yet not pendulous, just firm all the way down. Then she must love the taste of cum, and likes nothing more than getting a nice” pearl necklace” from me . Oh, and she should have a face like Veronica Zemanova or Catherine Zeta Jones. Am I dreaming?

  3. To Ayrton: Yes i think you’re dreaming, it would be cool though…i’m with you in the slim’n’staked item. I LOVE big breasts but they really stand out when the owner is slim don’t you think? :)

    To Very Free:¿Marilyn an anorexic? wow i never looked at her that way, maybe she’s not that muscular but not to the point of looking like an anorexic, well points of view…..The topic of “Jana’s breasts are natural or not” is changing from time to time. I’ve read in other blogs, some of them gone, some of them not, that she has implants even in this blog a guy pointed out that they were fake and he offered some capture of a video wich he said proved it all. I just don’t know… but i DO know i prefer natural before silicone

    ¿Reese is blogging Jana too much? ¡¡¡ i don’t care !!! He and the made a “Jana-holic” too, so there is never too much of Jana (and Merilyn Sakova is almost almost a tie-up). Reese i can thank you enough for researching for this blog adn making this a home for the “breast obsessed”

  4. Gustave, I was the one who posted the offer of a vidcap and until later when I wateched another of her, then I posted a retraction, and again I say I am now convinced that they are not implants, but soft, pliable, natural breasts.

    Ayrton, you’re not dreaming, your specifications are too stringent, and you may be disappointed to find that the woman who could meet your perfection is totally impossible to find. Cut yourself a bit of slack, and find one who’s a bit easier to find.

    Reese, I rediscovered who that blonde Polish goddess was that I said I couldn’t remember. She’s Sonia of Boobs.PL and she’s got a nice, full set of “jutters”, like I said I liked in a recent followup. I don’t know what her dimensions are, but she looks like she’s up there with some of the others you’ve featured here. Check her out and get back to us. I’d definitely like to see more of her!

  5. Ahh yes, I agree with Ayrton and Gustave in their preference for busty together with an hourglass figure. We are coming up on spring, thus it is not the time for the bears to pack on the weight for the long cold winter ahead. Instead, it is the time for slim and fit.

    Gustave, I think the term anorexic is tossed about a tad loose around here. Certainly, its use does not meet the definition of the term. [A person affected with a serious disorder in eating behavior, primarily of young women in their teens and early twenties that is characterized especially by a pathological fear of weight gain leading to faulty eating patterns, malnutrition, and usually excessive weight loss]. I suppose if one looks at corpulent women all the time, then by comparison, a size considered medically in the more healthy range of weight may seem a bit light in the poundage department. I’ve also heard the argument that gravitationally enhanced, porcine women were in the past the subjects of desire as depicted by the great painters during the Renaissance, but they also thought the earth was flat and the center of the universe. In addition, since the rich were probably the only ones to eat well, rotund size may have been attractive because it indicated wealth.

    VF, “Her boobs aren’t as big as Merilyn’s”??? This is because you are not taking into consideration the Rule of Proportions. Put the same size breast on a smaller girl and the boobs look larger by comparison. The smaller the girl, the larger the boobs look. Conversely, given the same size boobs, the larger the girl, the smaller the boobs will seem. Because Jana is a larger girl and quite a bit taller, I suggest that her boobs are actually bigger. Merilyn’s petite, short frame and tiny hands make her boobs appear much larger than they actually are. There is a video where a man fondles Merilyn and it is clear how tiny her hands are compared to the hands of the man. In that perspective, her boobs, while still quite large, do not appear as large as they do when she solos and there is no comparison. Perhaps someday we will have a photo shoot with them together :)

    VF, what do you mean by glandular tissue? Most of the breast is adipose tissue (fat) with the mammary glands making up a comparatively small portion. The relatively equal size of the mammary glands among women and amount of milk production is independent of breast size. Larger boobs just have more adipose tissue.

  6. VeryFree: Oh i didn’t say anything else because i couldn’t remember if it was you or not but i didi read in another blog that she has implants, this being said by a supossed specialist. When i first saw Jana in a video, i thought she had implants (they seemed to bounce too much without losing its shape, they must wheight quite a bit don’t you think) :-) but then i saw some of her photos and i didin’t know what to think, it’s just she’s too perfect (and her face is almost exactly like a girlfriend i had).
    If her breasts are all natural then she has ( with the permission of Merilyn ) the most perfect breasts i have ever seen.

    ¿Does anybody knows what happened to all those videos of Jana’s Ania/Prinzessin persona?

  7. Very Free,

    I wasn’t being serious in what I’m looking for in a woman. Well, sure if such a woman existed but I know it’s not realistic. Just a nice fantasy.

  8. No, you’re not spamming, she is very definitely fake with obvious scars on her areolas too, which are often airbrushed out. I deplore the advertising of a model as natural when she is so blatantly not.
    Most offensive of all is the lengths one website have gone to in paying a surgeon to examine her and run a sonagraph and produce a ten minute video on their expensive paysite, to make even more money out of the con.
    Just admit she’s fake – she’d still work a lot.

  9. What’s more irrelevant than whether or not a gorgeous girl has had enhancement – I know ! Guys whingeing on about whether or not a girl has had enhancement. If you don’t like what you see – cool – you can look somewhere else and tell us what you do like – I just think if it looks good it is good, enhanced or not – and that’s always gonna be a subjective thing and it’s not as if every pair of natural breasts looks great …

  10. She’s not fake. Every girl that has a fold on her breast is not fake people—get it together. I’m assuming you’d know that if you’ve actually ever been with a big-breasted girl. A girl can be slim and be huge. Just deal with it and appreciate it, or live your life with fat girls (not that that’s a problem if that’s what you like, but it is so rare that it’s not worth much consideration).

    P.S.: What I mean by the above statement about girls of heavier body set is that the human species does not generally consider men or women of high body fat content to be aesthetically pleasing, and rightfully so. I’m not a Hitler (and everyone stop pulling that, the U.S. had a small eugenics program in the past, too, like most every place else), but I do firmly believe that we do need to be trying to preserve human genetics. Of course, by peaceful, willing choosing of those with superior genetics to those that are inferior. This is not a matter of opinion, it’s a matter of fact.

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