TopHeavyAmateurs Mega-Update

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged TopHeavyAmateurs in general. Sure, I’ve done individual blogs on models like 34JJ Denise Davies, but I’ve neglected all of the other busty models and wonderful updates that Breastmaster continuously provides. Thus, I thought I’d make up for it with a mega-post of some of the more recent photo series that have appeared on the site over the past month or so.

Among these are a new red corset set from the master of chin-down sideways & upward glances 34G Kiki (who, if you’ll recall, recently made her first foray into hardcore as well), some fun in the bathtub with the stunning 34FF Maria Moore (who is, in reality, a 36GG) and a nice exercise session with 32G Anya (née Busty Merilyn Sakova, who’d likely get a better workout lifting her breasts).

Here are just a few of the latest updates at

Annie 36EE from    Annie 36EE from    Annie 36EE from

Anya 32G from    Anya 32G from    Anya 32G from

Eva 34FF from    Eva 34FF from    Eva 34FF from

Jana 34F from    Jana 34F from    Jana 34F from

Judith 34FF from    Judith 34FF from    Judith 34FF from

Julie 34HH from    Julie 34HH from    Julie 34HH from

Kiki 34G from    Kiki 34G from    Kiki 34G from

Louise 34F from    Louise 34F from    Louise 34F from

Maria Moore 36GG from    Maria Moore 36GG from    Maria Moore 36GG from

Mina 36GG from    Mina 36GG from    Mina 36GG from

Samantha 36G from    Samantha 36G from    Samantha 36G from

Susie Q 34HH from    Susie Q 34HH from    Susie Q 34HH from


7 thoughts on “TopHeavyAmateurs Mega-Update”

  1. Reese’s THA blog illustrates two extremes. We have a larger than usual selection of big boobed women, all of whom would look spectacular in a sweater. But topless, they’re obviously much different.

    There’s the HH cup Julie, who has these big, round boobs. But her areolas are too small, like those of a flat-chested pre-teen. You don’t see a lot of photographers groveling at her feet, asking for her photograph.

    And then there’s the very popular Maria Moore, whose popularity is due to those GG cup boobs with very full, well-defined areolas. They’re awesome! Her popularity can be seen by the large number of layouts in magazines, pictures, videos, etc.

    Then there’s Anya, Reese’s favorite ‘Stick with Tits’, who has those G cups with less than optimum areolas and nipples for her boob size. And on top of that, she looks like a pre-teen: skinny ass and legs. Of course some guys might like that, but not me. Gimme some shapely curves!

    But the newcomer with the nicest looking boobs is 34FF Eva, who has a very nice pair of jutters, boobs that jut out proudly. Her full, well-rounded areolas are just right for he FF cup boobs. She’s much more preferable to Julie’s HH cups with those itty-bitty-titty sized areolas. And as an added bonus, she can lick her knee!

  2. I am going to take issue with Very Free’s statements here and offer a rebuttal from the “Don’t Need Huge Dark Areola” fans. Just for the record, let it be noted that I am -for- women with curves and what I am about to say is in now way intended to impugne the honor of the other ladies on this site. I realise that some extra padding is the price you pay for gorgeously large boobs and, as Christian Bale said in Equilibrium, I pay it gladly.

    That being said, I feel the need to defend Julie34HH and Anya32G from the slings and arrows of the “Dark Areola” fans. Particularly, I feel the need to step up for Anya because people are calling her a twig with tits. Unlike the majority of fashion models out there, Anya is not twig thin. She simply lacks the extra padding that a lot of these large boob models have. Having known a girl or two who is somewhat similar to Anya’s build (although only around the DD or DDD range), I chalk it up to genetics rather than something she can actively control. Also, I rather prefer the dichotomy of a -slender- woman with gigantic tits. Gigantic -real- tits, I might add, since hers are nicely pendulous and hanging when freed from their restraints. Also, I find her areola to be quite appealing and understated. I think that it would detract from her appearance to have a nipple area the size of my hand and five shades darker than her skin. But, then that is what I feel and not what others may agree with.

    I find Julie to be a particularly nice example of what big chested women ought to look like. A Platonic ideal, if you will, of big boobness. She has that wonderful roundness to her entire body, she seems actively engaged with the photographer and thus with the people who are looking at her pictures and she has incredible boobs. What would be distracting as all hell is if her nipples were like these giant eyes boring into my soul, which I feel they would be if they were any darker than they are now. She’s pale skinned and the contrast would just be TOO glaring. No, I am afraid that I cannot support any comments about Julie or Anya being “pre-teen” like in anyway.

    I have to question the logic behind touting Maria Moore as the positive example of “defined areolas = good” argument. I would stipulate that the reason that you see Ms. Moore in magazines, on videos or other venues is not because of her areolas but because of her agent, who is likely toiling ceaselessly to keep her tits in the faces of producers and photographers. Since the site is Top Heavy -Amateurs-, I have to say that comparing Anya or Julie to Maria in terms of success or popularity based on magazine sales is doing a disservice to all three

    In summation, I have to say that Reese is far from submitting women who don’t look great with their tops off. Instead, he is finding a wonderful selection of women who supply an entire range of tastes and all look great massaging their wonderful tits. If one or more don’t fit your personal idea of big breasted beauty, that’s fine. But don’t harangue the women for things that they can’t control and say that they look “pre-teen” or “less attractive” because they don’t coincide nicely with your view of what a great rack should look like. There are those of us who think they look quite nice indeed.

  3. Just wanted to ask something about Julie 34HH. If you can get to my e-mail please drop me a line. I am an artist and find her extremely beautiful not to mention totally sexy. I have done a few drawings of her and wanted to know if you know what images THA’s offer? I can not afford to pay to see the rest of her photos if all of them have been posted on free sites like this one. (No offence as I am grateful for this site) I am looking for all of her photos. I just wish I would have known about her back when she first got started. I would have loved for Julie to see my artwork. I love high heels and have seen a few photos of her wearing them. I know that she had to have done others where she is wearing them as well. I also wish I could have had her model for me because the photographer for THA kinnda wasted her potential. I mean she could have been so much more sexy because she had the whole look to her. Face, hair and body. Most of the photos I see of Julie are small in size and would need larger sizes to draw from. I know this is more than a comment, it is more like an e-mail but wasn’t sure how to get a message to you. Thanks for reading this And good for you Chef Badger as I dig what you are getting at. . .

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