Would you like to meet my sister?

Well, not my sister, per se, but Ewa Sonnet’s. Truth be told, you’d probably be rather disappointed with my sister, as she’s not particularly well endowed. None of the women in my family are. Honestly, it makes you wonder where this big breast fetish of mine came from in the first place! Anyway…

The good folks of Busty.pl have been trying to get Ewa’s little sister Julia to do a photo session since her 18th birthday, and she’d finally agreed (I suppose it’s only fair, since Ines Cudna brought her mother into the studio for a shoot). Thus, here’s the newest member of the Busty.pl family, Julia Sonnet…

Julia Sonnet of Busty.pl    Julia Sonnet of Busty.pl    Julia Sonnet of Busty.pl

Julia Sonnet of Busty.pl    Julia Sonnet of Busty.pl    Julia Sonnet of Busty.pl

…but, in all honesty, this post is nothing more than a thinly-veiled excuse to bring back Ewa Sonnet, who’s not graced these pages since early October of last year. After a bit of a hiatus shooting music videos and such, Ms. Sonnet returned home to Busty.pl in December and has been providing regular photo & video updates ever since. So here’s the latest from big sister Ewa (38FF big, to be precise)… ;~)

Ewa Sonnet 38FF of Busty.pl    Ewa Sonnet 38FF of Busty.pl    Ewa Sonnet 38FF of Busty.pl

Ewa Sonnet 38FF of Busty.pl    Ewa Sonnet 38FF of Busty.pl    Ewa Sonnet 38FF of Busty.pl

Ewa Sonnet 38FF of Busty.pl    Ewa Sonnet 38FF of Busty.pl    Ewa Sonnet 38FF of Busty.pl

…now, if I were Ewa Sonnet – star that she is – I’d request a less windy studio to work in. No, actually, if I were Ewa, I’d probably spend all my time fondling those big FF-cup breasts and not even go to the studio. Lucky for us, Ewa has a stronger work ethic than I do. And, because of this, we have the following video clips to enjoy, courtesy of Busty.pl:

Ewa Sonnet 38FF of Busty.pl    Ewa Sonnet 38FF of Busty.pl    Ewa Sonnet 38FF of Busty.pl


25 thoughts on “Would you like to meet my sister?”

  1. Perfection! That is the word for Ewa! Always good to see her. She is my #1 bab right now.

    Her sister isn’t half-bad either! Pretty hot. Of course, we have yet to see her completely topless (at least from this post). Her breasts look a bit smaller than Ewas, but the fact that she even did this brings hope. Hell, can you imagine some photos of BOTH of them together?!

  2. Ewa has always been the standard to what I measure other bit titted babes. Not fat in the least with nice huge tits. Watching those clips got me thinking though…her tits never move much. I went back and checked out many clips I have and the same result. They are obviously very firm or….noooooo, I can’t even think it!

  3. Damn right, I’d like to meet her sister! But like Vadd says, I’d like to see the whole enchilada, and find out what color her snatch hair is, so’s I can make sure she’s a real blonde. And see her boobs, so I can compare ’em to her sister, Ewa. She does look a bit smaller, not surprising, though. Sisters often deviate a large amount on boob size. I know of a family of several sisters, and one of them looked like she stole some of the tit meat from her other sisters, who were somewhere around a B cup. But ‘big’ sister (in bra size) was at least a full D cup. I think she was kind of embarrassed about it, possibly because the other sisters teased her about her big tits.

    Ayrton may have a point. Nowadays it’s really difficult to tell if a woman has had a boob job. After the better part of a year, the implants settle down to a more natural position and the skin stretches so that the breasts don’t look so taut and baloon-like. With no surgery scars, you then have a really natural looking set of Really Big Tits, even if they’re not ‘All Me’. The only way a guy can tell if they’re real or not is to watch ’em really close when they’re in motion to see if they have any tell-tale signs of the implant under the skin. Check out the pictures.
    In #40 they lowered the crease under the left breast so that her nips looked even. The crease is where the tit meets the chest. With bigger breasts, lowering the crease makes them look less pendulous and fuller. The following is a 900cc boob job that really doesn’t look that big, even though they’re more than twice the volume of the usual 350cc or so implants. They say 32DDD/E cup. She’s pretty slim, too, so I’m surprised they look so good on her tall frame.

  4. Ewa is absolutely the most beautiful woman I have ever seen…
    For the first time ever, I couldn’t stop looking at her amazing face! The fact that her tits are among the top 5 that I have ever seen makes her that much more amazing to look at. my breath was literally taken away from me, but I would have died a happy man! I have asmile as big as her breats… no, I’m not Jim Carrey, but I am one happy Irish Mexican!!!


  5. My GOD! I just saw her first video where she’s in a shower wearing a white t-shirt over her PERFECT braless tits. Then she hikes up the shirt and you’re staring at THE MOST AMAZING pair of wet ta-tas you’ve EVER seen. I’ve gotta say that she’s certainly not as pretty as ewa and her boobs are smaller, but I think they’re even better than her sister’s. Especially her nipples! GOOD LORD!!! She inspired one HELL of a big load out of me. I could titty-fuck her 24/7!

  6. As a reply to ayrton (and Very Free), don’t worry Ewa’s boobs are natural. Not a chance they are fake. It’s not hard to tell the difference. I’m sorry Very Free, but how can you say it’s really difficult to tell if a woman has had a boob job? Not a single one of the girls in the post-operation galleries you supplied looks even close to natural. I can recognise that they have fake tits miles away.

  7. vadd with all do reespect ewa is good but samantha anderson from west this is the best u can say her the best with all do respect to ewa but samantha is the best and every one knows it

  8. Hello Eva,
    Do you know I am very crasy because I would like to meet girl like you? I love you and I will always love you. Please give me a feedback.

  9. Ewa got some implants. I’ve checked all the old videos and pics. Her right boob never veered off to the side like that. I’m almost as disappointed that she got implants as i was when Veronika Zemanova got implants. Totally unnecessary.

  10. WHY WHY DO THEY GET IMPLANTS:-((((((( They do because “Iook so much better in a dress ” So, they Say Women don’t take me in consideration Not Since Anna Stepped in to our minds WFAKE BREASTS STARTED W/ HER and in My Perfect World ended with her
    Damn she’s fine. I’d get lost in those eyes 4 awhile

  11. Ewa´s Boobs are amazing but it can´t be a 38FF. The Cup size perhaps is an F or and FF (UK cup size sistem) but the band size is impossible to be a 38.
    She is so slim that is a 32 band size (remember Samantha´s 38G, these two models are very different so the band size obviously it can´t be the same)
    Ewa´s real measuments were published in her first years of model in her first web: busty.pl Ewa´s bra size is 70EE = 32F or perhaps a 32FF in UK bra system.

    Booblovers must know the real measurements of our favorites models and deserve a better website information for comparing her.
    On the other hand, we deserve a better bra unifying system because there are many of them (American, Uk, International, Spanish and French, Italian, japan and australian systems… all of them differents)

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