Joanna has her own site now, too!

Joanna is certainly no stranger to MyBoobSite. We’ve seen her in my blogs about the girls of, Eden Mor’s taste in women, XX-Cel’s curious cam work and Alicia’s lactation videos for DivineBreasts. But, up until now, the 26-year-old Romanian stunner with all-natural 36H endowments has been relegated to guest status in the world of big boobs, and has never had the opportunity to play hostess.

Well, all of that changed two days ago with the launch of her all-new and well-deserved NaturalJoanna website! It’s a wonderful mix of photos & videos taken both indoors and out (Joanna loves getting her H-cup tits out in the sun – sometimes a bit too much). It’s worth a visit to her site just to see the preview video with its Wonder Years-esque soundtrack (Roger McGuinn would be spinning in his grave…if he wasn’t still alive and well in Central Florida). In the brief video montage, we discover that Joanna obviously has a bit of a drinking problem, as she totally misses her lips with the yoghurt drink and instead pours it down her breasts!

<rant> What is it with women and big breasts where the latter seems to act as some sort of mysterious mammary food magnet for whatever the former is eating?! We’ve seen it with Davina and her chocolate spread, Denise Davies covered in ice cream, Faith tit-fucking a banana and the girls of Kinky Voluptuous wrestling in custard and God knows what else! Even at my last house party, the ladies were gathered around the chocolate fountain alternately dipping their nipples into its warm, creamy hazelnut flow!! Wait a minute, perhaps that wasn’t so bad after all… </rant>

My favourite photo from Joanna’s new site, however, has to be this one where she sexily sticks her hand down her panties. It’s the look of surprise that gets me. Whatever was she expecting to find there?! :~o Sorry, I’m in a funny mood today, and I shouldn’t take it out on the lovely Joanna. Tell you what, I’ll go sort myself out whilst you sit back and enjoy these splendid photo galleries from

Joanna 36H from    Joanna 36H from    Joanna 36H from

Joanna 36H from    Joanna 36H from    Joanna 36H from

Joanna 36H from    Joanna 36H from    Joanna 36H from

Joanna 36H from    Joanna 36H from    Joanna 36H from

Joanna 36H from    Joanna 36H from    Joanna 36H from


19 thoughts on “Joanna has her own site now, too!”

  1. I would just like to say thanks to Reese for everything you give your loyal readers. You also have an excellent talent for picking my 3 favourite pictures from any gallery to show as the preview! Cheers mate!

  2. A few days ago I left a comment that Jojo is also on as the platinum blonde Lori. She has those pretty blue eyes that go more with a blonde, but I presume that her hair is naturally black, which I think makes a very attractive combination since I seldom see them together. And of course those beautiful boobs. The ultimate for me would be if her nipples and areolas were bigger, but as it is, they’re big and beautiful, even if they are a bit sunburned. :-)

    I hope she does well with her website. She’s so many places on the ‘net that she has herself as a competitor! I really love that posture picture with the four poses that Cel has of her; it really shows her cute shape. I wouldn’t mind if she added a few pounds to those big boobs and hips. She’s got the body for it.

    Speaking of, Cel has a new model, a dark nubian goddess from Africa with H cups, named Mariana. Nice, dark, well-defined areolas and nips, with a lotta tit meat. Only one pic so far, though – I hope to see more of her soon.

    I’ll have to email Reese a pic of a Japanese goddess with a huge set of whoppers. So far, I think he hasn’t blogged any asians with big boobs. I think he should, just as long as they’re natural, and not implants like Minka. :-(
    Also check out ‘Love’ in the pics at They also had some pics of western girls such as Lorna Morgan.

  3. just been looking at the site – great stuff !
    But has she changed the spelling of her name ? used to be Joana ?

  4. No, she shouldn’t be called Joanna, she should be named Angelina Holieeeee….. Crap those are nice boobs! Way better than Angelina Jolie, without the baggage of Brad Pitt.

  5. love her big floopy boobs and her look she stacks up to chloe,,love to see those two together side by side,,their tits that is, joanna is a favorite hotty

  6. She is ROMANIAN, from Iasi. Not all big tits are from Poland, gentleman. But she does stand out among Romanian women. Such a gorgeous visage!

  7. well, darlings,
    I know personnaly Joanna and it is sure that she will finish soon her real own website: It is done but first version is bad so the good one will be soon at the end of december 2007. And will be a very special one…how I say…a top whith the most fascinating pics you ever seen. See you there!

  8. Uh. Everything advertised on the front pages of her site was inside when I joined. The pics are some of the best of her I’ve ever seen and the video was great too.

    Good luck with the new site!

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