A mother-daughter deal with Kelly Kay & Jane…

Shortly after my Kelly Kay Remembered post, two of MyBoobSite’s loyal British readers – Jack & Steve – wrote to tell me that Kelly was appearing with her mum Jane on the Channel 4 game show Deal or No Deal at that very moment. So I wandered into the living room, flipped on the telly and, sure enough, there they were.

For those of you unfamiliar, Deal or No Deal is a bizarre little show hosted by former BBC Radio 1 DJ Noel Edmonds in which contestants are faced with 22 boxes each containing a card upon which random amounts ranging from £250,000 (equivalent to about half a million US dollars) down to 1p (2 cents) are written. The “trick” is to pick the boxes with the smallest amounts so that you’re left with a big prize. Every once in a while, a mysterious individual known only as “The Banker” phones up and offers the player a cash settlement to stop (that’s the “deal or no deal” bit). And that’s it, really – no strategy, no competition, just picking boxes. How the show has become so immensely popular, I’ll never understand.

When I joined the program already in progress, Noel had just invited Kelly to the contestant’s table to help coach her mum. It was a tedious 40 minutes, but worth it just to see Kelly Kay there being herself in that lovely, busty girl-next-door kind of way. In the end, despite doing terribly well in their box picking and still having the £250,000 grand prize dangling before them, Kelly and her mum decided to “deal” and walked away £50,000 richer.

About a week later, I received yet another message from Jack alerting me to the fact that Kelly and her mom Jane had posed topless together for Score (sure beats trying to imagine them naked on the telly!)! It’s truly heartening to see that porn can indeed be a family business, and this isn’t the first time we’ve had a mother-daughter combo here on MyBoobSite – the first being Ines Cudna & her mom – as well as a couple of sister shoots (most notably Ewa Sonnet with sister Julia and Iva & Eva Kleinova).

And so, continuing in the proud family porn tradition, here’s busty blonde Kelly Kay and mother Jane getting their tits out and posing nude together (awww, isn’t it sweet?) for the good folks at Scoreland.com:

Kelly Kay and her mother Jane at Scoreland.com    Kelly Kay and her mother Jane at Scoreland.com    Kelly Kay and her mother Jane at Scoreland.com

Kelly Kay and her mother Jane at Scoreland.com    Kelly Kay and her mother Jane at Scoreland.com    Kelly Kay and her mother Jane at Scoreland.com

Kelly Kay and her mother Jane at Scoreland.com    Kelly Kay and her mother Jane at Scoreland.com    Kelly Kay and her mother Jane at Scoreland.com

Kelly Kay and her mother Jane at Scoreland.com    Kelly Kay and her mother Jane at Scoreland.com    Kelly Kay and her mother Jane at Scoreland.com

Kelly Kay and her mother Jane at Scoreland.com    Kelly Kay and her mother Jane at Scoreland.com    Kelly Kay and her mother Jane at Scoreland.com




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28 Responses to “A mother-daughter deal with Kelly Kay & Jane…”

  1. J Says:

    Wow wow wow!! I love it…..which one to fuck first!!

  2. Fred Says:

    Dear friends

    just love your blog and all the ladys you pick. I was wondering if you couldn’ t get Aneta Buena´s last video/pic, where she appears in a blue lingerie (see attach) or if you know where can i find it for free… I’ m really a big fan of her!

    thanks a lot,


  3. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    How wrong am I for wanting a 3 way? Please let me reiterate what Fred said about Aneta Buena. I haven’t seen any hint of the photoshoot he’s describing but there can’t be enough of her on this site. I can’t stress that strongly enough.
    Kelly and moms are just killing me. I’m not going to say anything else.

  4. boobluva Says:

    the bad news is – they have both had boob reductions to a measly D cup – now that is tragic in my opinion

  5. ben Says:

    dont think much of her mum but kelly kay is looks really hot – especially in pics 5 & 13! she looks ever so slightly prego, or has she just put on a little weight since i last saw her? either way, i love the big boobed, slightly plump look. shes gorgeous!

  6. BigBoobFan Says:

    I dunno. Somethings feels wrong about this…

  7. Tony Says:

    Thats Beautiful!

  8. Mario Says:

    Boy her mother is great, I would do her in a nano second

  9. johnny Says:

    The mother and daughter thing is kind of weird.

  10. Vadd Says:

    Good lord that is breathtaking.

    But what is all this about them gettind REDUCED to a D? That is a crime. Sad, so sad.

  11. JohnyCakes Says:

    this mother-doughter thing is great in my opinion delivering new thoughts and sheding light on “hidden” deisres” in a way that makes me horny! nevertheless its quite an old photoset… maybe sombody can post some screen_caps or a bit of video from that show??

    p.s : great blog.. keep up the good work man

  12. Murano Says:

    Kelly is great eye candy. I don’t like the mum/daughter layout…just too weird.

  13. BigBoobFan Says:

    Hey Reese – what’s Nicole Peters up to these days? Any new pics of her?

  14. Marty Boy Says:

    Yeah she’s had a reduction to a D cup and given up modelling since she had her kids. Shame it’s so close to Linsey doing the same as Kelly could have been the new Linsey but now we need a new Linsey and a new Kelly Kay!

  15. cafuandkaka Says:

    Just so you know, apparently there is a vid of this shoot, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  16. Kickster Says:

    Just found these publicity shots of Kelly and mum after the TV win, but can’t get the large versions.

    If anyone has a tape or a cap of that show, I’d love to see it.

    I don’t get what’s wrong with mum and daughter shoots, as some people above seem to think – they are quite a common fantasy, and I remember them going way back – Debbee Ashby and mum in Men Only years ago.

    Check out the Sun’s comments section about the Noel Edmonds article. Some people have really nasty comments about Kelly, which I find heartbreaking as I just find her absolutely mindblowing in looks – even her face, let alone her body.

  17. Kickster Says:

    I have the video footage of this shoot, it is on the first Kelly DVD from Score, although it is sort of limited – running in a framed box with not really any sound. Still nice though.

    Maybe that 18yo Dream-of-Ashley babe can fill Kelly’s bra now that she’s finished modelling – I think she’s stunning.

  18. wapbat Says:

    These two are amazing. They are. Jane is very pretty. I blogged on this from my space a few weeks ago so every time someone enters ‘Jane Palomba and Busty Kelly Kay’ into Google, they hit my space in the search.

    I hunted around for these pics and they are fantastic. Both Ladies are very pretty. Well done on getting these pics posted!!! Glad you put them on here!!!

  19. 65Vintage Says:

    What a gorgeous pair of women. While I love the daughter, Mum does it for me, especially in the last couple of photos with her nipples getting hard. Would love to see more of Jane. Thank you.

  20. Kimberley Adams Says:

    Sweet Jesus what a pair of pairs! Is it too rude to imagine some mutual action between them? Can’t get the imagine of Jane burying a strap on into Kelly’s asshole out of my head.

  21. Darren Says:

    It is absolutely beautiful,it is only a photo shoot,it is not as so they are having sex together.I would definately have sex with both of them if I could,they are two very hot women.

  22. Darren Says:

    Love to see more of Jane,she is so hot.Jane if you read this,more photo shoots please.

  23. jamaitoi Says:

    Waou I would fuck the daugher or the mom, or the two together, they look great, i wanna ejaculate on the two at the same time !!!

  24. Caroline Says:

    As a woman i think both Jane and kelly are very attractive! Jane is completely stunning! Being busty myself i can understand if Kelly wants to get a reduction! Thay are not easy to wear guys!

  25. pikeman Says:

    Kelly is just stunning, she also has her mum’s looks.
    Missed the deal or no deal show (wish I had known)
    for a 23 yr old she has the godess look for me.
    I only wish I was 15 yrs younger

  26. The Usual Suspect Says:

    Kelly is incredible. She’s like a goddess.
    But, a mother and daughter photoshoot? It just seems a bit TOO strange.
    And considering Kelly’s lesbian tendencies, there’s a chance of them showing up on a lesbian incest site or something like that.
    Nevermind, that’s going way too far in the messed-up category.

  27. sexgod101 Says:

    nice hairy pussies yum

  28. Scouse shagger Says:

    They are two of the hottest slags in Liverpool. At the swingers partys they host, they end up sucking lots of cocks naked together and on all fours, cocks in their mouths, cunts and arseholes. Both of them are plastered in hot sticky spunk by the end. Both girls have had hundreds of cocks spunk up in their cunts and tight little shitholes – total whores. Two really lovely women.

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