Abbi Secraa / Nelli Roono

Although it feels unfair to sandwich my busty wife between two pair of truly gigantic tits of at least L-cup bra filling breast size (then again, I suspect she wouldn’t mind since she likes playing with big boobs even more than I do!) but, since blogging Rachel just before her, you may have noticed super busty blonde Abbi Secraa with her massive breasts in a bra lingering in lingerie gracing the very top of my big tits sidebar…

Abbi Secraa from

…you also may have noticed that Abbi Secraa looks a whole lot like the likewise extra busty Nelli Roono (whom I’d boob blogged again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again back when she was doing her topless modelling at the site). Well, to put it in the simplest tits terms possible, that’s because busty Abbi Secraa is Nelli Roono (an enormous breast fact she herself had confirmed for me amidst our occasional e-mail correspondence as she was setting up her webmaster program). I must admit that it does feel good to get this extremely well-endowed woman with giant boobs and colossal cleavage back on MyBoobSite again, as I’ve really missed her massive mammaries since went totally tits up for a bit (but their busty Polish boobs site is back up & running again now, though).

Her new site – AbbiSecraa – dedicated to tits true boob connoisseurs of large natural breasts and genuinely classy cleavage, is also the only place I’ve ever had the pleasure to learn a little about this extremely busty girl behind the massive boobs! Here’s what Abbi Secraa had to say about growing up with big tits as a teen on her story / bio page…

As a little girl I was a tomboy. I loved to play the same games as boys, neighbors from my mansion. Our favourite games were basketball and even football. Yes, I was playing a football in the street as a little girl !!!

My story as a woman started about twenty years ago in the central of Poland. Those days I did not realize how significant impact on my life could have my femininity. My breasts started to grow and surprisingly they did not want to stop the process of growing for a long time.

The first unrequited love in a primary school made me aware that there are things in life which we do not have influence on. But luckily we do have a power to manage the majority of things in our life.

You may not believe me, but my breasts were carefully concealed by me. It was changed only when I was about sixteen years old. In a high school, my first interest in my person as a woman (especially among fellows from senior classes) gave me the signal that I should not hide any more what I was generously endowed by nature. Those days my bra cup size exceeded all possible available sizes. Since then I have to order the bras to sew individually for me. It was not possible any more to conceal breasts even under a thick sweater in winter, not to mention about hot summer days and thin summer dresses.

…now, if only she’d post the massive mammary gland measurements of her unusually large bra size for holding those huge pendulous breasts at bay, I’d be a happy cleavage camper. But, for now, let’s dispense with the details and simply enjoy her titanic tits in a mesh top courtesy of Nelli Roono name changed now to Abbi Secraa at

Abbi Secraa aka Nelli Roono at    Abbi Secraa aka Nelli Roono at    Abbi Secraa aka Nelli Roono at

Abbi Secraa aka Nelli Roono at    Abbi Secraa aka Nelli Roono at    Abbi Secraa aka Nelli Roono at

Abbi Secraa aka Nelli Roono at    Abbi Secraa aka Nelli Roono at    Abbi Secraa aka Nelli Roono at

(note: full-size photos available to download at the site are up to 4288×2848 high-resolution)


23 thoughts on “Abbi Secraa / Nelli Roono”

  1. bah, airbrushed photos :(

    I love Abbi/Nelli but airbrushing takes away from any model.

    Also worth mentioning, I saw her with a few drips of milk recently!

  2. This is the first time I can recall seeing those fantastic breasts just hanging naturally, and completely exposed. She is SOOO beautiful! And VERY pretty, too! Thanks for the update, Reese!

  3. Awesome, for sure, and much more alluring home page (the B&W pic with the red accents) in her website.

    I’d be curious to know how old she is now

  4. Abbi Secraa is sacred. She is like Jennifer Anniston with Hindenberg size TITS!! She is a dead center bullseye of erotic big breast lust. She is so beautiful. I can’t get enough. Secraa is sacred. I am in awe that you have email correspondence with this goddess.

  5. I think she maybe the most beautiful big breasted model out there today. There are bigger tits I’ve seen but with her proportion and very cute face, she would make the most beautiful model. AND she really interacts with her web members on her web blog. I had a privilege to exchange the messages quite often(I only hope it is really her replying though…)anyways, I wish her the best success on her own website.

  6. Awesome! Reece you have really come through posting this. I’m so disappointed in the joke of a website. And so glad to see this wonderful woman has her own website.

  7. This is actually a problem! Now, I’m going to have to try to remember this new name when I’m fantasizing about her and Milena Velba double-teaming me!

  8. Nelli has become transformed, I think, since her name change. She surely seems more sophisticated and more sexy. Either she’s really talented, or else has chosen very good advisers on site design, makeup, clothing (hmmm…), photography/videography, and Much Else. I hope she gets a minimum or no crude mail, but that’s unfortunately an unrealistic hope. I truly wish her well!

    For Reese:
    At the beginning of your latest words about Abbi, you have embedded links to your previous blogged items about her. However, apparently all of those links contain duplicated fields — they all fail. If you know basics, it’s easy enough to edit them, but you probably want to fix them. You might well delete this comment once they’re fixed.

    [mod edit: Thanks, Eraklik! I’ve fixed the Nelli Roono links, but wanted to leave the private portion of your comment here just so I could express my gratitude. Cheers, Reese! :~)]

  9. Also, her photos are now framed better than they were over at

    On the other hand, the English text is even more funked up. Translated by computer program?

    I enjoy this glam look here, with the red sash & all, and how she does her hair.

  10. Hi guys,

    I thought I would come out of retirement just to say that these pictures of Nelli look absolutely amazing! They are truely awesome! She is a beautiful girl and those breasts are perfectly large. She has such a classic look!

    Just thought I’d also say hello Reese and Vix. Vix I still fancy you honey and if Reese give his approval I’d love to rub vix all over my xxxx to see if the extra heat makes for a better sliding action!

    Take care

    Sam xxx

  11. Great site man. I am a true lover of large breasts, ever since I was a kid. You have great photos and video, but also in depth profiles of these lovely women in your site. Keep up the great work, I for one appreciate every bit. Thank you.

  12. Very great site I am a true lover BIG LOVELY BREAST and love to kiss them and suck them it makes my day when the wife lets me play with hers wow what a day i have you lovely ladys keeep uo the good site
    and thats is Great

  13. I’d like to hear a comment from Nelli,sometime.
    She spoke (OK) english on one of her videos and I think THAT is very sexy as well.
    The more she plays with her boobs,the better and she does have a way with the camera!
    I would like to wash ONE of her assets and I’ll need some help with the other one,please.

    Volunteers,please tell Abbi. Then,let me know if she is down for that.
    Maybe Ines could help. Oh hell,invite Ines and Lorna to wash them for us:it may be just too much work.
    Not in an airplane.

    Maybe Ewa can be available,in addition to Kora or Aneta.
    Depends on their schedules.

    I just want to see it happen.
    Wouldn’t you all?

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